[Feedback] Special offer spam


End it.

That’s all, thanks in advance.

1.08 update - mid December

You kinda get used to it after the 10th-ish day. By then it becomes effectively invisible, and you won’t even remember that you closed the offer screen a few seconds ago. :sweat:


Bump for great Justice.


I’m still borderline on this one. The weekly offer pops up just a bit too often and kinda annoys me - especially when I have poor mobile signal and it takes ages to load… I do understand why the devs need to do it, mind…


Same thing like you with the poor mobile signal :confused:
It’s the longest load that I have to wait -.-
But I too understand that it is needed, this is after all a truly free to play game.


Why not let it pop up just once per session? Right after you login for example? If you do not want to buy it the first time you see it you probably do not want to do so after you got it the third or fourth time in a session.

Alternatively you could just make the special offer button a bit more flashy to attract more attention.


So, first of all, sorry about that, but we DO have to make money in order to support the game, and the numbers show us when we pop up the current offer at its current rate, it performs best for us.

That said, I believe the system can be improved for ALL of us, so the good news is that we’re moving to a different special-offer system in 1.0.8 (with less spam for you guys). No details to share yet, but will have more info for you all later.


You could make a special offer that removes the special offer pop-ups when bought xD

(Just kidding)


Any approximate date of when we can expect 1.08? :smile:


We’re aiming for some time in December.
Of course 1,000 things could go wrong before then (well maybe not that many), and there is a hard cut-off date where Apple close down the approval process before Christmas. That’s too many variables to make any promises, but the version we have at the moment is looking pretty solid. Time will tell though…
But we would REALLY love to have this version out to you all before Christmas!

After battle crashing problem

So its a great time to stock up for 1.0.8, if we can handle the delayed satisfaction!


I believe it’s December 22 this year, right?


You are indeed correct, sir!
Dec 22-29 is the official holiday shutdown period, though in my experience it’s not until Jan 2-3 that it really starts to wind back up again.


I have actually noticed that the offer spam was way reduced after 1.07. Before, it would pop up multiple times per session, sometimes only a few minutes apart. Now I don’t always see it even once a day. Not sure why.


Thanks Sirrian, this is much better then soon :smiley:
I envy you (the developers) for being able to play it before us :smile:

After battle crashing problem

Statements like that makes me wanna cry.

The general frequency of spam does not provide money. Spamming people who will not buy those packs under any circumstances serves no purpose but torturing the said player.

Offering packs with questionable user value at ridiculous price is probably a part of the “problem” – but on top of that the spam is pushed on player who already has the troop and/or the weapon. And may sit on ton of other resources in the pack sitting there for months.

Do you really expect a nonsense offer be taken just because it gets repeated after a few games?

It would be easy to have an option where the user can turn off spam for himself. And polite from devs to just accept he is not interested so your push is hopeless anyway. Not having this at least for those for who are past the point a buy makes sense? Meh.



Actually, @Pasa, I have to respectfully disagree with you here. The frequency of advertising offers is DIRECTLY related to how much money is earned. We have stats and analytics that prove this. In fact the reason that this offer is placed in front of players AT ALL is because without it Gems of War would not earn enough money to be viable.

If you make it too FREQUENT, then players leave. If you make it too INFREQUENT then not enough people pay to keep the game running. The reason the ad runs at the current rate is because it provides a nice mix of income and player-retention. We track statistics very comprehensively in the game.

As for any deal being “questionable user value at ridiculous price”. That is purely subjective. Plenty of people - myself included - disagree, and responsibly purchase packs in games that we enjoy quite often. More than half of the money we make comes from these offers so the data disagrees with you assertion too, I’m afraid.

Realistically though, I don’t think having to occasionally tap through a screen is too much to ask our players to help us bring them a constant stream of free content.

That said, though, as I mentioned we’re looking to improve this in 1.0.8, because although the current system is optimized, we think there are better ways to do this.


Yeah I don’t really mind the special offer ad right now. I think it’s just okay the rate it shows. And from a person who have played several games on phone before, I can actually say this is way less than others…


Just by reading the stupid things you say makes me go angry. .

What part doesn’t. Don’t get hurt for not being right, by all means if you hate it so much why didn’t you leave already? Oh wait a sec, it’s a damn fun game that you don’t have to pay a cent to have all the stuff the game has to offer so you’ll keep playing. Why being so negativ? What game doesn’t have adds? Like are you for real? Is this the first game you have played? Other games have 2 to 3 times more offers, and even stuff you can’t have no matter how much you play, unless you pay for them. Is it such a big deal to simply click X on special offer? And why are you offending sirrian when he only explained to you how things work. What part of statistic you didn’t get? If you show an ad 1000 times you’ll get 10$. If you show it 100 times 1$. If you show it 10000 again 1$ because it will be irritating. So statistic shows that at the current state you get the best pay per ad shown value. And to conclude with your conclusions:
If the game isn’t driving towards fun, why on earth are you playing the game, and not only that, you even became a member of the games forum and are reading and commenting posts? Why? I believe you are a attention seeking hater, but don’t disrespect people who are working hard to bring us this, if you don’t like something skip it, don’t dish someone’s efforts.