(Fixed 4.3.5) Troops being given the "Lucky" MVP award when no Deathmark was ever given

Can’t figure out how to reproduce or anything, but sometimes the “Lucky I” award for surviving Deathmark appears on the MVP screen despite having no Deathmarks being given out… even in cases when there was no possible way for an Deathmark to be given out (no spells or traits available to do so).

For example, I just earned this reward after defeating this team:

(I promise my team had no method of giving me Deathmark either)

I agree and know you’re not the only one - what was your team, though (if willing to share)? It can be useful to know all the interactions to help isolate what’s going on here.

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Yeah I get this distinction practically every game and there’s no deathmarks in the games at all???

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This is fixed in the next game update version 4.3.5.

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