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Expanded dungeon options

I like the idea of dungeons. BUT it does nothing for endgame players…very VERY little challenge or rewards.and only 3 tiny fights a day?.why not make the dungeons respawn every few hours…maybe at least 3 times a day…I mean these are stupidly easy…I am level 1,016 and I can go in with one TDS or 4 dwarven miners and totally crush the dungeons. I bet 3 peasants could destroy the bosses as well, OK I am getting off track

How about dungeons be like quests for the kingdoms…4 or 5 fights before making it to the actual boss fight…3 of those a day and I’d be satisfied…and I am sute many others would be as well…Just food for thought…to keep people playing this and not get burned out by the monotony…and by the devs little by little nerfing the game and only worrying about the profit.


Thanx for the like @Tacet…Love your videos

The main issue is free ressources. Looking at the gem nerf, publishers seem to want to reduce our free stuff. So unlimited diamonds is unlikely to happen. Moreover, I don’t think Dungeon should become a new farming ground.

A second issue is apparently low level players have already diffculties to win against them…


I like the fact it takes less than 5 minutes to finish it all. I’m trying to play less, not more. The devs are helping me to to achieve this with each update.


A standard 3 battles will likely always be how dungeons will stay.

The main 2 things I see needing to be changed with it are:

  • More than the same static 3 battles to play per day. Every single day of the same color runs the same 3 teams of the same 4 troops.
  • The option to choose to do the day’s 3 battles on some form of higher difficulty for slightly more resources, with an option to opt to the lower difficulty if it is too hard. (Kind of like how Arena is, where it goes based on lowest difficulty used.)

The first suggestion sounds good. The second, not so much. At a certain point in the game, upping the difficulty increases time spent, not likelihood of losing. The dungeon rewards are diamonds/shards (necessarily limited, and unlikely to see more), and jewels (not so useful for end game players who are likely to turn up the difficulty). So there aren’t any rewards that could reasonably be increased based on difficulty, while still being of interest to the players most likely to do that.

I happen to think the higher the difficulty the better rewards is a great idea, If you don’t like that option if they implement it just don’t play it…the mode is way too basic and easy…More risk, more reward is always a good thing

The mode isn’t targeted at end-game players. And like I posted above, “more risk” basically doesn’t exist at higher difficulty levels unless you add extra constraints (mono-color player teams, changes to RNG/AI, not in the end game, etc). So for end-game players this just increases reward. At the early and mid games, yes, it would potentially offer increased risk. But it would also create a strong incentive to play all of these matches at the highest difficulty, so that you don’t miss out on potential rewards from your limited number of encounters.

As someone who doesn’t care about the Dungeons currently, I find the difficulty select option a good idea.

A few situations:

  1. I can only silently nod to my friend’s struggle and his claims of finding the dungeon impossible/extremely difficult. His level is low 100 hundred range, the same people that don’t every troop in the game and can only have sub-optimal teams. Meanwhile, my Explore Bombot team can handle the daily dungeon with ease.

  2. Difficulty can matter, especially against the Wulfgarok boss fight in which you have to race to defeat it before it can fill its mana and insta-devour something.

  3. They could afford to raise the resource gain a tiny more and make it where Sunday isn’t the most lucrative day by a country mile.

  4. I want to try these bosses when they can actually put up a decent fight.

Didn’t specifically mean difficulty as in the current difficulty increase. Was mainly referring to some kind of mode that would make it more difficult.

What if they’d just scale the monster stats to player level? That would make it more challenging for endgame players and keep the difficulty the same for low level plyers… Maybe just give the monsters a 10% bonus to all stats for every 100 levels above level 100 (so level 100 stays the same, level 200+ gets monsters with 110% stats, level 300+ gets monsters with 120% stats, etcetera).

Those percentages are of course just a suggestion, they can be whatever the devs want them to be…

Because stats don’t matter. I have multiple teams (minus one since Fizzbang got the nerf axe to her face) that are capable of never turning over a board to the AI. You could pit me against those all-1000 Goblins that show up on PS4 if you try to do a completed dungeon fight again. If the AI never gets a turn, the extra stats just mean it takes me longer to finally win.


No plz…i’d never be able to beat them :sunglasses:

i think i would like it if dungeons were open for more fights
but id hate if they requred more time/fights to do daily to earn those precious crafting matherials

so if there was more daily dungeons, after the initial 3/day, they need to either give no crafting mats or give very little crafting mats (like 1jewel/fight)

the problem is with their content. programming 3 unique dungeons a day might not be too much work buit programming limitless unique dungeons per day?

somehow i think its too much dev power for too little benefit for it to happen - unless they make those dungeons totally generic, which is not what most players want?

as far as i could tell from the posts players want unique (and in many cases also more difficult) experience, not exactly an “explore II” mode…

my proposition:

perhaps the 3 daily dungeons should remain open after completing them?
make them give 1jewel/fight for all the additional fights for example (or even just a chance for some jewel) , and make all the units stats grow by +1 after each victory

does it sound reasonable? :slight_smile:

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As I said in another thread, I’d like to see more challenging fights here, and like the difficulty option for extra reward. Disagree with @Grundulum that this is pointless - yeah higher stats may not mean more risk, but my time-effort is my main currency I spend in this game and I’d happily spend a little more for an increase to rewards.


I’m pretty fine with the amount of 5 GW battles +3 dungeon battles each day. Although I admit they’re easy to beat.

If ppl want a hard mode, then offer that option which will limit the player’s troop slots to 2 and the opponent gets the first turn.


I really like the idea of fewer troops allowed. Very simple change but has a profound impact on many team comps.

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Or the Invade team could also be chosen by the devs. It could be fun if they troll us giving only 4xpeasant teams… Haha… :worried:


3 units would require more team slots or a remade ui
(i would prefer a remade ui that allows to pick a 4 unit team and then ban one or x units before entering the battle)

thats pretty good only for an end gema
sadly its totally a no go since cant make it good for early/mid that way :frowning:

Why? Devs can lend the troops for each battle (level 20, full traits) :slight_smile: .
Moreover, they would solve the issue of “dungeons too difficult for low level players”.
And these players could use these troops in Dungeon battle and so on, have some hype to get them (yeah no option to buy the troops like in Arena).

We can even imagine that it’s the players who choose the invade teams (or one team by week) similarly to what it’s proposed there.