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Don’t stop believin’

6.0 is out tomorrow and I still dont really know what to expect. Is it a mix of World x Bounty? Bounty has the bounty troops, which is like pathfinder. World has “choices”, which is like journey’s supposed choices.

So little has been shared I cant be excited for 6.0. what is new?

The first thing about 6.0 in the game is already broken too. If you go to in game news and click Learn More, it doesnt work.


Also, since IP2 stole money just recently and still hasnt issued refunds, why should I buy the new pass?


All I can hope for right now is that the troop restriction is not Kingdom = Nexus. That would be the biggest slap in the face after all this.


I just hope that the “miles” needed to gain all rewards from the Journey event aren’t as high as the very first World event :pray:


As stated by the patch notes it should be color and or troop type.

Nope. They prefer seat of your pants method.

Hey all,

An article on Journey Events will be going up asap btw!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


So the current campaign gets suspended during journey event? I can’t find the official post for world event for next week?

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The campaign tasks will run normally. The “World Event” is replaced by Journey this week, that’s all.


So Green Elemental troops only?

I would like a pay to win pass that allows something new to be created without any restrictions.

Yes, seems to be that for the first event, and according to the weapon and troop available in shop.

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How many gems will we have to spend to get Thorn’s Blade?

How many gems will it cost to fully ascend Hawthorn?

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And what will be in the rewards? Hopefully Anu and Nysha tokens

Hmmm in the news where they release a troops with a new gem mechanic is that not when usually it is announced what the new gems actually do? Did I miss the official explanation on what elemental stars do somewhere? Maybe we just have to wait for Luther to explain in game this time? @Jeto

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Where is up?


Appreciate the thoroughness of the article — a few details missing, but not as vague as many articles are.

A few typos, however, and at least a couple potentially misleading ones:

  1. apart instead of “a part” (opposite meanings)
  2. “Tier VII” is followed by “(6)”. It should be (7)

Journey to a new Kingdom, battling to collect Miles along the way.

so does that mean Journeys only happen for new Kingdoms? strange if so

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Thanks for posting it here. Never know if its a support document or forum or both.


Yes I think they said elsewhere this event type would only be for new kingdoms

We stopped believing with weavergate. The title has to be ironic or sticking it to the players. Either way , weavergate is not going away.