Dont let yourself get crazy by the mass of PAYWALLS and fear you cant reach it without PAYING a RIDICULOUSLY HIGH price!

Hi all,

It took me several days to come to this point!
I got back my pleasure in this game and found a solution for the problem what took my pleasure away!

I stay by my words that I find the communication, care what keep us busy is something the makers can do so much better!
Tuesday we got the compensation for the weekend Issue BC’s pure strict looking to 3 missing crowns get 5 crowns as compensation FAIR but it dont take away that a lot of players had 3 not great days and missing a sign of the dev’s corner for sure that @Kafka who said on Friday if there is a problem with the spawns # of the BC I will come back here…
It was Monday that @Jeto came with a first reaction after this imo promise to the gamers and that message was just a notification they go look to it… ehh were we not clear enough, and the vault event was ended so a bit sour and too late.
This is why lots of gamers are not satisfied with the compensation!
Monday there came a 3rd (LURKING FOR REAL MONEY) new event, LEGENDS REBORN
They sneaky and in my opinion even not healthy way to try to get money of us is not something to be proud on!

We have had more than 2 years of COVID-19 and lockdowns where gaming for sure games as this get so much more players coz people need something to do and get a way to let their worries on background and try to enjoy life and keep busy.
But after this was and is a worldwide financial crisis and a lot of people are or are balancing on the border of get the monthly bills paid or even food on the table…

The stress, depressions and worries by the mass of people is not to describe but the need to relax close rl for a while became so much more important and gaming is a real great way to reload yourself, relax and feel better!
But those people cant afford so much paywalls and ridiculous high price for a pet…

There will be always people who can pay this very easy as I read on some topic’s that 5000 gems is nothing, sorry 1500 gems cost €110, so we talk over more than €330 if that is nothing then I think you dont know the value of money in life…
But I dont care if people has so much money that they find it worth or can pay this easily
My problem is the group with no own income or who cant afford this and then its too easy to close them out of this game!!

So after being real worried over the way this game go, and the risk people get in problem if they buy the product…

I want to give here a way to think over it

  • If over a month or 2 new players start this game, they havent had those 3 events will that mean that they never can get those benefits! NO they will also get the chance to get it SO also we players who find it not worth to pay such prize for a pet!
  • Since I get daily, weekly in game spam offers "we have notice you missing… " very big chance that later this come on your screen also.

So please think before you bring yourself in a position you dont want to be in!
Coz how trite it sounds, its the truth if you play frequent and join a good guild, and you want to reach a goal its possible without paying so much real money!!

I hope people read this the more the makers and realize that asking so high price and lurking on money can bring their gamers in problems!
Im a person who think on the bigger goal and Im borne with a sound and that im here active is to let my voice hear in things I be grateful for but also be critic if I think that things go not how it must be!

The power of this community is to stay alert and ring the bell if we think things must be changed and agree if they dont want to listen/read its very difficult to change something, but I still believe in that dont lose the hope, believe in the power of us all together make it clear and repeat as needed we can reach goals.
So feedback is always important in the good things as in the things who are not working or reach limits that cant be accepted!

Im responsible for my happiness and not the makers of this game and I dont let them take my pleasure away by these things I will be active here and with all of you make this game a nice game to play and stay positive in what can be changed in good way for us!!

Have all a great day, stay hydrate and cool and much pleasure and success with gemming :star_struck:


Monthly reminder that GoW, although certainly more money-oriented than in the past (and I totally agree that’s there’s too many paid passes going on right now), is nowhere even remotely close to pay to win. No one is “forced” to spend to stay “ahead of the competition” because there are a vast number of viable troops to use against other players. We have never seen a situation where the Mythic at the end of a money pass is so insanely overpowered that f2p-players can’t compete in PvP or GW. We have never had a situation where the paid pass has so many deeds that paying players can upgrade their kingdoms to have 20 more in each stat than non-paying players (which isn’t even possible with kingdom levels anyway).

Say what you will about the game’s various issues; there is no “paywall” in Gems of War. Players pay because they feel like it or due to FOMO/completionism. Whether or not the game is too monetized is a legitimate discussion. Claims that the game is paywalled (sparing a few useless weapons) are absurd. Gems of War has always been, and will hopefully always be, a non-pay-to-win game where anyone can compete with top players assuming you put in the time.

A brief illustration - a level 1000 f2p player could quite easily beat a level 3000 player who has spent $1 million on the game, assuming he had a good strategy.

All pets/troops/weapons introduced in passes can be obtained for free later.


Is this true for the Cosmetic pets in campaign pass? I thought they were exclusive but I don’t always pay enough attention :stuck_out_tongue: I mean they don’t boost anything unless wanted for kingdom power, but legends reborn is now flooding the game with extra pets for kingdom power anyway so maybe it doesn’t matter anymore

We’ve had one or two of the campaign pets return on a bonus “Cosmetic Pest Rescue” Saturday event. Without sitting in front of my console, I couldn’t tell you exactly how many… but I know I have at least one of them and I’ve never spent a penny on Gems of War.

Mind you, it’s been quite some time since they’ve run a bonus Saturday Pest Rescue featuring a cosmetic pest. And they may intend to never do so again. But they have done so in the past.

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Per the news thread from the devs:

“All Pets will also be available as a possible random Pet Rescue from defeating a Pet Gnome. However this event will be the main way to guarantee to get them, as well as earn enough copies to fully upgrade them.”

EDIT: Oops, thought you meant the Legends event. Yes, campaign pets are also available later as far as I’m aware.

EDIT 2: Double checked and the cosmetic pet is indeed only obtainable after the pass in special pet rescues, so you are correct! Good info!

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Hi @NerdieBirdie,

I have never said that GoW cant be play without using real money! Simple coz its possible
I knew with making this topic that there was a big chance on getting this feedback but I think that I make my point clear and fair enough.

The game starts more to concentrate on asking to use real money and it always stay your own choice to use real money or not!
I have never said that you cant play it without using real money in title I say you can reach it without using real money!

I find this game great and I play it now 4 years daily active and have much pleasure in it but I cant deny that the game changed with more passes, daily offers, and much more adverting to buy something!

I never said that this is a PayToWin game coz thats not true!

But I think thats not unrealistic that a big part of the gamers feel the need to buy things and not coz they want it but coz the fact others have it also and they dont wanna be an outsider.

So with this topic I tried to say its not needed to spent real money!
Yeah I find that if the focus turn more back on making the game intresting with good working events, lesser bugs a good idea!
If a game works good and stay interesting their gamers like to pay some real money for the pleasure they have in the game, but atm is there much going on in communication, problems, returning bugs and then the lots of attention for paying for products is think something what can harm the game.

My conclusion is you speak the truth and I never has write that you cant play it without using real money or you cant reach the top in game without paying.

Dont get me wrong and place me on a place I dont belong!

We live in a time that lots online FREE games has introduce passes, and more and more in game buys

Free games has also people who must be payed and I wil be the last one to say that you must never use real money in a game but I have seen in my work in the past were people get in problem by a game as cafeland by FB just coz people wanted to have what others also have.

its became a hype to ask money for more lifes in games like candy crush or to get a second change to answer by trivia crack .

I find that not a good development in a time like these and what I tried to reach to make people aware of to think before you get yourself in trouble coz its not neccesary and not worth!!

So very clear a game deserve to get incomes even its a free game! Time, salary and reward of having pleasure in their game!

You can play this game without using €1
You can win in events, GW, PVP reach LB without paying

A good gamer, rewards the makers of free games with buying something they can afford!

Dont use money you cant afford coz you can also by playing this game a lot show you rewards to the makers!

I hope that I have explain more/better my intention of this topic!

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I read it as nerdie agreeing with you and further elaborating.

You’re both right. :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, I like to get the kingdom pass and campaign pass. The resources and troops are nothing you can’t get later, and usually also not game changing (though celestial flask is amazing) but the game is still worth it for me. The extra resources are nice.

As for the legends reborn, meh - couldn’t care less. Too expensive.

If it was a pet for a mythic I like, and if it was similarly priced to campaign pass then maybe. But I have not a single bit of fomo right now. I, too, will be able to play my game just fine without Yasmine’s Petal (or the extra resources).


Thanks for clarifying! I was having a bit of trouble understanding what you meant. Seems like we’re on the same page :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi @NerdieBirdie,

English is not my own language and I have been real long out of online conversation, so if there is something not clear enough or can I explain it more please then say it!

Im here with much pleasure and like to share opinions with each other and last week a member asked me with all going on you still love to play this game after 4 years!

Yes GoW is for me an important game and I have never said that its no good game only if you be always grateful for what they make for you find I also If something worries me I also have the right to give my opinion!

What I said when I made this topic I knew that there was a big chance that people can come with feedback but even if I like to work/ play for getting my stuff in game I also like if people give me feedback here.

Thats imo where this community for is Im not small-minded and dont think I know everything in fact I can feel me here pretty unsure with all knowledge of many members but that dont stop me to give my opinion but always in belong of the bigger goal in these having a great game where we all feel good by play it! :grinning:


I am living proof of this… I’ve paid for stuff on this game since the game started and I’m freaking HOPELESS in guild wars. There’s free to play guys in bracket 1 that kick my smalpaca butt in one move. Yes money can get you nice stuff but it can’t buy you skill, and in this game skill is definitely an advantage :sweat_smile:



So true, thats why I find it sometimes debatable to look to a Level I was as low level full pointed on guild events and reach LB with not extreme much difficulties
now Im level 1452 and a lot of people think im an end gamer or veteran, wrong!!!
Im a passionate gamer and play a lot but coz of my visual disorder I have problems with factions and I have very much stuff for the KD power levels but me eyes start :face_with_spiral_eyes: by level up my troops, so I must do that in very tiny steps and then is it for me not possible to battle that day further so yeah then it happens that I forgot to work on my KD’s
So am I a good player in my guild they say your real strong and yes I reach my goals are pretty much to find on LB but I cant never be a die-hard coz my eyes cant guarantee I dont miss a very important 4 or 5 match in GW, but I have been Paragon in bracket 4 so yeah that makes me a proud player!

This game is for me, important and coz there are not many games I can still play with my eyes but Im a long term gamer and bit by bit I reach for me personal the tougher goals and lots of players will think play just a three on a row game if you cant play it full.
Sorry I dont go for the easy way and I really like this game a lot and its for me a challenge to with my disorder reach things where I must work hard for and if I reach it then its for me a proof Im still counting in the world where so many people have turned their back to me coz I didnt fit any longer in their life (they could no longer take advantage of me was the real reason :wink: )
So yeah life isnt easy but for me worth to make the best of it and this game and you all here and my guildies help there a lot in it!

I have also paid for things in game and there is nothing wrong with, so long you do it coz you want it and dont bring you in trouble.

On table just had it over my topic and Fornite after they hadnt play a while they came back to play and had some tasks to do with others first thing in chat whattt that skin is so oldish there are many newer skins first thing that they said, and they watched to newer skins and there was no problem to get it but they didnt by it in first place coz they want it, but coz others said something over their out of date skin and thats exactly what I meant with this topic!

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Yeah, that sounds like what I heard about Fortnite. :sweat_smile:

I always play for myself, and if people don’t like how I styled my character, don’t look at it. :wink:

The other great thing about gow is that there are very old troops and weapons that you get very early in the game that are still used in teams all the time, like Thrall, Leprechaun, Mountain Crusher, Mang…

Yes, there are newer must have troops like Centuragon but he’s not pay gated (most things are actually not paywalled but just pay gated - you pay to open the gate sooner but it will open on its own eventually).

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Fornite is a game I cant play and tbh thats one of the games I dont miss :crazy_face:

I really love the Black Manacles as weapon! :wink: Rowanne I use still often last time when they came with place the old KD in the spotlights again, I started with look what troops, weapons I started with and how many are still useful in a team build not every great strong team build needs a mythic a lot are on a pile of dust while they can be make the different between a good and a great team :wink:

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When I realized that legend reborn is expensive. I decided right away that I can’t support it in terms of $$$.

Legends reborn will solve the pet issues for many players. Four pets in legends reborn is cheaper than buying 4 non cosmetic (useless) pets.

Is there a thread thanking devs for releasing legends reborn? Honestly, I don’t think I need that expensive pet too.

5000 gems doesnt need to be acquired through real money, if you have a good guild, patience and maybe a lot of vault keys then 5000 gems is really just time, not money


You can get gems enough on different ways without using real money, but I meant it in the context of what gems are in real money worth.
What is easy or cheap for someone can for somebody else difficult or expensive.


I’m torn… It’s good, there area lot of nice free and ingame currency rewards - but the pet rescue pool is going to be so diluted that it will be very hard to max out a certain pet, let alone find it in the first place.

That’s what I initially thought. I completed all the new pets 2 weeks ago. I hang out in PVP. Thought it is very hard, but I got all of them now.

The newbies in the guild loves it. Got lots of love in terms of honor like 10+ daily and lots of thanks too.

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That’s great! :grin:

We haven’t found one of them yet, and I needed to safe some gems for faction assault.

I got some to legendary, but overall it’s not that important to max them as I have all pets that are non cosmetic maxed (besides of two faction pets and the hellcrag one from the pass as I don’t spend gems on it).

I’ll get all eventually, I’ll also max them all eventually.

It will be the solution to a lot of pet blocks for kingdoms on my alt, that’s for sure. :grin:

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If you have an open kingdom power level task for “raise X pets to Level 20”, and you have ordinary (not cosmetic, not delve faction) pets from that kingdom below Level 20? You’ll see them start to pop up in your Daily Deals and Arena clears where the game will offer you copies of the Pet (plus food), and at a price point that’s a very good value as compared to buying them from a Pet Rescue shop.

Which is probably a better way to max out those pets when they’re necessary for kingdom star progression unless you’re in a guild that spawns a huge number of rescues. It’s a relatively slow drip – you’ll only get offered 1 or 3 copies of the pet at a time – but it’s reasonably cost effective and semi-reliable if you reach the point when it’s required.