Seriously, we are awesome!

Mean Machine has been around almost since the game began. What does that mean to you? Well, we are seasoned players. We know everything about this game – you need only to ask. Our guardians are full (FULL!) which means your hero will become much more powerful just by being one of us.

We have easy reqs: 700k gold, 1300 seals, 100 trophies, and low tier WE purchases, typically T1 or T2. AND we don’t require you to play GW.

We ask you communicate with us, either be available on chat or discord for tips and strategies. Otherwise, have fun. Come see what an awesome guild we are. Join us!

discord me: AmazonJax#3544 or our GM, Wisp#2411


I’m very interested in your guild

I’m looking for a new home