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Drop rates of Summoning Stones?

From a bunch of questions in another thread, it has come to my attention that we don’t know what the drop rates are from Summoning Stones.

I suspect no one used enough of them to get a decent data sample, but maybe @taransworld, @lyya and their skilled ilk would be able to tell us straight from the code?

My guess would be that they have the same rarity distribution as Gem Keys and Event Keys, but it’d be nice to have confirmation.


I think the drop rate would be complete trash for this method. Just my personal opinion. I have made two summoning stones and got two garbages to go with those stones. LOL

I spent at least 5000 of each stone…all at once…5 legendaries…no mythics and the rest"trash"


I glanced at a couple GoW data files but didn’t see anything helpful. Lyya might know. If no one can help soon I will put more time in to it tomorrow or the next day (sorry, super busy right now). :frowning:



They aren’t always bad…


Awesomeness. Congratulations. I wish I were ever so lucky. :heart_eyes:


This was from a few minutes before the last picture.


What is your level?

~level 500. I opened another 25 or so summoning with nothing great. I thought maybe I had stumbled on a hidden gem.

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thought I got lucky with Gard’s Avatar. That’s quite beautiful.

How many did you open for those?

You need to go to Las Vegas with that luck. Congrats!

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I opened a total of around 35. I didnt even realise how to use them until then. I was quite impressed with the drop rate to say the least


@JordanC17 out of curiosity… How many “batches” of Purple Summoning Stones did you open in total, before you hit the batch-of-five(ten?) that gave Spooky and Keeper, and then the batch-of-four that gave Wulfgarok and Infernus?

I’m taken aback that Wishkiller says he opened “5000 at once” of each Summoning Stone colour and didn’t get a single Mythic. Perhaps doing a massive opening like that overwhelmed the payout calculation capacity?

I have noticed, for example, that if I open a massive number of Gold keys at once, I start to see specific repeated drops like huge numbers of Alchemist, Acolyte, Glade Warden, Warhawk, much more so than relative to say Zombie or Spider Swarm drops.

And Hammerhead (blue Common) started showing up on Friday Nov 3rd in my Gold Chests, for one day. I was thinking its behaviour was normal but three days later it seems to have disappeared again from my Chests. So if I wrap my head around this specific case (issues with COMMON cards dropping at near-zero rates) then I’m also pretty confused about ALL card drop rates in general.

By the way, the “large numbers of Alchemist and Warhawk” thing is appearing on both my iOS tablet AND on Xbox Console, which is how I noticed the odd drop pattern in the first place.


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How many crafting stones did that take?

Did five of each color after reset and got only ultra-rares (so 30 total). Not even a single epic. Seems like even close to level 1000, the game doesn’t want me to own a mythic. Because dang, that luck rate from the screenshots up there is just crazy…

Should i be using summoning stones or what? The soul payout is garbage but i keep seeing ppl getting mythics from them and i must confess myself jealous!


Sure, if you like gambling… :rofl:
To me, it’s the same as someone getting a mythic after using 1 glory key. It can happen and when it does, it’s amazing. However, the chance of it happening is a serious gamble. Most people that I’ve talked to have gotten ultra rare troops from summoning stones by a large percentage.

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Hrmmm… I dont need URs… It would only be worth it for a mythic or that damn elusive highforge lol


I ended up crafting that silly dwarf. He wouldn’t drop for me at all. It was insane. :roll_eyes:

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