[Done] Two veterans searching for a new home (around guild rank 30-100 maybe?)

Well, here I am with a thread, I have been thinking a long time about. I’ve lost all hope, that my guild will get back to where it was four years ago, before its current leader took over… which would be me… :frowning:
I’d like to be just a regular member in a guild again, that’s mostly active in events. And as a bonus, I can bring the one, who led my current guild before me, right with me.

Mostly speaking for myself here (the other one has no forum account), although Shogoth won’t be that far away from my stances.

What I expect:

  • Like the thread title says, a guild that is somewhere in the area of rank 30-100 and in guild wars not under bracket 20. Nothing extremely competitive, no aiming for the top ten at all costs.
  • 25 or more active event participants.
  • Getting at least all basic (non-epic) guild tasks and guild chest 6 done every week would be cool.
  • An ingame chat, that shows some life.
  • A somewhat respectful community. Don’t want to end up at a place, where players who don’t keep up are called parasites, leeches or whatever.

What you can expect:

  • Two players, who started in 2015 and have been mostly active since. Levels 1390 and 1405 respectively, if this matters.
  • Event participation with reliable results and usually around shop tier 3-4.
  • A million gold or more and 2000 seals are no problem, trophies may vary.
  • I’m afraid, I will stay with the game for some more years with daily activity. No matter how much I hate it.

What you can not expect:

  • A happy mindset about the game. I’m grumpy, and the game has become less fun and more grind over the years. Expect complaints from time to time.
  • Discord (only me, works for Shogoth I think). I recently tried to set up an account there, spent a week fighting with support over verification issues and am tired of it before having written a single chat line. If you want me in a third party chat, set up an IRC channel.
  • Only picking one of us. Sorry, but after spending a few years in the same guild and stuff, it’s both of us or none.

I think, that should be all. Looking forward to your responses. I’ll post our invite codes, when I made my choice. Give it a day or three, it might not be easy to say farewell.

It hurts to leave a place, where you have spent a long time at. Even if most of the faces have changed multiple times since, and many names have already fallen out of my memory.
I hope, those who remain will get back on their feet and be better off without my lead in the long run.

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If you want a Guild that lets you enjoy the game without the endless grind, the Sushi Bar has a couple of places free :slight_smile:

DM me if you’re interested…

We don’t have everything you’d like but I thought I’d write anyway.

Problem is we usually use discord but if the would work out for your friend, maybe he could come check us out? Bummer they’re making it problematic for you to join.

That makes our ingame chat mostly dead so if that’s super important to you, we might not be a good choice.

Other than that, DruidsGlade may work for you. Currently in bracket 5, always finishes all events, 1.5M gold minimum (I think - it’s my sister guild) so all tasks get done - and we have people who are grumpy about the game there, too. :joy:

If you two - with the help of your friend - would like to check us out, our discord is here:

Try us :hugs:

We are Anonymous Guardians, an alliance of 9 guilds with a diverse range of requirements. We welcome players at various playing levels - very new and still learning to shrewd veterans with a keen eye for details. Currently, there are slots open in all our guilds, and we’re recruiting actively. Drop into our Discord server to play in our guilds. Anonymous Guardians

Krystara’s keepers ticked all your boxes. We finished everything. We are always full, but can put you on the waiting list. Can be several months of waiting though.

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Hi Jerog,

I think at Mean Machine we got you covered. We are exactly what you describe.
Check the recruitment post for more details and let me know what you decide please.

GW is not a req but most of us are involved and we are at 13-14 bracket.

Thank you very much

After some consideration and weighing the options against each other, we made our choice. We hope, it will work out fine for everyone involved.
Thanks to everybody, who responded in here and sorry if you were not the ones we picked.