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Soulforge Questions

I have some Soulforge questions which were likely asked before but I cannot find the answers in what the search function gives me.

About the summoning stones:

  • I heard they can summon legendaries, but not mythics. Is that correct? Does anyone know the chances (aka: Is it worth it)?
  • Does the color matter for troops using two Mana colors? If I want a blue/green troop, can I get it with either stone? Or do I need maybe, in this case, the blue one because it’s the first of the two colors?

Just out of interest:

  • Are the mythic troops offered the same on all devices (Mobile/PC/Console)? Or, because consoles weren’t synched yet for events, are they different on the consoles? Would I get different mythics if I would buy myself a smartphone (right now I only have PC)? I’m tired of waiting for Pharos-Ra… and knowing my luck, he won’t be there after next reset, either.
  • Will Xathenos ever be “retired”/switched out? As in, is there any hurry to craft the weapons needed for him soon? As I don’t have Pharos-Ra yet, my soul income isn’t the best and I’m still very busy leveling troops and haven’t crafted anything yet, but wonder if I should prioritize the Soulforge before kingdom stars.

Subjective question:

  • Would anyone ever recommend me crafting a legendary troop? I swear I have the worst luck with getting what I want (closing in on level 1000 now and still no Kraken, Khorvash and Ysabelle) and might be tempted if one of them appears in there, seeing as the mythic(s) I want are never appearing anyway.
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It’d be nice to get an official answer to a lot of these, but my unofficial ones might help until then.

They appear to summon Ultra-Rare and up, so I’d guess they’ve got the same rarity drop rates as Gem Keys, but I’m only guessing. There’s been confirmation of Legendaries but not Mythics on the forum but I don’t think they’ve been heavily used by anyone who likes statistical recording as yet.

All signs point to you being able to use the blue and/or green as you choose, but there might be a slight difference in drop chance. For example, there are 16 blue legendaries but 14 green ones.

Mobile and PC are identical because they’re on the same server. Xbox and PS4 have completely separate servers so you’d be starting a brand new character on either.


If you need the legendary for a particular build and don’t have any copies, I’d say go ahead. Mythics are going to rotate fairly frequently compared to legendaries.

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They can summon Mythics.

For example a blue/red troop can be summoned by a blue or red summoning stone.


If I should bet, I do say summoning stones has a better chance to pull a Mythic, than gem keys, L6 Guild keys. Mostly because the jewels is very rare compared to most resources. But only Devs can confirm this.

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Thank you so much, everyone! That already helps me a ton in deciding what to do with all my materials. Given how chests haven’t given me a single mythic yet and also aren’t very nice to me when it comes to legendaries, I guess I will wait with the stones at least for some more time (until I can afford trying them out better), but jump at the chance to craft any of the legendaries I really want. Now if only any of those would ever appear in the soulforge… I so wish it would cycle more often, the resources are restricting crafting enough as it is.


I used some summoning stones a few weeks ago, 10-15, I only got one Epic, all other was UR. So based on my experience, they look like gem keys. But yeah, it most likely needs a larger opening to be 100% sure.

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That’s actually a better turnout than what I usually get from gem keys (last 50-batch had a single epic…). I might actually try one or two… I dunno. Because really, there’s again just stuff I don’t want (well, I would want it if I could craft everything, but you know…) in the soulforge this week ugggh.

I might run a test right now. Before I enter this reply, lol.

Yuuuuuup. I crafted five of each stone color, so 30 total. Guess who got 30 ultra-rares? Yup, me. Of course.:weary: