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[29/30] Sushi Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans! Play for FUN not WORK! NO Raid/Invasion Requirements! (PC/Mobile)

The Sushi Bar is a casual, family oriented guild of veteran players. We are one of the oldest casual guilds in GoW and our philosophy is that GoW is a game, not a second job!

Because we have been around for so long, the guild members are all End Game players (I’m currently lvl 1298). We welcome veteran players who want to opt out of the grind of being in a competitive guild as well as early End Game players (level 1000+) who have played a while and are looking for the chance to grow without needing to slog away for hours.

Our guild requirements are very modest:

Seals : 1,000 per week
GW : All Guild Wars battles
Gold : Whatever you can reasonably afford
Raids/Invasions : Up to when it is no longer fun

Given our guild philosophy, we will understand if you cannot meet the guild requirements for a particular week. All we need is for you to inform us what is going on with your life and when you will be back. As a guild, we value friendships more than seals, GW victories or gold.

Our guild rank is just above 300 and our GW bracket is 20, so the battles shouldn’t be excessively hard.

We have no minimum gem spend for GW / Raid / Invasion, letting you save your gems for Pets or whatever else you want to use them for.

If you are interested in joining, send me a pm with your invite code and I will add you as soon as I can.

We still have one spot available…

We have two slots which have come available in the Sushi Bar if you’re looking for a relaxed Guild with no pressure :+1:

We still have slots available for End Game Players who want to enjoy the game without needing to grind endlessly…

We have had a space come free if anyone wants to join a relaxed Guild with easy requirements…

Guild Wars week is coming up and we’ve got a couple of places available if you want to do your Battles, but not be forced/ required to grind away at everything else…

There’s still one place remaining if you want to join a relaxed Guild for GW week and onwards :+1: