Elite Knights-Top 30 on PS4-Low Requirements–High Rewards

Join us, you won’t regret it. Requirements: 150 trophies, 1,333 seals on new mythic weeks, and participation in the weekly events. Very manageable requirements for a top 30 guild. We are usually in bracket 2 or 3 in guild wars, top 25 in Doom Towers, finish all Raids & Invasions, and always get multiple legendary tasks.

Reply here or message me on PSN @ PlayaMtDNA

I’m interested if you still have room. I’m still building up my kingdoms to level 10 (only have 11 out of 33 maxed) so I can’t give much in gold but the 100 trophies and 1500 seals a week I can do.

My invite code is ROTATINGCUBE_QHMW.

Yeah, message me on PSN when you leave your current guild. And no worries on the gold, we always have new people level up their kingdoms before contributing to guild tasks. People get stronger faster that way.

There is currently still 1 spot open. New spots open up as well so, don’t hesitate to send a message.

Newly opened space!

There is currently a spot open, let me know if you are looking for a guild. If you get 150 trophies each week and participate in guild events, you should be reaping the rewards of at least a top 50 guild so, don’t sell yourself short.