[FIXED] Game freeze after AI generated a skull creating a 3match (Horned Wyrm 3rd trait)

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Just playing daily delve in Wyrmrum, on the AI’s turn Horned Wyrm’s 3rd trait triggered and generated a skull creating a 3 skull match. But instead of doing skull damage etc the skulls just stayed in place causing the board to freeze and not completing the AI’s turn or allowing me to take my turn. The only option available was to retreat or close out of the game altogether.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is the first time I have seen this happen.

Steps to make it happen again
I’m not sure how to see it again, other than to play against teams with Horned Wyrm.
I did see his 3rd trait trigger twice previously during the fight, but not skull matches were made and I was able to continue the fight. It was only when a 3 skull match was made that the board froze not allowing the fight to continue.

The traits on the Wyrms caused this problem on release. A quick, temporary fix was made, changing the third traits to something benign until a client update could be released. However, the traits have been reverted without fixing the client, so the soft-locks have been reintroduced.

See Wyrmrun Traits Issue.

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I don’t even know anymore

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The Wyrms’ third traits have been quickly changed back to being benign. If you restart the game, you should see the Dragon Bond and Dragon Seer traits are back.

Hey all,

Looks like the trait revert snuck out in the night but was quickly resolved back to the current trait. As @Dank shared, the current traits should be the following.

  • Horned Wyrm, Nether Wyrm, Terra Wyrm: Bone Pile → Dragon Bond
  • The Great Wyrm: Bone Feast → Dragon Seer

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Is there any plan to fix it still so we can use them with the new traits ? I was rather looking forward to these troops.

Needs a client side fix, maybe with the next major update.

Looks like they have it set for next week sometime after everyone has the 5.7 update

Well the patch notes said next week after enough people have the update… but here we are and still the traits have not been reverted to their original form. did the devs forget entirely about these troops?

their post from oct 6 showing the 5.7 patch notes. Pretty sure its been a little longer than a week so…

Borrowing this bug report. Bit different issue, but same troop.

A guildie had issue with The Great Wyrm. His troop created 3 skull match with one skull being a doom skull and the 3 skulls didnt match at all. Good news is that the game didnt freeze. Just the match didnt happen.

The skulls exploded when he matched the 4 blues.


When doomskulls don’t count as skulls…

Not a good idea, it’s been marked as fixed in the thread title, so it’s unlikely to ever get looked again from official side. Please create a new bug report, this looks important enough to investigate further.

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Aye, aye Captain!