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Two-Mythic Kingdoms: Which to Craft?

Because Mythic troops are required for Kingdom Power Level advancement, newer players are eventually going to have to decide which one to craft from each kingdom. While the community tier lists can give some indication as to which Mythic is better, there are a number of cases where the Mythics from a kingdom are on the same tier level. In light of this, I thought I’d try and get discussion going on which Mythics we think should be crafted.

No-Brainers (preferred Mythic)

Darkstone (The Possessed King)
Dhrak-Zum (Obsidius)
Ghulvania (The Gray King)
Merlantis (Aquaticus)

These are pretty self-explanatory, where you have one strong Mythic and one that’s unquestionably weaker.

Judgement Calls

Pridelands (Ubastet)
Silverglade (Queen Aurora)
Stormheim (Mistralus)

These Kingdoms have one mythic that is better than the other, but it isn’t as obvious off the bat as the no-brainers.


Forest of Thorns (King Bloodwood)
Drifting Sands (Shahbanu Vespera)
Sword’s Edge (Champion of Anu)
Grosh-Nak (Gargantaur)

You really can’t go wrong with crafting either Mythic in these kingdoms; being required to choose one, these are the Mythics I settled on.



Unlike the other three, Darkstone also has Mother of Darkness, a pretty good troop who is worth using. It’s just that she’s overshadowed by The Possessed King, one of the best Mythics in the game.

Judgement Calls

Ubastet and Umenath both have their charms. They both benefit immensely from Cunning, and scale well based on opponent stats. I’d go with Ubastet because he gets two guaranteed kills when used properly, has lower mana cost, and isn’t reliant on random skull creation. Ubastet also is a bit more versatile, as Umenath teams need skull generation on her teams, in addition to mana generation.

Silverglade is not a super difficult call, as Aurora is one of the best support mythics (who can fit on most teams and contribute), and Will of Nysha is a centerpiece troop that doesn’t stand out in damage or team support. I have the Kingdom here mainly because Will of Nysha isn’t as bad as most of the losing mythics in the No-Brainer tier, and Aurora isn’t quite as good as most of the selected mythics there.

Stormheim presents a similar situation as Silverglade, with the support-oriented Mistralus being a better pick than single-targeting Jotnar Stormshield. Jotnar’s third trait definitely makes him a more viable choice than most single-targeting Mythics, as barrier remains one of the better positive status effects in the game. But Mistralus simply brings more to the table, as she does more damage with less setup cost, and her passive enchant-all enables some different kinds of team compositions.


Forest of Thorns has two above-average Mythics that players would be lucky to have. Bloodwood and Yasmine’s Chosen both have the weakness of being reliant on status effects to be effective; like CoA, they are hurt by it being easier than ever before to deal with statuses. I went with Bloodwood due to his third trait being easier to trigger and better than YCs, plus my general dislike of random gem creation, but she’s really good, and has the looping potential+damage combo most people crave in Mythics.

Both Drifting Sands Mythics are a bit niche. I think the majority of people would say that Scorpius is the better of the two, since he’s the centerpiece of one of the most popular level 12 explore teams. I would counter that by saying that there are number of different teams that can do level 12 explore quickly and efficiently, and if you don’t need him for that team, Scorpius is not really a standout in any other setting. Vespera has extremely strict team composition requirements, and is a gem creator, which I tend to avoid. But since we are talking about two non-necessary Mythics anyway (if there is such a thing), why not go with the one who enables a unique team style and who’s fun to play? EDIT: Shahbanu is apparently also Explore-12 viable as well, another argument in her favor (even though Scorpius teams are probably faster).

As for Sword’s Edge, Champion of Anu is a support Mythic whose combination of stun, mana drain, and silence can cripple a targeted troop, while adding damage that hits multiple troops without being limited by submerge. He’s definitely taken some hits since his release, as his damage has fallen behind, and stealthy and impervious troops (not to mention bless) can really limit his effectiveness. Champion of Gaard is a front slot mana generator a la Stonehammer. His armor generation and stat-boosting third trait can be taken put to good use in certain builds. I originally had CoA as being clearly the better of the two, but his mana cost is just really high for a turn-ender that you have to cast to get much benefit from (unlike other support Mythics, who have better traits to support a team). I still think CoA is the better of the two to craft, as he fits in on a wider variety of teams than CoG, who you really have to build around to take advantage of his weird combination of abilities.

The Orc mythics, while being capped in terms of potential due to only hitting a single target, are not as unusable as their reputation would suggest. Most places I’ve seen them discussed don’t account for how they are supposed to be used: with Gar’Nok looping and frequently triggering their third traits. With the release of Barbarian class, Gar’Nok looping should be more reliable, making these troops a little more effective. Gargantaur is my pick, mainly because his damage potential is significantly higher, and his Huge trait offsets any life lost from Gar’Nok (meaning he’s less vulnerable to true damage troops). That said, Shade of Zorn, when properly supported, can cast every turn and does not have to worry about being mana blocked at all, since his trait gives him mana every Gar’Nok cast.


For Drifting Sands, I’d definitely recommend Scorpius over Shabanu. Even new players are going to want to grind Explore for Medals/traitstones, so even if building the poison team is a ways off for the average new account, it allows punching up more, I’d think (though, admittedly, only best if the player has enough for Euryali, too. But Wyvern exists, so)

Edit—and it’s not just for surviving level 12, but doing it really, really quickly as compared to most other survivable teams.


Scorpius is really only good for grinding medals, because the team is only really effective in one kingdom. Being restricted to one out of 36 arcane traitstones is not useful.

Subaru Vespa (The nickname Shahbanu’s gained in my guild) is pretty good at punching up anywhere except Glacial Peaks.

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My stance on Scorpius/Shahbanu is heavily influenced by stuff like this list - I myself use the doomskull team with Keeper of Souls in for Glaycion for all my explores, and can vouch for its speed and reliability. I’m sure there are other teams not on the list that do well - I think I’ve heard of Gobtruffle and double Cedric teams also being viable.

Cool to know Vespera is also being used for scaling content, I hadn’t heard that before.

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Subaru Vespa with Guardians 2.0 works up to about level 200 in ToD and Delves. Beyond that, survival and time start to become problematic.

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If people use Shahbanu for scaling content then, yeah, the category of “Toss-Up” definitely applies. I didn’t realize people used her for that—I’d imagine it must be pretty slow-going?

I will admit I had fun using her with a mono-colored team last Drifting Sands event, but I didn’t find myself blown away by her, either. Without the potions to get her started, seemed too risky in most other situations to me.

One last thing to say on behalf of Scorpius, too—Urskaya is the ideal location, but not the only viable one. Far from it, I think—plenty of kingdoms without anywhere close to a plurality of poison-immune troops, especially if you ignore legendaries/mythics (switch to Rowanne for those :rofl:)

Looking forward to the updates to this as more mythics are released! (Or even blurred text posts talking about details from the spoiler thread that are subject to change)

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Thanks! Yeah, I’ll look to keep this up to date. Was planning on waiting until release to add kingdoms (since the info so often changes), but maybe your blurred out idea for future mythics is the way to go?

It is relevant, since you only get a week in the soul forge before another six-month wait. Let me know if a mythic is in the soul forge for an upcoming kingdom, and I’ll post my best guess.

EDIT: Updated for Mistralus. I also tweaked my placement of Sword’s Edge, as I don’t think Champion of Anu, while still being the pick, brings quite enough support to be definitively better than Champion of Gaard.

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Shahbanu Vespera
Champion of Anu
These 3 look like garbage mythics to me.

Do you think Champion of Anu is worse than Chanpion of Gaard, though?

Do you not think Gargantaur is better than Shade of Zorn?

That’s what the thread’s about: not whether the mythics are good in the first place, but which is better IF you’re in the position of crafting one or the other for the sake of, say, Kingdom Power.

Also—Champion of Anu is legitimately good. He’s slow, so that’s a problem. But being able to target stun, deal AoE even to submerged enemies, and have targetable mana-draining all at once is pretty sick. The +1 to blue troop stats is just gravy at that point.

Shahbanu is not my favorite—but she, too, isn’t trash. Get her looping, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. Works best on monochromatic teams, which severely limits the effective options, sure. But try a doomed weapon with her and two guild guardians of matching color (two finesses, say, and doomed axe), and then see how well they chop through stuff.


I wouldn’t craft them unless I was swimming in diamonds, especially since those kingdoms aren’t +magic. And then after crafting them I’d probably never use them.

In the worst case Shahbanu’s 3x 9 gems could overwrite each other and you’d get 9 spawned gems and no match 4-5. Then your enemy matches 4-5 on the next turn and you lose the game because of it or something like that.

Kingdom power levels matter for more than stats - they also affect tributes. They matter to everybody far along enough to have all the top-tier Mythics.

You can use as few troops as you want in this game, but it’s good to have options. And as Magnusimus explained, those troops do offer some options to endgame players. That said, they are in the tossup category, so it’s not a huge mistake to go with the kingdom’s other Mythic.

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Vespera is absolutely more versatile than Scorpius and scales very well. Scorpius is only useful for one specific use: running Urskaya D12 explore*. If you’re not doing this, even if it’s explore at another kingdom, Scorpius is useless to you and this will be true for anyone who still needs arcanes of any other color. Furthermore, Scorpius requires having another mythic, Euryali, in order to do this effectively. Without Euryali, non-Scoripus teams will be as fast or faster without costing diamonds.

*See @Magnusimus post below.

Vespera is still very niche but can used for her guild wars days, even if she’s extremely vulnerable to freeze. The trick with her is to never end your turn, which is why combining with guild guardians doesn’t work past lower levels. She takes time to get going, but she should automatically win once she gets going (and usually does). Take the two following teams:

This should use Archmagus, but the principle still applies. All spells except Thrall do not end turn and Thrall is only used should you fail to loop. Otherwise, Vespera gives mana and stats. Scythe casts whenever there is alignment and Skeleton helps generate alignment.

Vespera casts indefinitely until casting one Winter Imp and then the next will kill the entire team. Anu’s is just in case you fail to loop. This takes a lot less time than you would think due to Winter’s trait, gain 8 magic per blue match.

Both of these can be used to do anything in the game with the caveat that they’re vulnerable to freeze and the latter will take a while to build the magic needed to win. Sin’s Harvest can be used instead of Doomed Scythe, which makes the purple team very easy to build if the player has Vespera, so it’s good for beginners, too.

Fun fact: before release, Vespera was nerfed from increasing all stats not just one at random. There’s a very good reason why she was nerfed as it is still trivial to max out all stats once the loop gets going.


I like that Winter Imp team, very nice!

My only quibble is saying Scorpius is only good in Level 12 Explore—but he’s also good in any faction that allows yellow mana, or at least one color of his and one of Euryali’s.

Have to avoid rooms that grant Sturdy, of course—but it can help people punch up as they do with Irongut in that mode. Just a little less reliable (but, hey: if it’s one’s best option because one lacks Irongut, not a bad choice! Shield of Urskaya + Rowanne can’t be used everywhere :joy:)


There’s a lot of good info here I can use. Thank you. I’m posting so I can mark it and come back to it later.

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If you all were to hoard event keys, on which kingdom would you spend them?

I would vote for Dhrak-Zum and hope for Obsidious. There are a lot of other sturdy troops a new player would benefit in getting extra copies.

Perhaps Drifting Sands, as it seems either mythic has a use. I like some of those monsters, and elementals.


Seems like the event key question doesn’t necessarily need to be limited to two-mythic kingdoms.

If it does, I’d consider Ghulvania and hope for The Gray King. He’s pretty amazing. Runner-up is Pridelands, with two strong mythic troops and a very good double-converter legendary.

If it doesn’t, my vote would be to use event keys on Adana. Sure, there’s some junk, but TINA-9000 is a total game-changer and Tesla is solid also. Together they are incredibly dangerous in the best possible way.


Same. I would mainly want Tesla for handling harder content, but TINA-9000 is a good troop for similar stat battles.


Cool teams MegaQ, especially the purple one, making creative use of some forgotten commons.

I may have underrated Vespera, I think. Her board control seems really strong, and she seems to be an above-average Mythic in both scaling and non-scaling content when properly supported.

I came up with neither. I definitely got the purple one from Tacet and the blue one was immediately meta when Vespera came out.

Vespera’s only flaws are:

  • Very limited team options since the team must be mono color
  • Highly vulnerable to Freeze
  • No mana start and thus slow to start loop
  • Failure to loop is usually an immediate loss. This happens often enough (maybe 1 out of 5 times) that I don’t recommend using her for GW unless you have no better options for her days.
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