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Explore Synergy

I don’t know if this is just me being crazy or if a change has actually happened or not but it seems like Explore teams have better synergy now than they did in the past where it generally felt like just four random troops chucked together whereas lately I’ve been coming across colour/kingdom/race synergies, is this something that anyone else has noticed? Has it actually changed? Or is it merely a coincidence?

Also, not a bad thing, I actually much prefer it, just wondering if anyone else has the same experience.

From what I know, explore teams are basically challenge and quest teams from that kingdom with one troop randomly replaced or something like that. So these teams do often have some natural synergy (especially the challenge teams, unless their most important team member gets replaced). It also depends on the kingdom, of course.

I myself spent the last few days in Maugrim, Zaejin, Stormheim and Adana. I can’t say I’ve noticed much of a difference to how these places were before - but Stormheim and Zaejin were always the more dangerous of those places because of the possible base teams. I ran into a team of Valkyrie, Mercy, Zephyros and someone else and it almost wrecked me because I wasn’t paying much attention. Also random Mythics can be annoying, depending on how many traits they get. But overall… different kingdoms always had different difficulties and I have not noticed an overall increase.


The one troop replacement often comes from the week’s event kingdom, so if you’re exploring in that Kingdom, or another Kingdom with good synergy, then that could be the cause.

But otherwise it’s just your human ability to find patterns in randomness. :slight_smile:

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