Double update download?

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image:
Not available, sorry.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When game starts, and there is new updates available, it loads it right after client start.

Then it starts to load main game, and loads the same files again.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Well, it happens each and every time when game updates.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Load the game after update. It shows numbered counter on background screen with increasing “X from Y MB loaded” (or something like this, sorry, I wasn’t prepare and didn’t capture the exact spelling).
  2. After that part is finished, main client loading started, and it have two graphical counters: upper one is usual “loading”, lower is for update, and shows the same increasing numbers “X from Y”, where Y is the same as in #1.

Obviously, updates loaded twice. But why?

Hello, is this still happening?

If you notice it again please grab a screenshot of the loading screen. There’s a difference between the “Loading” bar and the “downloading” bar and we can generally tell what files the game is actually downloading by a screnshot showing the size of the download.

It seems like a once off due to some extra fixes that were pushed or text changes for the game and likely won’t happe nagain.

Hi, Cyrup.

It was big hit before, especially for smartphones - up to the stage when my friend stopped to play, because each update eaten his limits - twice. Less important for me, as I am on unlimited fibre, but I noticed it too, so decided to note for developers for the future reference.

But no, it was not repeated recently. I seen the update or two, but they was only once this time. On the other hand, they was small, and maybe the problem only with the big once. I will try to capture it next time, if it will repeat.


Aha, here it is again:

I wasn’t quick enough to catch previous screen in the same session, but it was similar (or the same) numbers before this screen, but with additional download only - and it finished, then this screen appeared and game downloaded it again.

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This is normal.

The game is downloading some update data that is needs to run and update new events/Troops/important information. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know what this update supposed to be. Just to be sure that you understand: my problem is not update per se (playing online game I am quite expecting updates after all. :slight_smile: Problem is that I see download screen twice per session - and want to be sure that it’s really must be that way. I repeat:

  1. There is the picture, right after client start (I wasn’t able to capture it this time - 2MB it not slow enough), where client say something about updating, and load this 2MB.

  2. THEN it goes to “loading assets”, and load the same (or very close) amount of assets again - I captured this screen.

Are this different updates after all? Again, I cannot be sure that numbers are identical - but definitely comparable by size. It’s not a problem for me at my PC, and of course it’s nothing when it’s 2MB. But some clients updates are 20+MB or more - and this can be quite heavy tax for mobile.

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