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Stupid event. Nagas are too rare. Half of explore battles in Mist of Scale have no single naga in enemy team.:rage:

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they could have it scored by defeating anyone in pvp, or for example would need to difeat 2x the count (so 100 ppl in this example) but still anyone :wink:

it doesnt have to be unfair, just fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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I made 60 Naga in 90 Minutes skipping all games that had less than 2 Naga in it. Not that much of a pain.
Difficulty down to normal, some Bombers in the deck… Less than 5 Minutes per Battle.


Mid to late game players can’t pass though. We need at least 60 points. Its an approximately one thousand gem value cost and/or couple month difference in being able to complete the kingdom to five star, so even if it sucks, most mid to late gamers will be powering through at least that far. I hope this is kept in mind when the devs look at past stats for the week to see how many people completed the tasks and how far.

To be fair, 60 and even 150p doesn’t take that long, but I could do without the annoyance of seeing zero naga teams several times in a row, especially when I’m not in the mood to grind out explore and I’d rather be testing the new troops that were just released in PvP. Especially after last week was the perfect week to explore with the bombot boost and especially with arcane blood being one of the most needed stones. Fair bet I wasnt the only one just exploring Mist of Scales last week.

There’s ways around that.

I simply didn’t find this event that bad. If you don’t have free scouting, I could see where it’s a little harder but using the difficulty trick makes it fly by.

Took me ~120 matches and I got 13 arcane traitstones for my effort. :smiley:


130 attempts, 24 actual matches just to get to 30

But nice part I am getting more runic stones 6 water so far and 10 fire. NO arcane but lots of Runic stones.

BUT on a happy note I love that PVP now is random. I just got 2 Earth Runic stones from Whitehelm :slight_smile: mushahahahhahahaha

What is this difficulty trick exactly btw? I assume it is needed to reset the AI explore Team when you have free scouting? When you don’t have free scouting you just leave explore, reenter and scout again and have another enemy Team.

Nagas is the difficulty

There is only one kingdom that they are showing up in - regularly - Mists of Scale

There are only 5 Nagas total in the game and roughly 75% of the time - the AI Team does not have a naga. It is just very slow.

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Yeah i got that, i didn’t find it that bad though, i just spammed MoS explores as i need those Arcanes anyway and i am almost through with the event.
I was asking about that difficulty trick people refer to to reset the enemy explore teams i guess, as i never needed any tricks to do so, just leave and reenter explore and i got a new team. Just interested.

Ya but it sounds like you’re fighting everything even it didn’t have a naga.

I am really not interested in wasting my time with non naga teams. I still have my 100 trophies in PVP to get for guild work. I’m just after the 3 troop cards.

If you have free scouting, just enter the difficulty screen and exit back out.

If you don’t, actually enter the match but retreat during all the pre-match animations.

Simple and fast.


Exiting Explore doesn’t reset the team.

Yes it does for me.
Probably has to do with the manually scouting if it doesn’t work like that once free scouting is enabled. That’s why i was asking.

I guess if you’re actually spending the 50 gold to scout, that could change things. People reported the “exit match” trick when they weren’t scouting and instead just entering the match blindly.

Myself, I have free scouting so I use the difficulty trick.

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Me too, though I keep thinking I have to move the map to get to the Difficulty screen.

I got 4 Arcanes, now have i been unlucky or you lucky? What are the actual % drop rates for Arcane stones in explores? I am sure i could search for it, but i am really lazy and someone probably has the droprates burned into their skull, eager to share.

If I remember it correctly it is around 6% chance per explore to get an Arcane. :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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I think over time, people have decided that the actual drop rate is around 1 stone every 17 matches or just under 6% as @Eika said.