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Fastest Team Farming on The New Explorer 4.6

Try it with a Leprechaun instead of TPK, it’s even faster

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EoE works better and faster with pro green team, IMO.

I settled on this:

Archer EoE ( fast and bulleye!)
Forrest troll
Maraji Queen (3rd trait is vital for this team)
Gobtruffle (3rd trait not necessary)

You only need to make 1 match of green/blue/brown to kick start the cycle most of the time.

A.I. won’t have the chance to do anything.
MQ, together with bulleye, gives you a quick finish.


I tried this squad out last night and holy moly, this thing rocks. Thanks so much for posting it, it is a blast to play and does Diff 12 with ease.

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This thread is kinda old but this is the best place to put this note.

The main issue with the Scorpius team is that it is incredibly fast, except for when it faces Poison immunity. Since I’m working on getting a stockpile of Traitstones from a variety of kingdoms, I’m looking to finish battles quickly in a variety of kingdoms.

The solution I’ve settled on is to simply check if the battle has Poison in it before you enter. The speed loss of doing this is minimal (especially if you have auto scouting) but the benefit is massive. You get the speed of Scorpius with the 20% extra Mythstones (to reduce the number of runs that don’t end in a tokens).

This strategy is not viable for certain kingdoms with a high density of Poison-immune troops (don’t even look at Mist of Scales or Ghulvania) but certain kingdoms are great for this strategy. If there is a Poison-immune troop in the enemy team, you can just switch to Irongut or Zuul’Goth or whatever alternative Explore 12 team you like.

I’ve compiled the following table, listing those Kingdoms which contain only one immune troop. The ones where only the Doom is immune are particularly easy to spot. Plus if you mess up and enter battle with an immune troop, the only consequence to retreating is an infantilizing dialog box.

Kingdom Troop
Broken Spire Rhynax
Forest of Thorns Gloom Leaf
Glacial Peaks Doom of Ice
Merlantis Merlion
Shentang Doom of Darkness
Sin of Maraj Pride
Suncrest Doom of Light
Whitehelm Lady Sapphira

Harpy Mage, Mountain Crusher/EOE, Scorpious, Euryali

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I personally use Gimlet for that even faster start, but Harpy Mage is a great pick (to allow for redundancy in Duststorm).

I use these 4 troops for Explorer 12

Class: Titan

Shield of Urskaya
Harpy Mage


Harpy mage has a much better alternative to speed it up

I made a spreadsheet for both Devour Immune kingdome troops, and Poison Immune kingdom troops, drawing off some of the other posts (thanks guys!) I decided to post them in case they help anyone else out. I went all the way up to kingdoms with 5 immune troops as some of the ones with higher number immunes have legendary and mythic troops which only will show up in the mini boss or boss battles. I will put the images of the spreadsheets as well as a link to the spreadsheet as the numbers will change as troops are added to the game.

Devour Spreadsheet Image:

Poison Spreadsheet Image:

The URL for the spreadsheets: http://bit.ly/2Hpcqxn


This team has worked well for me in battles against poison-immune troops. I use Plaguelord instead of Titan as I have that and Sentinel at level 100 and that works as a (slightly slower) alternative. However I may try leveling another 50% mana start class since you’ll probably get enough barriers with the Shield.

My current team for Explore difficulty 12 is [6565,1257,6638,6529,3016,2,1,2,3,2,0,0,14014]


Glaycion turns Red to Doomskulls and yellow to blue. Blue goes to Zuul’Goth. Zuul’goth instant kills and creates skulls, which Glaycion attacks with. If he doesn’t match skulls, at least he has 65% skull damage reduction. Leprechaun opens by exploding all green gems and making sure I get 100 gold in battle. That’s important, because the difference between 25 gold in battle and 100 gold in battle is $1396 per fight (using 730% from difficulty, 50% VIP, 100% Armor, and 5% Pet). That’s 6960 for a full kingdom clear!

Doomed Axe creates a Lightstorm which can help refill itself. You remove a lot of the red and yellow gems after you cast Glaycion, so you’re left with a good amount of purple and skulls for Doomed Axe. Every troop has a unique color (Glaycion gets Black and Purple, Doomed Axe gets yellow, Leprechaun gets Green, and Zuul’Goth gets Red and Blue).

It’s a very fast, effective team, I can level up whatever class I want, and I don’t worry about pesky things like immunities :wink:

However… if you want some other fun teams that don’t use Zuul’Goth, try:

  • Wrath, Glaycion, Doomed Glaive, King Bloodhammer – doomskull spam, very fast
  • Any of the new Guardians – use 3x of them with Hope’s Cresent to one shot enemies
  • Obsidius, Essence of Evil, Infernus, Aquaticus – massive splash damage makes quick work of enemies
  • Mountain Crusher, The Deep King, The Gray King, Troglodyte – a bit faster I think then the previous splash team, but you need your hero in front line so it’s riskier.

Does anyone else have any issues with Godslayers targeting Zuul every single time in explore?

That’s their job no? That’s the only risk in the zg team…its the stealthy ones that suck

Not when it’s a random enemy they target. And it targets zuul every time…try it out. Maugrim woods is a good place to test it. I have a video too.

It’s to slow down those who use Zuul’Goth on their team.
Put the time and gems in to get Zuul’Goth. Just to have the player version get one shot by a level 150 God Slayer. Since it only effects a minority of the player base. The devs know any complaints about it will fall on def ears.
But yeah Godslayers are programmed by the AI to Target Zuul’Goth… There’s nothing random about it in Explore.
I’m sure in PvP or GW it’s told to choose random targets.
The selection of troops on defense in Explore is RNG based though for the most part.

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Yeah i figured as much that the devs won’t bat an eye at any complaints About it (that’s why I never started a new thread) but it’s comical when it happened so many times in a row. I haven’t seen anyone else complain about it so thought I’d throw it out there.

It targets my Zuul most of the time (90%+?) but I have seen it target other troops before.

I thought they were my things but i see that no
when you use double Cedric they always attack the skeleton key
if you remove a Cedric the attacks are random again
another form of nerf gold?

Are you running a stealthy class? if not, as egg thief and cedric are both stealthy, your key will be the only targetable option.


those who say “attack a random enemy” if they can attack a stealthy