Even Explore... Really? (Follow up answer... No, not really.)

Leaving this thread up for the sole purpose of helping others who may also be shocked by the amount of Mythic troops in Explore this week.

Care to elaborate? I’m not seeing any difference in explore, and PvP matchmaking is so obtuse that it is hard to tell for sure when something has changed in the short term, since you can land easily yourself in matchmaking pools where there aren’t any opponents with high enough score to have passable payouts.

Do Glacial Peaks explore 10 times on normal difficulty. Tell me if you notice any tendencies in troop selection that wasn’t common before.
I’d rather not go into detail until I hear the official magic words “we haven’t done anything with Explore” in X amount of time.

Are you talking about more Mythic troops appearing?

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Maybe… Maybe something else as well that could be causing them to appear.

Pics here


Looks like normal behavior to me - take a quest or challenge from the kingdom, replace a single troop with a random different troop heavily skewed toward event troops and including mythics from your collection.

I’m more interested in what you think changed with PvP matchmaking recently in a ninja patch. Because my prevailing theory is that a huge part of the problem with PvP matchmaking is that it didn’t change in the last patch and criteria such as how many 10* kingdom and delve stats a player has aren’t being considered enough (or at all), but now they do matter for score differentials (and thus payouts).

That’s always been the case?
I’m just now noticing it because of the immense amount of Mythic Daemons?

I don’t think anything changed with PvP. You must have misread the OP.

I played about 30 or so Explore this morning and saw tons of Mythic Troops, more than normal. On PS4 too

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Wait until divine week and youll see even more mythics in explore, including undine and jotnar :sweat_smile:

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I haven’t frequently done explore in a while, but being comprised of mostly event boosted has been happening for quite a while. People were noticing it up to 8 months ago, as evidenced here:

And it has probably been like this for far longer.

Yeah. I read the “Even Explore” as an implication that something that was not explore had matchmaking changed in a ninja patch. My bad.

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Oh I hear ya now. No. That was just to imply like y’all even mess with this now?
Which they did mess with PvP team scores. When no one asked them to. It wasn’t needed. And it’s caused absolutely more harm than good.
The new players that benefit from it don’t have any knowledge of the change so they don’t know it benefits them.

I’ll just stick to cPvP again that week then. I’m trying to do Ranked this week to see the true impact of the nerf.
Which means I’m doing Explore mode to complete daily tasks.

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No changes have been made to explore.

The illuminati is not at work. (This time.)


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Bonus gif.



@Mithran already spoiled it by pointing out my Explore ignorance.
Still seems weird to throw a lot of Mythics at players because they have those troops.
I’m just gonna leave it that before the dots get connected between this and PvP.

Illuminaughty lol

For my part, i do a lot of explore and it is the same as usual.
It is total randomness where sometimes you get no mythics, and other times 3 mythics or legendary in the same team.
Akin to getting arcane traitstone: sometimes nothing for 40 battles, then 5 appear in a row.

The K’nights Gemplar request removal of their propaganda.