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Endgamers after 3.3 (Goals and Resource Management)

Just curious if any of my fellow endgamers have also altered their goals and resource spending habits since 3.3? Seeing as now a full and complete Mythic collection is impossible and gem income got a massive nerf (especially for GW bracket 1 guilds)

Personally my only goal now is to maintain my full collection. (I consider my collection full even without Zuul)

Spending habits:

  • Only open chests for new Mythic/Legendary and New Kingdoms

  • Tier 2 Raid/Invasion (not sure what Tier for Bounty yet)

  • Crafting the new weapons instead of 150 gems

  • Take all new glory troops to Mythic

  • Only getting dungeon gem bounty on diamond day


My resource management plan is the same. However, I have tossed the idea of having a complete collection. I won’t chase Zuul. The stick on that carrot is ridiculously long. So, I’ll settle for having all troops except him.

As for the new game modes, I won’t go beyond tier 2 or 3. Also, I have a set gem spending limit for mythics I think are lackluster. If I don’t get them within the limit, I’ll craft it at a later date.

So far, it has worked well,and I still have a full collection sans Zuul.


Easily…I used to spend real money on the game. Now I don’t. :grinning:


Something similar:

Ideally the same chest habits, although sometimes that doesn’t happen…
Been going for Tier 3 since crafting the new weapons cuts into the backup plan of crafting a new mythic if I miss it. Bounty - go for full value
Mythic UR/E glory troops.
Dungeon Bounty on Diamond Day

Decide what I want to do with Gems after each monthly Mythic.


I’m similar but I buy the 50 gem pack daily dungeon every day being the main difference between your strategy. That said I’m only missing 7-8 mythic troops to have everything in game so I’m always trying to get diamonds to forge the missing troops as the odds of getting them elsewhere is so very, very slim…

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It drove me to take a break. After 2.5 (VIP 9) years of playing, they made the grind even more ridiculous then it had been.

I’m probably a bit different, because when a game is fun and you can advance at a good pace, I’ll spend money to speed up that pace a bit. Once the grind becomes too significant, it no longer feels like a game, or something worth spending money on.

Both invasion and Raid Boss are nice new modes, but keep the focus on being willing to grind many hours over the week. I’m looking to play the game around 1-2 hours a day, and things seem to keep pushing for much more than that commitment.


Here’s mine -

I own all base Mythics except Zuul and I’ve decided he’s not worth chasing due to time/money involved, so I’m in a similar position.

Tier 3 for Raid/Invasion (costs 250 gems and we get 390 from the blue statue)
New Glory troops to Mythic
Only chase one copy of new Event Key-related Legendary troops
Dungeon bounty only on Sundays and whatever Jewels I am the lowest on until all are roughly even
Saving Diamonds in case I miss a Mythic release

I do like that I can buy Tier 3 for event weeks without spending beyond the Gems I’m guaranteed to earn each week. With Tier 3 I can surpass the average amount of damage/towers for raid boss/invasion respectively required per player to finish the event.


Chests. Always been that way, always will.
Raid/Invasion. T4, only to help the Guild. I might do to T3 from now on… Still deciding
Crafting new Weapon. Covered above.
Glory Troops. 75% to Legendary, 25% Mythic (often I save Glory for Event Keys, you need HUNDREDS and it doesn’t end)
Note “Usually” I only go for 2-3 copies of a new Legendary to make it easier to Mythic later, but some times I’ll go for Mythic right away if they are dropping.
Dungeon. Diamond Sunday only (but I do make an exception if a particular color is low as I like trying my luck with the stones).

Missing 1 Mythic… Still waiting on the Forge. 100kGlory, 70kGems, 9MGold, and a big pile of Keys

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Im buying diamond every day until i reach 12k diamond, enough for 3 mythic backup then only buying tier 2 in invasion/raid/bounty and im only using my key to try to catch the new troops

I’m missing Xathenos only, so with or without the new gamemodes my goals and modus operandi didn’t changed, just the schedule.

I’m not part of a competitive guild and i can still pursue a full mythic collection with time, Ascension Orbs and Soulforge if i decide to ignore “Goth Boi”.

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Chests - same, no change.
Tier 2 on Raid/Invasion and am not wasting diamonds to craft the weapon either - I’m missing so many special event weapons that I don’t even see weapons as part of my collection.
I buy glory packs based on my arcane needs, not to ascend the troop. Minimum of one every week (usually many more, but not usually enough to mythic)
I buy the double diamond packs on Sunday and ignore the offers the rest of the days.

Overall, my emphasis has been in trying to close the gap on my missing mythics. I had an extremely poor run where I missed 6 in a row while bankrupting myself each time. Since then, I’ve hit 4 out of 5 and been able to craft a few as well, but I still have a long way to go to get an “all minus Zuul” collection. I’ve also managed to rebuild my gem stockpile a bit in that time and am closing in on traiting the last of my classes (leaving just the imps untraited).

I’m satisfied with just having a troop and don’t feel like I need it Mythic to be “complete”. Eventually, I will catch up on those other troops if I open enough chests, so I don’t fuss about getting them Mythic quickly. Orbs of Ascension will help with the handful of troops that I might want to fast-track. Being in casual guilds for the last year has taught me to be patient.


Nothing major. My plan goes something like this:

  • Gold: everything goes to the guild.
  • Souls: I recently hit 5-star power for every kingdom. Everything goes to Dawnbringer savings, I only level a troop if there is a pressing need.
  • Glory: Get the weekly troop, trait it, maybe get more traitstones, maybe get Event Keys.
  • Gems: I save more than I used to because of the new events.
  • Traitstones: I still have too many things to trait to hoard them.
  • Diamonds: Hoard for mythics.
  • Dollars: $5/week for diamonds.
    • Hoard 3x minor wisdom orbs in case some hotness releases and I’m short on traitstones.
    • Hoard 1 major wisdom orb for hotness.
    • Spend minor growth orbs on any troop going 19->20.
    • Hoard major growth orbs to bring something hot from 1->20.
    • Ascension orbs get spent right away, I have plenty of hotness that needs it now.
    • Hoard clan orbs until needed.
    • Spend anything above the noted “hoard” levels.

Zuul’Goth isn’t even on my radar, it’s not for me and I don’t care.

The biggest changes to my spending happened because I reached the Kingdom Power threshold. Before that, saving for Dawnbringer seemed dumb. Now it seems like the next best way to spend souls.

exactly the same here, I do not really care for the new game modes

I wonder what will happen when the pet thing (spoilers) will come out, i will probably change my spending habits

I’m beginning to think we all (endgamers) are playing this game the same way.
I agree with everything here.


So far with the exception of the first Shentang week, I have not bought any tiers. I am in a casual guild where the guild requirement for raids/invasions is to play until it stops being fun. It is hard to see the value proposition of spending 200 to 300 gems per guild member on tiers if you have a fully traited deck and a huge amount of souls in reserve.

On the event weapons, I find that they are nice. However they pale in comparison to Dawnbringer. Unless they come up with a weapon better than Dawnbringer, I don’t see the value in buying them

I am surprised no one has talked about bounty. Bounty is the only mode where it kind of makes sense to buy tiers. Given the first week was discount week, I am going to see the cost for next week to see if it is worth buying tiers. I am also hoarding my glory keys for The Wild Queen (the mythic after Udine this Friday). This is so I can get the bounty troops to mythic while getting a chance to pull the new mythic. I will probably blow a substantial chunk of my glory stash as well as I don’t really need any more arcanes.

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We sort of addressed this previously, the bounty troops are quite valuable as we have more chances to use them again and at the same time a player can eventually drop enough of them in regular chests later making the event more profitable in rewards with a lesser upfront investiment.


Completely Agreed. If anything this is informative in that I might be spending a small amount too much each week. Perhaps its time to reconsider how many Gems are going out.

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I am interested to hear further thoughts on this. For example, is anybody going to spend an orb of ascension on it? It is easy enough to get them to legendary but getting them to mythic might take a while.

Ascending these troops would take a while for anyone waiting for a new kingdom to be released to finally use Gold Keys, but a player could use the keys earlier and maybe some gold to ascend such troops once they are added into chests. But in the long run i believe it’s better to wait, a rushed decision is rarely the right one.

We must remember that the first Bounty Week was easier, requiring less points on each tiered reward, so this next one should be a little harder in this sense which makes ascending these troop a better deal as soon as possible, but i would, still, refrain from using an Orb… Because despite the extra score on the old Bounty troops it’s profitable to buy the newer Bounty troop because it gives double score.


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