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Explore difficulty question

Does the difficulty in Explore determine possibility of traitstones?
I have played a fair bit of explore since the update and have not had an arcane traitstone. I was just wondering if this is because I am playing on the lowest difficulty so it is faster or I am just unlucky?

No, difficulty has no effect on traitstone droprate. Technically, a higher difficulty REDUCES drop rate since matches may take longer leading towards less traitstones per hour.

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Alright, thanks. Good to know I still can get arcane traitstones in the lower difficulty, just have to keep trying I guess.

For historical context, traitstone drops once were not guaranteed. The chance for a stone would go up by difficulty, to 100% at Warlord IV. If a stone dropped, it followed a constant distribution unaffected by difficulty. The devs made traitstone drops guaranteed early this year, at which point difficulty ceased to impact yield.