[Reported] Didnt get shock hammer campaign weapon

Platform, device version and operating system:

Claimed campaign rewards 300 stars and shock hammer is neither in my unowned or owned weapons


Here the same (PS5). Will not appear in Inventory.


Same on PC/Android


Same here (PC)

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Same here iOS (iPad)

it will magically appear April 18 (see bottom of screenshot)

Cheers, Gary.


Same here!

Well, that’s a little bit sucky, but thanks for the info

It’s because they have the release date in the code as the18th April which is the release date for the Elite Pass. They stuff this up every Campaign where they forget about the players that spend actual money and purchase the Elite + Pass. Hopefully they fix this soon.


You, KINGOLLIE, got that wrong… (Edited to make it clear who get it wrong, it is not Gary_dils)

Free pass cant get the weapon…

Elite pass get the weapon today.

Elite+ pass get the weapon today. The 60 star bonus dont mean anything because need 300 to get weapon and Elite and Elite+ pass ppl get to 300/360 today.

Devs dated the weapon release date next week and it is a mistake. It should be today.


Same here, is not in my Weapon inventory. And I have Elite Pass.
If it’s free on Easter, why is any good is not getting it today in PASS?

I can believe in Gery’s explanation, because the weapon is not in [Unowned Weapons] category. So is not in the game yet.

Missing here too.

It’s a shame it will take a week to fix to fix this!

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And it won’t even need any fix, it will miraculously start working in a week without anybody lifting a finger. :woozy_face:

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This happens all the time even though the weapon should only be added on the 18th people with the paid elite passes always get neglected because even when they are supposed to get the stuff early they almost never do, they get the stuff at the same time as the people who only bought the regular pass. Then they usually come here and post about it being fixed and you might get it a couple days earlier than them but later than you would expect. The next campaign we will almost certainly see the same issue. If you look at the history of bug reports and the keyword weapon you will see it is a repeating issue that is of low concern to them and those who do the code probably do not understand a lot of the game because they forget these things a lot.


It’s a bit different this time, both Elite Pass and Elite Pass+ owners were supposed to get the weapon this week. It’s like they somehow messed up the entire campaign schedule.


I know this time is slightly different but the main part of my point is that the weapon release is almost always messed up and not released when it is supposed to be and needs intervention by devs. There has to be some sort of internal issue as a reason why the weapon release always has issues and I think those who manage it do not play or understand enough to anticipate it then have to be reminded by these posts.


I think I’m beginning to see an “always off by one week” pattern here. Maybe someone should lend Nine Finger Joe an extra hand.


Could you kindly finally get your stuff together so this doesn’t happen anymore?
You’d think players paid enough to ensure that this wouldn’t be an issue again and again.

I know you can fix things right away if you want to.

How about doing that for this weapon that we all paid for? Thanks!

@Jeto @OminousGMan @Kafka


And to preemptively ask that you also fix this for the next campaign where it will undoubtedly occur again unless it is anticipated.

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this happened with gobmothers wand … devs fixed it the days after any one care to tag them i have forgotten the tags for them