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Wyrmrun Traits Issue

Hello Adventures,

We have been looking into reports the new Wyrmrun troops causing the game to soft lock. As this investigation is ongoing, we have deployed out some temporay changes to remove these traits from the troops until we get a fix out.

Changes are:

  • Horned Wyrm, Nether Wyrm, Terra Wyrm: Bone Pile → Dragon Bond
  • The Great Wyrm: Bone Feast → Dragon Seer

You may need to restart the game to get the changes.

We will also be sending out some compensation to everyone early next week once we know more.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Really. This looked like yet another broken event dump where everybody involved made a rush for the door. I’m happy to be proven wrong. :+1:


Thank you for a quick temporary change.


Thanks and good call!


“Temporary” as in skull spamming traits will be coming back with the soft lock issue solved? We don’t want them at all fyi

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GoW kingdoms got the covid-like bug. It is seriously mutating every update. Bug here and there.

Thanks a lot for fastest fix =)

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Oh hey we even got a “50% mana to all dragons” troop that actually does something. Bargain.


Thank you for the quick fix. :+1: I hope you will not change this during the weekend and we will be all able to close the faction with the current traits without surprise.


That was very quick. Much appreciated, devs. And quick start too. Yay!



Thank you for the quick fix. Can we keep Dragon Seer on Great Wyrm since it’s a solid troop, far better than Essencia?


Well done, thanks for fixing this so quick!

How long will these new traits stay? I don’t want it to change back mid event.


So, 1) yay for the quick fix! Thank you. But 2) are you guys ever going to fix your QC process ? It’s just obvious bug after obvious bug, week after week after week. I’ve gotten into the habit of coming in here to check for bugs every single time a new thing comes out before even playing so I don’t waste my time and resources. And like clockwork there are bug reports of some serious glitch. It makes you guys look sloppy and unprofessional and wastes all the good work you put in to make this game a success.


feel free to change the others, but please keep Great Wyrm trait, 50% mana for dragon is very cool


50% start for dragons was already there. Essencia. But it was a shit troop. Only useful if you have another useless troop in the team.


If nothing else, it seems like this shows it might be a good idea to similarly have a backup plan for any other new feature that gets released :sweat_smile:


“Own your failure”. Yes: you corrected it . But you failed terribly at the start of a new delve. It made it unplayable at the start. This was so wrong when gems are involved. Large amounts of gems. Don’t pat yourself on the back for fixing it too late and 50 gems on Monday will be a friggin insult for the game angst, confusion and unplayable period while it occurred. Prove us wrong. However I suspect profit before player well being and fairness. Let us see on Monday?

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Look at the bright side, pure faction run is much easier with the replacement traits :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: