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🐲 Black Dragon 🐲 [Rank 7 - GW Bracket 1] - RECRUITMENT OPEN [29/30] 🔥 JOIN US 🔥

We have a truly great team from around the world and are currently seeking enthusiastic new recruits that are dedicated players. In other words, we want to maintain a strong crew that is ready to take on the guild challenges of Guild Wars.
We are quite competitive and we aim for the top in GW, so we are looking for players who share our objectives.
We are looking for new members that do more than bare minimum, ideally our preferred requirements. :pushpin:
If you’re interested, PM @Scarlett or @madking or sign up in this topic.

In your PM/post, please tell us how much gold you are willing to donate and how many trophies you make on average AND your invite code.

##Guild Information:

✪ League Rank: 7
✪ Guild Level: 2225
✪ Current League: GOD
✪ Daily Bonus: +600%
✪ Mana Masteries: +200
1st Bracket GW

✪ Maxed Guild Tasks (All Stat and Reward Bonuses)
✪ Many Legendary Tasks Completed (more than 15 every week)
✪ Maxed Guild Chests

✪ Active guild chat
✪ Promotions
✪ Private guild forum
✪ Private guild chat on discord

##Player Requirements:

✪ Level 150+
✪ All kingdoms to level 10
✪ If you will be going on vacation or if you are ill, please let us know by posting in the “Vacation/Illness” thread on our private forum.
We talk about rules, req’s and important info so communication skills are required (Chat on Discord (Mandatory), Forum, Guild’s Chat)

##Weekly Minimum Requirements:

✪ 300 trophies
✪ 750,000 gold
✪ 1500 seals
✪ 5 Guild Wars matches per day (we don’t demand you to win, just to do your best aiming for perfect runs)
✪ Upgrade Guild Wars Sentinels to Level 3 by Monday

:dizzy: Prefered Weekly Requirements + Prefered Player Requirements: :dizzy:
✪ 500+ trophies
✪ 1.000.000/1.200.000+ gold
✪ Great Communication
✪ Great number of unique troops
✪ Mostly fully traited troops

We are particularly focusing on :zap: Gw :zap: and we’d be glad that motivated players join us and dedicated veteran players are more than welcome :sunglasses:

Now we have forged a new mighty brotherhood with our great allies, :crown: 30 Secs 2 Match and
Gems of the Ostfront :crown:

So, if you want more info, you can check https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/crown-dragon-face-black-dragon-court-new-guild-brotherhood-recruiting-dragon-face-crown/33915
This is a great opportunity for mid and new player to join good guilds and to chooce a guild, according to our needs and your strengths ^__-


:fire: WAITING LIST OPEN :fire:

What is your discord channel ?

@Saltypatra this person is obviously still trying to attack the black dragon recruitment thread and now is asking for their discord… Please can you remind everyone of the forum rules and guidelines

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Here are the Community Guidelines.

If you break them again you will receive another ban. However, if you follow them, we won’t have an issue.


I was a registered person before.
I am busy with work and withdrew. It is all right now.
I have been playing alone for a long time.

If you forgive me, I would like to participate again.
If the guild is full, I will be waiting alone until vacancy is made.

LEVEL: 953
Seal: 1500
Gold: 1000000
Trophy: 300over


@moyashiking is great past member of Black Dragon. Pinging @madking and @Scarlett for you! :wink:

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Hi! Eika.
I received a message.
I am looking forward to the day you can invite me.

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I am in Mean Machine now. How time flies, @moyashiking!


:fire: WAITING LIST OPEN :fire:

Mad sends a mp to you, Moyashiking ^^


One spot open ^^

We still have one spot open. This week we completed over 20 LT (on average we do 15 LT) and we are competing for rank 6 in GW bracket1 (400 gems).

If you join us before reset you can receive our GW rewards, so don’t miss this opportunity!

I’m interested. Level 1056, invite code DEL0921

One spot open ^^

If someone is interested, please read info contained in the first post and then contact us.

@Del0921 I send you an mp ^^



One spot open ^^

Morning bump! We still have one spot open

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I would love too… in aout 30 minutes okay?

Finishing the guild i am in now, the one where everyone left jinstead me

I am +350 leveled. All kingdoms are upgraded.