Elite Knights! Recruiting 29/30 - 1500 Seals - Variable Gold and Trophy Requirements - Guild wars / Raids / Invasions


Top 22 guild looking for new guild mates. Easy requirements. Seals, guild wars, raids and invasions. message @Mekanator , @playaMtDNA or @YungBeazy23 on PS4 for further details


We complete all tasks and get multiple legendary task per week. Bracket two in guild wars, we get 200 gems per guild wars and we are looking to move up in bracket.


2 spots open


All tasks completed on Tuesday this week. Multiple legendary tasks and experiences guild mates to help with teams, especially for guild wars.


Leave your psn ID below to get into this competitive guild.


1500 seals and daily guild wars


We have 2 spots available before the next guild wars.


Still 2 spots available?


One spot open


We complete most guild tasks in the morning, so get in before reset.


One spot available


We have a spot available.


Space available in this 22 guild. Bracket two in guild wars.



psn ID suren1001 . Is there any spot avialable?


All tasks completed early in the week


One spot available


1 spot open. We complete all task and legendary task. A great place to join in on top guild wars brackets.


1 spot open


All task completed on Monday. Lots of cool friendly classmates to assist with team and have fun with in guild wars, invasions and raid.


One spot open