Dust Devil Dervish bug

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
While I was fighting in the arena, my opponent used the Dust Devil Dervish, which forced my hero to the final slot. After losing the Character in my third slot, my opponent used the Dervish spell again, and my hero character was treated as non-existent. I didn’t notice until I was down to my last two characters, but my hero wouldn’t absorb any of the red mana, and the opponents were skipping the hero, and attacking the character in the final slot, when matching skulls.
When I lost the final character, my hero was still alive, but the game claimed I was defeated.
This caused me to lose in the arena, making it my 2nd loss out of a 4 win streak.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

  1. All characters being alive
  2. Opponent used Dervish to force the hero into the 4th spot
  3. Opponent kills character in 3rd slot, using a skill
  4. Opponent uses Dervish again, forcing the hero into the 3rd slot
  5. Hero is now non-existent, they cannot absorb mana or attack.

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Thanks, I’ve past it along to the team to investigate.