[Known Issue] 10th battle crasher not existant

Please take a look at my account. Friday morning my Geomancer class was at 69. Now, after 2 days of play, it is at 77. Yes, I have played some World Event and daily games, which give 2 class points. But the lion’s share of that has been (since I’m seeking gnomes) level 1 explores. Which give 1 point.

And after 2 days, this is my BC count.

Up until Friday I played enough to find all 10, daily. Furthermore, I have not played as many games as I have Friday and Saturday. While I would believe that I was insanely unlucky one day, 2 in a row indicates a bug, not my amount of play.

Over 588 class points, 2 days, mostly 1 per game, and only 18 battle crashers.

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Yeah, its HOT topic atm
https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/10th-crown-of-the-day-doesnt-appear/76297/128 I think!
I know that after yesterday and today play way too much for the last BC that if after the 9th BC tomorrow nothing appears I stop and wait till the dev’s get back to their workplace and solve this very annoying bug!
The vault event what was also given a problem when KD Nexus was released and a vault event during the KD pass BC’s week gave the same problem as now so big chance that Monday we got 10/10 again and got a fair compensation for the 3 missing crowns!

Update, Sunday morning.

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