🐲 Black Dragon 🐲 [Rank 7 - GW Bracket 1] - RECRUITMENT OPEN [29/30] πŸ”₯ JOIN US πŸ”₯


One spot open ^^



Bump, one spot still open


Two spot open ^^


2 spots open


One spot open, join us! ^^



One spot open, join us! ^^


I’m level 1020, all kingdoms leveled. Most weeks I hit max seals, some weeks life gets busy and I can only get 1300 or so. Always donate 500-600k gold, trophies are easy as all I do is PVP. GW requirement is also np for me.

My invite code is ISIS_15.


I sent you a mp, Isis ^^


Good, I would like to join your clan … I am level 461, I have all the cards most are level 20, I do 1500 seals / 600k gold / 500 trophies.
My invitation code is KOUTA 777


I’ve sent you a PM


We are full ^^ Our waiting list is open.


Our waiting list is open.



I’d like to be added to wait list.

Lv 860, all kingdoms two blue stars except 2-3 of them.
I can do 700k, 1300 S, 200 T

How important is it that I participate in third party chat programs if I join the guild? I stay somewhat active with in-game chat…


brandonwiker, I send you a mp ^^


waiting list open!


Our waiting list is open ^^

We are searching players who do average as our guildies:

βœͺ 500+ trophies
βœͺ 800.000/1.000.000 + gold
βœͺ 1500 seals
βœͺ 5 Guild Wars matches per day (we don’t demand you to win, just to do your best aiming for perfect runs)
βœͺ Upgrade Guild Wars Sentinels to Level 3 o 3+ by Monday
βœͺ We talk about rules, req’s and important info so communication skills are required (Chat on Discord, Forum, Guild’s Chat) so Reading and Answering are foundamental
βœͺ All kingdoms to level 10

We offer:

βœͺ League Rank: 6
βœͺ Guild Level: 1858
βœͺ Current League: GOD Max Level Available
βœͺ Daily Bonus: +600%
βœͺ Mana Masteries: +188
βœͺ 1st Bracket GW

βœͺ Maxed Guild Tasks (All Stat and Reward Bonuses)
βœͺ Maxed Guild Chests 40k
βœͺ Many Legendary Tasks Completed (more than 15 every week, last week 26)