[Reported] 10th crown of the day doesn't appear

Simple and sufficient solution for the missing crowns, it´s appreciated :+1:

As we have seen this issue now twice during the kingdom crown event, please @Jeto pass on the following suggestions to the development team:

  • Either be 100% sure, that the bug will not happen again on the release of further new kingdoms. And 100% is 100% here, a simple “we think, we have solved it now” is not enough! Test it and validate it, that it is not happening again before starting another vault weekend during a kingdom crown event.

  • Or simply avoid the combination of kingdom crown event and vault event. If these two events should collide again, simply postpone vault event and switch it with any future Invasion, Raid Boss or whatever. Just to make sure: SWITCH the vault event with a future event, NOT REPLACE it with another event, as the number of vault events obviously should not be reduced due to this bug.


Wasn’t there some catch with the Royal Pass, that you can’t buy Tiers once you reach the repeatable part with the cash only rewards? I wouldn’t be surprised if some heavy spenders already unlocked the whole regular part to get the most out of the bonus track.

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Thanks @Jeto for the generous compensation. :crazy_face:
A completely serious question: How is @Kafka doing? We never heard back.

Glad the cause of the bug was found. Can any details about it be shared? This would help “the players” because they could tell “the team” exactly what is wrong the next time the bug arises.
Why do I think this could happen? Experience ^^ and I can’t read in your statement that the bug is finally/completely fixed.

But Djimbalimbl gave you a awesome workaround so no future embarassment on this topic will happen if you follow the suggestions.


Any chance for some technical details? I’m really curious what was causing this.

I’d like to suggest a test run to verify that the fix really works. A single day vault event some time next week, while players haven’t reached the end of the Kingdom Pass yet. I’m sure we’d have no difficulties finding volunteers for testing this extensively. :smirk:


Fixed it for you! :joy:

Can’t you come up with something else, dear devs? Chasing crowns for weeks is boring beyond belief.

At least make the whole thing shorter. Or reduce the amounts to 3/6 or something - or both.

If any of you ever actually did a whole event like this you’d notice that it’s not really fun.


Hi @Jeto,

Thanks for keeping your word and come back here with a message that everyone get a compensation for the missing crowns!
I really appreciate it and I understand real good that your hands also be tight in the things you can promise us coz even its very clear to read here what the problem was, it must be played through to other persons who want to check it and that cost time, and then they must play it back to you in this case, and then you can come here with the result of the investigation and the compensation.
If that was the only problem, issue what was going on then can the time be short, but there are plenty of things going on here, so I understand also that it takes longer than we prefer.

Like I said yesterday, the compensation will not change the way I feel atm, but it helps to be taken serious as customers/gamers of this game, and I want to thank you for that!


This is the second time this problem showed up, and I truly hope that the dev’s corner learned from it and that by a next new KD they keep the BC event and the Vault event separate from each other!!!

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If one thing doesnt fit in my life is BORING My whole life is never been a day boring and in this game in the 4 years I play I never let it get boring!
I agree with you that weeks hunting BC is not the biggest Wow effect, and changing in here is welcome!
I keep it for myself, not boring by switch from PVP to Explore and use different teams and KD’s, so it stays for me interesting enough to reach the 10 BC each day but what I said changes in this are for sure welcome!

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I do that as well… But I still don’t enjoy the whole thing at all. :sweat_smile:

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True :sweat_smile:

But also realistic, this game has so many different things to play, and I think that its healthy that we all have our favorite things in game :wink:
I dont enjoy the arena, and not that its a problem to play, but you will not find me there if its not necessary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just coz it dont attract me to play it.

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A 100 gems compensation!?

That’s stingy!

That is only replacement for the missing Crowns!

No compensation for this disaster, for the hours of extra grinding, the total lack of communication and I could go on and on…

Nope, nope, nope!
100 Gems does NOT cut it!

To make things worse: I’ve been trying for hours now to get today’s 10th battle crasher!
It simply won’t appear/spawn!


To be fair, I was already grinding for gnomes; the missing battlecrashers didn’t cause me any extra grind.

The poor communication though, yes; Kafka’s response on Friday set up unrealistic expectations for a timely followup.


The gnome grind is worth more than the crown grind. 5 crowns is only 100 gems. You do not need to ruin your day because you didn’t get the 10th crown on vault weekend. :grin:


Yes, they gave us 100 gems for the 3 crowns, but I have the Royal Pass so missing 3 crowns means missing 3 rewards, namely 2 Gem Keys, an Orb and 2 Orpheus tokens! Do you think that I could buy all that with only 100 gems? Hell no

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I suggest you create a ticket. They normally give it back to you when you make an officail request.

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Unfortunately, Royal Pass does not include knowledge.

3 rewards require 15 crowns, you’re only missing 3 crowns, so - 1 reward (the last one you land up on the final day.)
Awkward situation? - yes (I’ll be missing that one reward as well, because I won’t be paying gems for levels); end of the world? - hell no.


Have you paid your way to the end with gems? If not, just use the 100 gems and buy a level.

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Today again? Or my luck not pozitive?

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Your luck.
Mine took 77 games today (maximum amount so far being 96 games).


Another one here. Taken 80+ battles and more than half-hour to get the 10 crown. Usually it takes about 5-10 mins.

I give up. The 1st 5 is all I got today. They are too damn rare for me and cant do it anymore. You guys need to up the spawn rates. A celebration for a new kingdom should be fun not a grueling slogfest. :exploding_head:

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