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Elite Knights (Rank 24) Competitors with Lives - 2 Open Spots

Looking for all the rewards of being in a top tier guild but have a kid? or classes? or a job?
We consistently compete in the top 2 tiers in guild wars. We have reasonable expectations, so long as you enjoy the game, and we also provide a very healthy and supportive social atmosphere in our guild’s chatroom.

We naturally, nay, effortlessly, get all the guild tasks completed with plenty of time to spare each week. We’re mainly located in North America and Europe but open to players from around the world (If you can understand this message, your English is good enough).


  1. 1500 Guild seals completed by Friday (we like to achieve our 40k guild seals with time to spare)

  2. 250k minimum gold a week (we get to legendary tasks no sweat, so it’s really nothing)

  3. Complete your daily Guild Wars battles (5 battles a day between Tuesday and Sunday, we have experts always happy to advise on team configurations regardless of what you have to work with)

  4. Level 500+ if you can only complete the previous three requirements in a satisfactory manner. 300ish and love this game? Already playing more than enough to complete the previous reqs and more? That was me a couple months ago, I’m 920 now (still low compared to most guild mates) and am many a mythic and legendary merrier! In such a case don’t feel intimidated, contact me.

There’s guilds ranked higher than us, yes, some that sadly operate as sweatshops (I’m not joking). After playing with us for a while you’ll probably get invites from them and you’ll gladly refuse. We’re hardcore enough for the hardcore but human enough for those that occasionally have real life things to do


Contact me by private message here, or contact me by PS4 - send a message to my username: MEC-13

Happy Hunting

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We’re recruiting again, two openings, pm me here or on ps4, you won’t regret it!

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3 spots open.