Faction Hoard Bonus +25% not showing?


Today I used the deeds to up Leonis Empire to 12, to get the 25% faction hoard bonus.

Prior to this, yesterday I had a failed attempt at faction L300 (no Cedric) and my base damage at 100 hoard with the King was 42. As I’ve a decent Warpriest team, the bonuses are fine (in context maybe).

Today, I upped the level to 12, AND increased hoard to 111. Nowhere is there a screen where that 25% bonus is shown pre battle (i.e. normally in the bonus section). When I raised the hoard to 111, the stats raised a little, in hoard but in the below shot, are not showing. Whilst that could be visual, the lack of a clear +25% stat bonus in bonuses seems to be an issue that is? Similarly, King of Thieves is still doing 42 base magic damage.






Note that hoard says 50 to armour and life, but the bonus says 40.

So according to the screenshots, the hoard isn’t even giving the correct bonus. I wondered if it was visual, but a reboot and tried on PC and iPad and same thing occurs.

I’m not sure if somewhere the 25% is added, but even the +1 magic from 100-111 did not (seemingly) get added. I ended up changing the team around before playing, made sure I had 4 different troops, but only the relevant bonuses (Team/Human/Rogue, 4 of a kind etc) changed.

Of course I may be expecting something that actually doesn’t happen and there’s always user error, but… the images seem to conflict. If it is correct, we need a ‘25% faction hoard appled’ somewhere.

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The 25% is in your last screenshot. E.g., for Armor +40 for base skill is for the treasures and gold that you put into your hoard. +10 is your 25% kingdom bonus to the hoard.


Thanks @XLS78

If that is so, then perhaps the final bonus should be corrected to show what the hoard says in the bonus section when battling. As it stands, it seems not to be showing the correct value in battlegame?

That is kind of a big deal, if bonus Hoard stats are not actually applied in-battle. I don’t have enough deeds in my beta-version account to test this (never got a chance to log in and collect them). Perhaps one of the other beta-testers can help out, using their account that doesn’t matter.

What you’re seeing for hoard quality is after the bonus is already applied now.
Dark Pits for Me.

For science

(I still won’t have a chance at winning so you’re welcome. :wink:)


I’m at work, so it’s going to be 6+ hours before I can get to my laptop to check that.

However, the version on beta isn’t the version that was published to the production servers. It wouldn’t be an apples to apples comparison and therefore not be of much value.

That said, I don’t recall that being an issue on beta, though?

EDIT: AWRyan shows that the bonus stats are being calculated correctly. (+25%, all fractions truncated)

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However this is what bonus I took into the game image

Not image

Well so it seems. The top screenie should match the hoard awards and it doesn’t. Yours does /boggle.

Take a recent SS exactly like the ones in my comment.

You get 4 extra attack, 2 magic, 9 life and 9 armour. Was this really supposed to help with level 500 full faction teams?

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*snort* … no.

I keep telling the devs its not enough but they’re dead silent about that.


Add 25% of that that I’ll see in 6-12 months.
But yeah. Lol
It’s Garbage. Saves me a few hoard qualities if that.


Yes* “it was supposed to help”.
But they don’t know/care about how much it doesn’t help.


Maybe they will address it again in 6 months after a couple of hundred complaint threads have been made.

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I’ve only been telling them since July:roll_eyes:


It’s not something that will make them money so a couple of months really isn’t that long.

Yeah but - people who quit have zero chance to give them money.

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Out of Delves for today, will see what it does tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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I do however have the full unedited image from earlier. This should show me having 25 attack, 12 magic, 50 armour and 50 life bonus, but doesn’t.


Will see if something happens tomorrow when I have delves.

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why not using 4 unique troops for best bonus ?

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You don’t really get much more, about 1/6th of a skull hit in armour/life.

I swapped that around, ran Street Thief, King, Cat Burglar, King for the most part. When I’ve used Tomb Robber - all it seems to do is provide AI skulls. With basically dodge hardly ever occuring, you only need a couple of skull hits and you lose a troop. I lost in final room pretty bad twice tbh anyway.

If the delve was designed better, King would get skull protection, but we get a 20% dodge on a weaker troop. King will take too long to get big enough. So, when you have a Cedric bonus he is okay, making maybe enough stats to maybe last a few skull hits. That’s when if there was a Cedric room, I’d maybe look again at setting up.

Bearing in mind you can’t go over 100 gold normally, Tomb Robber plays for the other team imo. Street Thief is fine for purple, and I’m probably going to run 2 Cat Burglars in future, can concentrate them and King on back troops first. Unless you have a huge King etc, which requires Moneybags and which is not always available. It hasn’t been for me at 300 and 310.

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