[Fix Released] Council of Dragons Campaign Weapon not in inventory

Always good to have such a convenient backup plan already. After roughly 24h of not getting the weapon as advertised and paid for by the customers you declare a within the next 24h fix is “expected”. As we can see “expectations” aren’t your strong suit, due to whoever’s fault that is. To the players it was just another empty promise, dragging it out further but good thing you’re still expecting a “today” release, so the players will probably wait another 24h with nothing happening because of the well deserved FEIERABEND!
Question is: Can you drag it out the full two weeks?

The fix for this went live about 30mins ago
Was just grabbing some dinner as it went live so I couldn’t post sooner!

Will check back in first thing in the morning.


That’ll be 80 dragonite. :wink:

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Confirming this to be fixed:

Cheers, Gary.


I’m glad the fix was released.
Way earlier than I would’ve bet on but way too late for me to not feel scammed.

Any compensation planned here for 48h+ of a advertised $$$ item that wasn’t usable?
@Jeto @OminousGMan @Kafka


I got the weapon, thank you. :sunglasses:

It’s kind of a tough spot to be in. This is basically first level support, you check whether an issue sounds reasonably plausible, forward it to the developers, then report back any result they hopefully eventually provide. You usually don’t know enough about the issue yourself to comment and you may not even be able to directly communicate with those who do, just with some task queue. Whenever your Spider Sense tingles your options mostly boil down to:

  • Ignore the issue, wait for it to disappear by itself or get picked up by someone with less experience in getting burned
  • Paste something generic and non-committal (like “forwarded the issue to the devs”), then never, ever visit the ticket again
  • Attempt to keep the angry mob updated, which usually involves a lot of guessing and glossing over internal incompetence

I believe Jeto put in some really good effort here. It’s a shame that the root issue, internal incompetence, will probably once again remain unaddressed.