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Treasure trophy ps4 bug!

I was so happy, i finaly did it and where is my trophie WHERE ???

:cry: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob: :rage: :rage: :rage:

I already send i ticket for this problem and the answer ?

“Oh, I’m sorry, I did not see those! You’re absolutely right, there
are two vaults pictured. I’ve reached out to our team to see if they
have any more information. Unfortunately, since trophies are unlocked
via the PSN servers, we cannot give them ourselves – though we wish we

So i played 2 weeks for nothing? I PAID for nothing ???

For me trophies are significant I play and I PAY to get them.

And didn’t tell me do it AGAIN. No way I try again I already succeeded this HARD trophie.

So it’s simple, give me all my money back, close my accoumpt OR give me my trophie.

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Sorry you’re having problems earning the trophy. That’s a known issue that our developers are looking into: Treasure Hunter Finish a Treasure Hunt with 2 or more Vaults - buggy?

As for the trophy, Customer Support has a point: Trophies are awarded by PSN, and since we don’t have control over PSN, we can’t award trophies at will. I won’t suggest you just try again, though. Instead, I’d suggest you wait until we’ve found a solution for this problem before attempting to earn the trophy.

To late, i hate spend time and money for nothing. I never try again this trophie so if you don’t give me my trophie i will all my money (and if that was possible time) back !!!

Again, we don’t have the ability to award trophies. That’s just not within our power. Nor can we award refunds because payments toward items on the PSN store (like Gems of War DLC) go through Sony. If you want to request a refund, you’ll need to contact PSN customer support: https://support.us.playstation.com/.

I play for fun but I PAY ONLY to be one of this lest 0.1% of people who have this trophie.
So if I don’t have what I had payd from it’s normal I will my monnye back. If you don’t give me this month back my money or my trophie I go to the justice. And I don’t care that you have problems whit PSN servers, you have fingers you can write a message in the game to say : “this trophie didn’t work”.

Wrong translations, bugs, new powers freez the game, trophies didn’t works… Too much reasons to stop play…

Don’t answer me another we are sorry, PNS servers OR TRY AGAIN LATTER

Congratulations now i hate this game

All your transactions happened outside of the ingame store so you must take it up with those you made your transaction with. IE playstation network

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You’re behavior is that of a spoiled entitled child and a prime example of whats wrong with kids these days.

Do you not understand that it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to give you the solution you are looking for?

Quit the game, move on with your life, and find a more worthwhile hobby.

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its just a bronze trophy…


wait this is all for a bronze trophy?! Not even a silver, omg i mean for the time spent at least a silver but a bronze. that is the most work i have seen for a bronze trophy

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ive spent crazy time on a bronze a few times but only when it was the last thing i need for a plat.

I’m not a kid I’m older then you think and isn’t just for the trophie it’s all the problems : wrong translations, bugs, freezzes, and trophies. It’s too much for someone who has a degree in IT development and thinks can do better (development and translation). And I’m already rank 5 VIP (nearly 6) so yes i’m disgusted for all my wasted time and money.

It’s done I no longer play this game and this close my subject.

I wasn’t going to comment but then you decided to flaunt your degree in IT development as if it proved some point, now I must.

First off, the fact that you are NOT a child make it worse, because the way you post makes you seem like an entitled child who must have everything he/she wants immediately. This is NOT a good thing.

Your “degree in IT development” and the fact that you believe you could NOT ONLY translate better but also develop an entire game better (on your own by the sounds of it) makes you look ignorant at best.

Lastly the freezes have been completely fixed as of the latest patch and any bugs that remain are minimal at best.

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