Eggsective Order

So hunting Elves wasn’t bad enough, now we’re going after Naga? Every last one is in Mist of Scales so you can’t even poke around in multiple kingdoms. It doesn’t even make thematic sense, Tezca had us beating up Stryx and humbling their god, now we’re protecting them?

I’m pretty sure it’s missing a U too, although correcting spelling on eggsecutive seems a bit beside the point.

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Agreed … lets go chase the rarest troop type in the game … again …
And definitely spelled (even more) wrong.

You have to check only one kingodm, that’s nice…
:musical_note: always look on the bright side of life :musical_note:


The worst part of this one is that it is basically required to at least get 60p if you want to complete the kingdom. The other option would have you dumping an additional who knows how many (usually around 100 more) event keys into the event so that this one troop can reach mythic status or waiting an indeterminate amount of time to get the specific epic via glory or gem keys (usually months, if you max out the base guild tasks AND are willing to spend keys between kingdom releases).

Like I said in the elves one, I’m less bugged by the “challenge” or “length” of this specific event and more concerned that the path of least resistance is menu shuffling. It is the difference between completing the task in about 90 minutes with half of that being in menus and trying to brute force it and taking hours, ensuring that both groups are going to hate every minute of it if they have to break their normal pattern of play (the first group because menu shuffling is not interesting but they just want the task done, the second group because they know they can menu shuffle but are suffering through it instead). Simply removing the ability to shuffle explores via entering/exiting difficulty is not enough, you could still do it through retreating or reloading the game, which would be even worse. If these type of events are going to be a thing, there needs be a way to repick explores from within the explore UI. I think pretty much everyone would prefer they extend to at least PvP, though.


…and I thought elves event was bad.


I’m still holding out for a “Kill Merfolk in Explore” challenge! :sweat_smile:


Next up: kill evolved gorgotha in explore.


Next up: Kill mythics in arena.


Next Up: Summon Chromatic Gorgotha in Casual PvP


I appreciate the puns, but are we not exxagerating it a bit here? It is just 150 Stones, that’s 2-3 hours of MoS exploring over the course of the week, i think we’ll get through that fine…

I just joined in the fun, I don’t think its that difficult an event to be perfectly honest, but coming up with RIDICULOUS events… that is FUN! :wink:


Next up: Defeat 50 guild mates in ranked pvp.


Next up: No complaints posted on the forums for one whole day…


I’ve been hunting and pecking away at it for about 4 hours now, and I’m only at 90 Event Stones (or, Snot stones, as some call them).

I need another 28 Arcane Blood- that’s not projected to be available for Glory Purchase until the 22nd May, and that’s what I need for Tesla and the Titan class- so I have to suffer through the event.

If they limit it to PvP, some people never willingly exit PvP, so then they will continue to earn PvP trophies as they can with a side benefit of (x, y, and z).

If they limit it to Explore or Challenge, then people will never Explore.

I’m pretty much end game at this point- level 943 at current PC/Console, level 1050’ish or so PS4- but I started playing the PC version about 4 months ago and I wasn’t in a kick-derriere guild like I am now, so I don’t have the surplus gems and keys before it was ‘fixed’ with the Guild statues.

Personally, I pretty much refuse to do another Treasure Map after having to do them for two events already. My PS4 account has had “Do 5 Treasure Maps” for the last 4 days.

I think what we have here is frustration at the hoops that have to be jumped through with these events, to wit:

a) Beginning players going to a land where Poison is prevalent, and having to do 100 - 150 explores in a week to complete the event? Not fun.

b) Mid- to late-game players having to spend time away from PvP to do the same 100 - 150 explores to complete the event? Pass.

Here’s a thought (and I’m going to summon @Saltypatra just for the sake of it)…

Have the Developers form a “Player Community Forum”- about 5 to 10 players, beginning to late-game, where they can bounce ideas off of about what each of them would like for the Event system. Get them to sign NDAs so that this stuff isn’t discussed outside of the email chain or what-have-you until it reaches the system. Find out what would be too (bleeping) annoying (hunting elves, or even worse, Naga; having to get 600 event gems through the Treasure Map System, etc), vs. what is too simple (150 Dragons in PvP) to strike a balance between. Maybe make their “handles” publically known, or in each event, post a link to a static webpage with the original Dev thought was, what the players thought, and the resulting event so we see the changes that were made.

You’re not going to have an across-the-board consensus, of course. But, you may avoid dozens of future thread generation about the events that the Devs have incorporated into the game.

– Tranimo


I can think of a lot better events - using the events as they - but including places to encourage other activities.

I would love to see Defense teams get recognized for helping out.

I would love to see challenges get reset for a specific kingdom for that event or even more story.

Most of all - limiting to very small area is just so disappointing.

And yes I have managed to get 16 teams that had event gems so far, out of the resetting of over 50+

It’s come up before that it would help the devs to have a small ‘panel’ of forum veterans to help advise on matters in advance and/or in secret. I think this is a great idea, as obviously I would be on it :smiley:

i know you were joking but an additional weekly event called:

asking us: to defeat 50 members of “Intrim” guild in pvp (for example)

would be fun?


For everyone except Intrim members, sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

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haha, great one, this made me laugh good. :joy::sweat_smile:

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They are getting enough rewards without the event!
(And of course im joking and this event wouldnt be fair)