[Fixed] A harpy summon two harpies at the same time

Maybe the Harpy summoned a Harpy, which summoned a Harpy? Do you have any screenshot you could share? It would be interesting to see which of the Harpies had traits.

In the first room all summoned harpies have the 3rd trait missing but the last room even the summoned ones have the 3rd trait.

Apparently they have 3rd trait in the first room now

This is happening, double pops as well. Here are some screenshots. I didn’t record it as it was taking so long.

Ok, this is the final room. This aberration took me 90 mins.

This screenshot is taken at 20:33.

This one is taken at 21:23.

So what happened was I killed Harpy in slot 3 with Bladewing. I then had 2 x Xochi cast’s on that last Harpy to get it from 756 to 621, including exploding skulls/doomskulls which filled my Bladewing. I think Xochi was doing 61 base damage. I’d now loaded Bladewing to fire at the last one and the AI popped the two Harpies, killed my top Mage with skulls and made 8 green.

Anyway I lost, hard to believe but it was something like 50 turns with no summon my side from here and AI was full in 4 turns. All those Harpies had 1k health and my Bladewing on it’s last cast was doing 240 something base damage. I think it starts with 74 in a full team but was less (71 maybe) because I started with 2 x Harpy here I think. I can therefore state that I must have cast Bladewing over 170 times in this game. I killed Xochi, Bladewing and 3 Harpies with it, rest was skulls.


7:50 Mark it does appear that the new harpy summoned a harpy thus the double summon.

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Thanks for reporting this and all the effort taken on the screenshots and the video! They’re super helpful.

While the bug is annoying as hell, I do find my official bug report title fun and I hope you all can appreicate it too despite the frustration of the bug:
Summoned Harpy summons Harpy same turn Harpy is summoned

Say that fast 10 times.

Platform, device version and operating system:

Win 10 PC Steam

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I have been doing Stonesong Eyrie for about 7-8 days in a row at faction 500 and prior to the patch the initial room would not summon a Harpy with a 3rd trait (as per the original faction event). Prior to this I cleared the normal 500 run and completed the event when this occurred and this issue was not present in room 1.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

After the patch has landed, the Harpy will summon Harpies all with the third trait in the initial room. All existing attempts prior would summon Harpies without the Harpy Flock (3rd trait).

Steps to make it happen again

Play a delve in Stonesong Eyrie at a reasonable level.

Note the boss room will resummon fully traited Harpies ad infinitum if it has the chance, but the first room did not prior to the new patch. This has been confirmed by other guild members encountering this new issue post



I confirm this bug.
I observed the same effect.

Does bladewing summoned by harpy mage have 3rd trait as well? I know for sure it didn’t in both first and boss rooms a few weeks ago

Will check that, not paid attention to that as much. :slight_smile: I would suggest it will have though.

Yep, this is the boss room - 3rd trait on summoned Bladewing.

I’ve had it also in the first room today. I’m not sure if it has been deliberately altered or is a bug.

Whatever, after today I’m done with it.

Well pure faction without potions just got even harder. So glad i had completed it before they changed it

All the more reason to buy those potions and do level 500 the weekend of release instead of slacking off and thinking you can do it later.

Those Tier VIIs aren’t going to buy themselves!

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It’s still possible to finish Stonesong without potions at a low hoard level. Not going to lie, it took some luck earlier this week. But I did finish 500 pure faction with 133 hoard and Kingdom Level 12. The last room probably took 20+ minutes due to Harpys summoning more and more…and more Harpys. But Bladewings insta-kill finally came out on top for me. This very well could be a ‘fix’ that the devs finally noticed. Dunno.

No, it’s not a fix, it was put without the 3rd trait when the event was running due to complaints. Day 1 to Day 2, the 3rd trait was removed. It’s remained that way since. Kill the master spawner, get new spawns without trait 3. I think it became bugged on release of 4.6.

You must have had extreme luck tbh.

I’ve gotten to the last room every time, the latest was 66 minutes solid vs 4 Harpies. My Bladewing died to skulls about 30 mins into the game, AI spawning at a rate of 3:1 due to I think the %'s stacking.

Whoever designed this one needs to go be made to play it (as it is now) for 24 hours straight.

If you cast a storm, you get drained, you have to cast a storm to kill with Bladewing and the AI loves to refill the enemy team nearly every turn. You have to explode to cast a storm and you have to have Xochi alive to resummon Harpy Mages. So most battles now are you with Harpies, Bladewing and Xochi vs 4 Harpies with 1k health. Your Harpy Mage if it pops, lasts 2 skull hits, then back to being unable to kill them because they outheal damage from Xochi.

Oh well :slight_smile:

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Yeah the timeline is like this

Stonesongs initial release, all summoned troops were fully traited
Day 2 or 3 of the event, all summoned troops lost their 3rd trait
A few months ago (after 4.6 probably), summoned harpy regained 3rd trait in boss room (i changed my strategy to kill harpy before harpy mage when i noticed summoned bladewing didnt have 3rd trait)
Recently, all summoned troops regained 3rd trait in both first and boss rooms

Not sure which one is intentional


Sounds familiar. But yea, insane amount of luck. Reminded me of Crypt Keeper pure faction back in the day (That seems like a cake walk compared to Stonesong now).

I’ll be honest…my Xochi had her HP taken down to 1 due to their various bladewings…Once the enemy team only had four harpys…I felt a bit better. But there were many times my mages kept dropping like flies to skull spam and I started to hyperventilate it would get to Xochi.

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Merged 2 threads about same bug. Have replied here:

@Kafka Is this bug related to the Infernal King double-respawning issue?

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I believe so, but I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to make a bug with that title so now we have 2 bug reports (shhh)