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Welcome to our first Bounty Event!

It's Bounty Time!

At daily changeover today (16 March) our first Bounty Event will be starting.
It’s accessible from the GAMES menu, and its tabbed screen format should be immediately familiar to you after playing Raid Boss and Invasion (though there is no Guild portion to this event - it’s purely solo).

To help explain everything, we’ve prepared a useful reference infographic.

Because this is our first Bounty Event, there are also a few unique features we wanted to mention.

  1. Nobody has had a chance to get any Bounty Troops yet (because they release today), so we’ve reduced the amount of Bounty Points required for rewards by about 20-25%. They will be returning to their intended values for our next Bounty Event in 4 weeks’ time.

  2. Normally a Bounty Event will contain 1 new Bounty Troop, but because this is our first one, we are releasing 3 more out into the wild this week! They’re all detailed below. Please note that ALL these troops are only available in the Bounty Shop this week. They will begin appearing in chests after the usual 3-4 weeks.

3.With the Bounty Troops in the Bounty Shop, Ice Wraith is the main one - others can be found randomly in the various Shop Tiers.

New Bounty Troop: Ice Wraith

New Bounty Troop: Rift Lynx

New Bounty Troop: Parrot

New Bounty Troop: Scavenger

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In before anyone asks, because we didn’t mention above… there are NO team restrictions in the Bounty Battles, like there were in Raid Boss or Invasion.


Omg nice surprise! Salty said you guys won’t post any previews, im glad you giys changed your mind

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Yeah - we had originally planned on this going out with the Bounty event in a few hours… and we all kinda looked at it today and said “Why aren’t we just posting this earlier?”

Actually the reason we generally DON’T post stuff early (apart from the weekly event) is that sometimes folks get a little over-eager and start opening chests BEFORE the troops release. In this case the troops aren’t in chests anyway, so it’s good to go out in advance.


I am so sad this isn’t one of the troops:

(For content: seems nice! I like how each event gets “better” since you can use troops from last time!)


@Sirrian so the shop work the same then taid and invasion?

And is there any leaderboards rewards? If yes is it also same rewards then raid and invasion?

Any of these new troops allows for max kingdom upgrades? Like reaching next star level?

Yes - though the gem prices of the bounty shop are a little lower

Individual leaderboards, yes. I believe the rewards are quite similar (might even be the same) but I don’t have them with me at the moment, so can’t 100% confirm that.

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Ty for the answers, im glad the gems cost are lower that give us a small break :slight_smile:

I think rift lynx makes it possible to get pridelands to 9 stars. So I’ll need to get it at least

Scavenger reminds me of jar jar binks.


I guess I’ll be the first to say that I am a little disappointed by the fact that this event is sigil based like the others. It makes sense for the guild based events, but new players that will already struggle being further restricted by X amount of sigils is even more demoralizing. They likely won’t have the troops they need to do well, the gems to buy the troops they need, the resources to trait and level many troops, let along an optimal team, and are now restricted to a certain number of attacks, not to mention the short 3 day length of the event. The event is great for mid-high level players, but on the surface looks totally untenable for new players.


Sigils are good, it makes sure players don’t waste too much time in these game modes and go back to PvP. That’s where the value is, PvP like crazy until you’re the best :slight_smile:

True, but it’s as likely to deter interest as it is encourage spending…For the one event that is truly solo, I think it might have been worth at least TRYING to not limit our number of attacks. Maybe see how it goes and make any changes before the next bounty event.

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Already disappointed because “energy meter… ERM”… Sigils.

But okay, I’ll go in for free and get 1-5 gems for every 100+ you want me to spend.

C’mon. :frowning:


I chuckled at Parrot’s trait (Alert) because they never shut up! :joy:


Will all bounty troops be Rare??

@Sirrian I’ve seen mentioned many times this 3-4 week period before troops go into chests. Can you provide some more clarity on this? Because it’s always 4 weeks isn’t it?

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Well more variety of things to do is generally good… shame they’re all energy-meter driven and all entice spending 1000s of gems to get limited use stuff and a slim chance to win 100s of gems…


For the Glory troops they are:

  • available during Week 1 for Glory
  • unavailable for week 2,3,4
  • and then put in chest for week 5.

For example, Sand Scutter was released on Feb. 12th and was put into chest this monday March 12th.

So yeah 4 weeks to get them into chest.

Not sure if these ones will be put into chest on a Friday or on the following Monday…