Epic and LT task solution

Right. We need gold and we have the combined capability to redress what has recently manifested itself as a catastrophic gold nerf. So, forget your def rewards and EVERYONE set guaranteed loss defs. We can boost classes, hammer gold and possibly get an LT or so as a result. Ur def rewards will be supplemented by the additional tasks completion. This is a simple solution to 4.7 for everyone, except the publishers.
Added potential bonus…honour everyone who complies so we can all nail this honour albatross.

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Just one problem. I hate playing gcuaranteed-lose teams. I play the game for fun, and to relax. if I’m playing PVP it’s because I want to enjoy the battles, not to grind mindlessly.

There’s still Explore lvl 1 for that…

Agreed. But as you keep playing following the update, you will come to realise how much gold has been removed from your reach. Delves suddenly give less gold in final chest rewards. Hmm I wonder why.

Yes because an endless supply of ropedart/life and death teams is fun and relaxing.



They don’t, at least going by the gold I got from my final chests. Any chance you forgot to upgrade your hoard quality?

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I’ve felt for months like the chance the chest rolls a gold reward rather than ingots or some other useless thing is what has maybe been reduced.

I have only a gut feeling. No proof or even evidence. But it seems like ever since I switched my farm to the “best” location in City of Thieves, my gold from delving has gone down whereas my other resources have gone up :man_shrugging:

@Mithran could maybe tell me what I might be doing to make gold drops roll less often on the drop table, but. He’s going to bat for us on other (more important) issues at the moment

From deductive calculation (proposing a minimum different amount of drops that can be used to describe a lot of different delves chest outcomes), we know that there are, at the very least a 2000 and a 4000 (base) gold reward on the loot table. You have no (easy) way of knowing if you got more than one “gold” drop or not in the delve chests (you have to eliminate every other possible drop based on your current modifier to see if the gold is definitely occupying more than one drop spot, which is not always possible given that some combinations of totals can be arrived at with different numbers of drops), since they get combined on the rewards screen (but gold is, and always was, really rare from the end chest). On a maxed delve with good farming modifiers, if you see gold, you’d generally either see rewards it in just above the 25kish range, or low 50ks range. I got 26k gold from a Silver Necropolis postpatch (last Thursday, I believe) when going for glory farm runs on my alt.

I have no reason to suspect this has been reduced, and this would have a very minor impact on your total ability to earn gold even if it was due to the overall rarity of the appearance of gold drops on delve rewards chests (and thus, not a very effective nerf and not a logical way to reduce overall gold gains, especially given community sentiment if it did happen and could be proven). The PvP gold payout issue for those at the top is bad and ongoing, but I believe it is fixable if we stick to the facts.


All my hordes are 100, my max is 108 due to not understanding the “upgrade recipe” of treasure troops early in the day. Usually after a new faction event I am minted but not this time. Could be a coincidence I suppose; or not. And if I don’t have the gems to go to 500 I do every room to max my returns. I went to 320 with the new faction and hit every raven but did feel my rewards in gold terms were significantly less. My shard and unwanted ingot and soul rewards however were noticeably increased.

I’d go with coincidence, there’s way too much spread in just opening 30 chests, you’d need a lot more for anything reliable. Besides, I think average room rarity was lower than what we tended to get with other recent delves (e.g. City of Thieves), that also causes the gold payout to be somewhat less.

You could be right but that’s not really the point of this thread. The idea was to redress the shortfall in gold that epic tasks now sink so we could still hit an occasional LT.

Play explore with cedric team and you are swimming in gold.

For those who’ve bought the armour and regularly buy ring of wonder perhaps. What about the rest of us? Besides I am so bored with that team because it’s the best option to boost light fingering classes that are almost useless elsewhere. It’s mind numbing tedium. So many troops, and yet so few effective teams. That’s a huge shame about this game.

Dragon armor gives as good a gold bonus as deathknight, and level 12 explore non-cedric should give you better gold than pvp did.

I’ve been using the Doomskull team someone posted here to level classes with the Cunning tree in Explore. The Hunter’s Mark on 4/5 matches speeds it up.

I may have to switch to double Cedric because I don’t mind mind numbingly boring. It lets me do something else while I grind for 100 hours. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier.

I don’t know what y’all are spending gold on but I’m driving my Zuul’goth team in Explore and still feel like I’m rolling in gold.

Is that the standard Fire Blade Zuul’Goth team?

I don’t think so because I’m not using Fire Blade but it’s very similar in concept. I mean pretty much any ZG team is “explode a lot of things also make a lot of doomskulls also celebrate”.

Zuul is also my go to lvl 12 team but again the classes are usually based on ‘rock solid’ heroes. I’ve levelled them so there is no boost opportunity. The thread is about making pvp easy gold and easy boost for everybody. That doesn’t seem to have registered judging by the replies so far. Also, a recent AB reward was 150 purple kills in a day; something which can easily be achieved if people set defence in pvp to accommodate.

That could be because you’re late to the party: My new Pvp defense

That’s individual. Not everyone got that.

I thought that AB was uniform? Everyone gets the same 3 daily adventures and “kill troops” gem reward?