[Fixed] 10th crown of the day doesn't appear

@Jeto @Kafka
When can we get our “missing 3 crowns”? Thanks.


Facepalm is strong with this one. Why in earth wasnt this fixed after the last event? Pardon my french, but perkele!


this is insane. we just got more paid content while the two previous ones running still got problems not solved. they’re probably too busy making the next resources Offer disguised as an event.


I had the same experience – Friday, Sat, and Sun. The 1st 5 Crowns within 10-15 battles, another 30-45 to collect the next 4 crowns, no 10 crown after 100+ battles. And I’m not counting any GaP battles, since the gnomes supersede the crowns. I played throughout the day, thinking there might be a timing issue involved, but it didn’t make any difference. Gnomes were sparse, but I considered that to be my usual RNG luck – namely, bad.

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Same exact thing happened when Nexus was released, you would have thought it was a known bug that needed tested and fixed before releasing another kingdom.


The Gnome spawn rate/verses and cursed gnome drop was about spot on vs historic compiling. Around a gnome every 9-10 battles seems about right still.

Battle crashers → broken


Hi @Fleet,

This time it was not your bad luck, it was a real BS weekend, Friday I started to play and same as you thought be patient restart game/ play another battle then PVP or Explore then the last BC will spawn in… Nothing in guild chat over a missing BC or ?? If others had problem with finding the last BC …
So played on till late in afternoon, way too long (for sure with my eyes) but yeah I wanted that last one!
So was not satisfied, I had things to do on my laptop and I have pinned the community in my browser and thought let I look, and I was not the only one and I had still that restless feeling maybe… but I was exhausted, and it was clear that the issue with Nexus release BC and Vault week was here the problem that we didnt get the last one…
Saturday I had new hope coz there were 9 in an hour but after more than 2 hours no last one so I was pretty done with BC but also with gemming for that moment and Sunday I stopped after the 9th!

I play this game now 4 years daily active, and I love to play it and I dont talk good what is not good but this weekend I had for first time that it ruin my pleasure in the game and that made that I couldnt enjoy hunting for gnomes so played 4 GaP’s and find it all good.

I know that Dev’s not work in weekend and today the issue would be over coz vault event was ended but a message of @Kafka Friday that she would place a message if there was something not okay with the spawn of BC’s didnt came!
Yeah I know I had to know better after being here daily active but im still a person with positive mindset and give them a chance to believe in that…

The harder was today the smash in my face, no reaction of @Kafka and a message of @Jeto

djeez how more clear could it be after 3 days of very clear words that the last BC dont spawn in long explaining / short in all sort of forms but all very clear Vault event again give problem on the spawn of the BC’s

Thanks to @Jeto for taking the time to place a reaction from dev’s corner, but really Its here now 10 PM, and we have been swapped away with the message of @Jeto so THANKS BUT NO, THANKS this isnt how you treat people who are your customers/gamer’s this is so disrespectful so wrong!

I have real much patient and understand that everyone has right on free time and I have experience with scripting, code and how much concentrating it needs and that a wrong , or . can let crash the whole game but even with my positivity, patient and believe that they have the best with their customers in mind today reached the end.

With the insane new event where you must pay more than $80 to get the rewards in it…

@Jerry_the_skunk maybe you are getting right and change my mind over this game coz today I have played but had pleasure/ fun in it NO there are borders and Im so disappointed in the Dev’s corner and I truly hope that I get it back coz this is not what a game must do with me!
But yeah it happened and its my own fault that I have let the game be so important for me but also for the people who this see it “as just a game” its so unfair to be treated this way!!

I know that the compensation will not give me my pleasure and fun back and my trust in the Dev’s corner but for the bigger goal and for all players I truly hope they come with an excuse and a fair compensation coz everyone who play this game deserve that and not to be ignored or swapped away with a message without content!!!

Further its on me to find back the pleasure, fun I had till this weekend and for sure today!!!

Have all a great evening yeah I know it long but this time NO SORRY coz they may know what it did with me not that I expect that they care about me of what we all have post here this weekend but Im always positive and grateful for what they do for us, so now they may know that Im disappointed!!

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I trust the devs (yeah, right…) to make the missing crowns right eventually, since the kingdom pass is active for another 3 weeks. The gnome issue is not as easily adjusted, unfortunately. It’s really disappointing when the game doesn’t play the way I expect, but I can let it go. It’s still a much better game for me than most of the others out there.

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While I know 100 gems compensation would actually be a better value than the 3 crowns…it’s going to drive me crazy having each day end in 2 and not zero…I know I could purposely leave 2 off after getting 100 gems (if that’s what they do) but another part of me wants to be safe and keep the extra crowns…ugghh


aaand. did we get this issue ignored for good really? there is an in game not about the freezes on the new glamourized pet offer event. but nothing about the cursed weekend.


Not really. @Jeto is still trying to “reproduce” the issue. Can take a million battles to prove it is dropping. Please be patient. :grin:


Hey all,

Sorry I have been unable to jump in here sooner, it is just me running between threads currently as a chunk of the team is out.

We have found the cause of the missing Kingdom Pass Crasher during the Vault event Weekend and I was just awaiting a response in regards to the following before I shared an update.

Crowns cannot be sent out as compensation, this was my first thought but unfortunately, in the game data itself these are considered a ‘point’ metric and not a resource that can be sent. Instead, we will be sending everyone 100 Gems to your in-game mail, to catch up to the tier those 3 crowns would have achieved.

This mail will be going out within the next 24 hours.

Appreciate everyone’s patience while I have been grabbing what I can.


And the ones who bought kingdom pass will still missing 3 crowns and losing a chaos orb?

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Using the Gems to purchase a Tier on the Kingdom Pass is the equivalent of 5 Crowns progress.

So you would be up 2 Crowns in progress, had not been issues :sparkles:


Simple and sufficient solution for the missing crowns, it´s appreciated :+1:

As we have seen this issue now twice during the kingdom crown event, please @Jeto pass on the following suggestions to the development team:

  • Either be 100% sure, that the bug will not happen again on the release of further new kingdoms. And 100% is 100% here, a simple “we think, we have solved it now” is not enough! Test it and validate it, that it is not happening again before starting another vault weekend during a kingdom crown event.

  • Or simply avoid the combination of kingdom crown event and vault event. If these two events should collide again, simply postpone vault event and switch it with any future Invasion, Raid Boss or whatever. Just to make sure: SWITCH the vault event with a future event, NOT REPLACE it with another event, as the number of vault events obviously should not be reduced due to this bug.


Wasn’t there some catch with the Royal Pass, that you can’t buy Tiers once you reach the repeatable part with the cash only rewards? I wouldn’t be surprised if some heavy spenders already unlocked the whole regular part to get the most out of the bonus track.

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Thanks @Jeto for the generous compensation. :crazy_face:
A completely serious question: How is @Kafka doing? We never heard back.

Glad the cause of the bug was found. Can any details about it be shared? This would help “the players” because they could tell “the team” exactly what is wrong the next time the bug arises.
Why do I think this could happen? Experience ^^ and I can’t read in your statement that the bug is finally/completely fixed.

But Djimbalimbl gave you a awesome workaround so no future embarassment on this topic will happen if you follow the suggestions.


Any chance for some technical details? I’m really curious what was causing this.

I’d like to suggest a test run to verify that the fix really works. A single day vault event some time next week, while players haven’t reached the end of the Kingdom Pass yet. I’m sure we’d have no difficulties finding volunteers for testing this extensively. :smirk:


Fixed it for you! :joy:

Can’t you come up with something else, dear devs? Chasing crowns for weeks is boring beyond belief.

At least make the whole thing shorter. Or reduce the amounts to 3/6 or something - or both.

If any of you ever actually did a whole event like this you’d notice that it’s not really fun.


Hi @Jeto,

Thanks for keeping your word and come back here with a message that everyone get a compensation for the missing crowns!
I really appreciate it and I understand real good that your hands also be tight in the things you can promise us coz even its very clear to read here what the problem was, it must be played through to other persons who want to check it and that cost time, and then they must play it back to you in this case, and then you can come here with the result of the investigation and the compensation.
If that was the only problem, issue what was going on then can the time be short, but there are plenty of things going on here, so I understand also that it takes longer than we prefer.

Like I said yesterday, the compensation will not change the way I feel atm, but it helps to be taken serious as customers/gamers of this game, and I want to thank you for that!


This is the second time this problem showed up, and I truly hope that the dev’s corner learned from it and that by a next new KD they keep the BC event and the Vault event separate from each other!!!

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