Epic Tasks Poll

  • Limit Legendary Tasks to X amount
  • Reduce the total gold cost to complete the basic and epic Guild Tasks
  • Add the resources from epic tasks to the Adventure Board instead.
  • Replace a less desirable resource in the current Guild Tasks with the new resource, Writs.
  • Allow a guild to do the original 6 basic tasks and have access to Legendary Tasks. Epic tasks are optional.
  • Stick with the original epic task plan.
  • Other

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If you pick “other”, please expound on it in the comments.

I figured it might be productive to start a poll and thread to give the devs some targeted feedback about the incoming epic Guild Task change. Please, please try to keep this thread about presenting solutions/compromises for the problem.

EDIT: I’d like to thank everyone that made some of these suggestions in other threads and Discord chats.


Honestly I am torn, there are a lot of good choices here that are far better then the one that I+2 is going with. This is a good poll as it will be wildy varying in responses. I do wish you had put in a “do as the Dev’s plan to do now” option.

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Putting legendary tasks out of reach for the very vast majority of guilds would be really bad for the game. I strongly oppose making guilds complete all epic tasks - we have enough tasks forced upon us with resources that we don’t need.

I don’t have anything much to add to what has already been said in the other thread but I really hope the Devs make epic tasks optional and show that they listen to the players.


I went with something that I look at as realistic to happen, based on the responds we got from Salty, and that is: ‘Reduce the total gold cost to complete the Basic and Epic Tasks’.

I am positive that they can halve the cost for Epic Tasks. From 31,2 mil to to 15.6 mil.
Then the total for Basic + Epic task will be 31,2 mil, and more guilds will get to see LT’s.

This change as I see it is the least to ask for, and a very important change that needs to happen. (If not any of other suggestions happens.)

Do I want some of the other suggestions more to happen? - Yes!


That’s a fair point. I added it.

If you already voted, please vote again since the poll has reset.

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Well-curated list of options! I like a lot of these. I agree with Eika, though. I think the most likely thing that will happen (if any) is that gold cost will be reduced. Which makes sense: if epic tasks are going to cost double the gold, they should be doubly valuable to the players. That’s subjective, but I really don’t see any players at all getting excited about a giant gold sink just to get some ingots.

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After reading the new additions to the other post about this issue and thinking about the really good choices in the poll here, I agree with a bunch of people that have stated it already. I think it would be okay to reduce the gold cost for epic tasks. It will still be a gold sink but at least with the cost reduced, folks can still work toward it and have a better chance at actually finishing those tasks - without putting an extreme amount of extra time in.

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I posted a comment in the main update thread but I am going to throw a comment in here as well. I have never bought into the myriad theories I have seen posted in the past about purposeful deception from the development team. I have always taken their information as forthright. However, I have a suspicion we are going to see a modification on the Epic tasks from how they are currently being presented. But I believe that the “modification” may be what the intended result was from the very beginning.
The cost of the Epic tasks is so insanely high that I cannot imagine the dev team thinking it would be good for the game. It is just such a dramatic change to a core aspect of GoW. This could be a case of presenting a ludicrous new feature, allowing us to rage about it, and then modifying it to make it more palatable. The “compromise” being the originally desired result to begin with but with the angst and anger diffused and replaced with some degree of relief from the player base. If the “modified” solution was presented first, there would be a longer period of rage from the player base. This would amount to a classic door-in-the-face scenario.
As I stated in my previous post, I sincerely hope I am completely off base. It is not my nature to buy into conspiracy theories. It will be curious to see how this all plays out.


I would have picked 2 of the options if possible, 1 (the one i picked at the end) is reduce the gold amount and second would have been the “limit number of LT’s” if the few guilds in the world that do hundreds LT’s make devs so much worried.

But well, if epic task will be doable by “all” (all those that actually play for real i mean, defo not the 27 battles a day guilds hehe) then am fine, the extra stats can always help with either delve and ToD/events and personally idc if few ppls get bazzilions from lt’s (those there are in ALL free games of any kind, like ppls that on mmorpgs play with 3 pc’s and 6 accounts at same time to farm solo everything lol).

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The cost of the Epic Tasks isn’t an issue for those who want those resources.
It’s definitely the additional 33 million gold road block between those who just want a LT and those who want to play GoW all the time.

I don’t think I’m being disrespectful when I say that Infinity Plus 2 clearly likes to save money by reusing assets or code. Epic tasks being required to complete LT is a by product of that mentality.
There’s a reason that Epic Tasks look 95% like basic tasks and just have different rewards set up. They had to raise the cost because of the “rewards”.

But if they wanted to, they could code it so that basic tasks are the only things required for LT. It would just cost more money to do so.

Which may be why certain Embargos are happening to show that Epic Tasks as they stand will cause more revenue to be lost than to be made.

Salty (I believe) said that they won’t change before the patch.
But… The whole reason they don’t tell us release dates is so they can delay patches when they need to. Well… They need to.


Other: never release 4.7’s Epic Fail Tasks.


It looks like the 6/12 compromise appeals to the most people. But, just reducing the gold cost is pretty close.

As a side thought, reducing the gold would be the simplest change from a code point of view (other than not changing the system at all)).

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I think they should let the game currencies be free (as in, event prizes) and sell fun clothes and outfits to put on my hero and troops instead.

Think about it. King Gobtruffle with “Deal with It” shades on. Queen Mab pasties. A lampshade on Infernus’ head. Elf-skin jacket for Elspeth. A big old set of googly eyes for your Zuul’goth. Horse Lord except he’s wearing an Aerosmith shirt and waving a riding crop at me. I got a million ideas and I bet a dozen of you would pay $3 a pop for 'em.


Just repetition, but worth mentioning again: If their goal is to get rid of LT’s in such scale that only a procentage of guilds will reach them - I highly doubt we will see any changes, sadly.

The currently confirmed gold cost of the Epic Tasks can be an indicator that this is what it’s all about.

I of course hope I/we are wrong, and they look into finding a solution based on the suggestions given, so more guilds will have a chance reaching LT’s.

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It’s quite funny, actually, since

so what they seem to do is make sure that above mentioned “most guilds” never do get to Legendary Tasks, then - most guilds of those “not-most guilds” currently doing LTs join the ranks of “most guilds” not doing them, and so on and so forth snowballing down…

Hey, while we’re at it, could we also have an entry fee to a battle? Let’s say 100 gems per PvP and 25 gems per explore? (You might initially put these as full prices and let actual fees be a discount 20 and 5 gems respectively.) The next logical step being…not saying out loud. Too sarcastic even for my own taste.


Epic tasks are not needed at all. Create mythic tasks. Let them cost more, but with a greater likelihood of falling mythic.

My thoughts from the main thread – cap LTs at 10, or remove entirely. If capped, make it so that completing any 6 tasks unlocks them. I think that counts as ‘Other’?

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It looks like the voting number has topped out at 156 voters.


Another option they could do is make epic tasks like GW sentinels so each player not guild can decide which to do or not do.