Do you agree with the change to the Sunspear class?

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They deliberately kept quiet about this nerf to one of the few usable classes until the update dropped: they knew what they were doing to the playerbase.


In ToD they made mapping an unnecessary hassle to ‘foster guild communication’…

…maybe this is the Devs’ version of ‘fostering people to use the other 30 classes’?

Further applying Devs Logic:
“Sentinel’s and Frostmage’s 3rd Traits can also be found in their talent trees, sorta! So it must be the same! Yay we have something to change since our game has no other areas that need our attention!”
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97% to 3% is self-explanatory.

I wonder if ‘a lot of complaints’ was more than the 39 people who have already voted that they disagree with this change?

How much is ‘a lot’ in the devs’ universe?
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It affects a couple of team setups, but gotta deal with it. This change doesn’t really limit the options for the Sunspear class completely. I feel like the devs want to create 6 classes (one for each color) that work very similarly. We have Corsair and Sunspear now. More coming up, I presume.

They’re almost done with all the classes. Wouldn’t be enough left to implement this sort of thing, I’d think, unless they rework old classes.

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Warden can have the Green one, Knight the Yellow one.

Remain the Brown one :thinking:

Never thought I would say it - but this could push me over the edge (and out) after 6 years of daily play :confused:
So NO, I don’t agree with this (unnecessary) change to Sunspear


Agreed. Nonsense with Sunspear, nonsense with the medals, and the supposed main feature of this patch is just another set of repetitive events that look slightly different. Hard pass on this patch. I was going to try to hold out for 5.0 but now …


Another now useless class to add to the list. This is depressing. Wasted many hours leveling this up on 2 accounts. The feedback I can offer is simple. Change it back and stop listening to the minority. The majority is speaking now, and it would be nice if someone would listen.


I don’t mind the +2 mana to one particular match color class trait existing. Give us bad classes so we feel clever when we pick the good ones… but converting an existing meta class into a gotcha class isn’t the way to do it.

If you don’t understand why the new trait isn’t great lets compare.

Lets say I have a hero with dawnbringer. Should I be a sunspear or a shaman?

Sunspear third trait - If there is a red match available, and I make that match I get 2 extra mana to help charge dawnbringer, provided there isn’t another troop mana blocking those red matches.

Shaman third trait - *Exist. Immediately gain 10 mana.

I would need to make 5 red matches just to break even with the benefit I got on turn 1 with the shaman just for being there.

Winning or losing a battle usually is a race to see who can charge and cast their powerful spells first, either disabling the enemy team, buffing your own, or starting a powerful extra turn loop. 2 extra mana of a particular color is just not fast enough to be viable in most situations.

Let’s make Sunspear great again!


I will fully admit that I loathe this change and I’m actually really upset about it.

Sunspear was great because of this trait, and anyone who was complaining that it’s too similar to a talent had no idea the value of a perpetual storm vs a storm start.

The order of events is that your storms trigger at the start of the game, and THEN their storms trigger. So in any single fight where you’re against an opponent with any kind of storm start, your entire teams ability to start the game with a storm doesn’t matter and will never apply.

As a Sunspear I can ENSURE that on turn one I’m going to have storm control no matter what the other team is trying to do. In Guild Wars, storm control is insanely important and Sunspear offered me a really good class that forced storm control.

Sunspear was already a fairly bad event class, and all it was good at was PVP for exactly this reason.

+2 red mana means nothing to me. I don’t use the Corsair class because bonus mana means nothing to me. I can cast one convert spell and gain 50 mana since it’ll surge guaranteed…+2 more isn’t making or breaking my ability to do that with any class.

The ability to FORCE storm control was what made the entirety of the Sunspear viable.

I’m admittedly not sure why this was done for Sunspear, but Stormcaller is unaffected, and troops like Larazaza and Skadi still exist.

I genuinely hate to be the tinfoil hat guy, but I feel like this was done because a lot of players are using a Zuul team with Sunspear to dominate PVP quickly and efficiently and it’s hurting the economy.

All I know is that no one who was worth listening to thought this change was needed.

I hate to turn into the typical forum complainer, but this one cuts me deep, as I’ve been one of the loudest proponents of the Sunspear class and have no doubt been the reason that some people have spent significant resources and time to level it up based on my recommendation.

I’m just upset that not only has my favorite class been ruined, but I’m now responsible for guiding thousands of people to have wasted time on it.

I would implore the development team to reconsider this change. If the reason this was done was to stop the Zuul spam team, please just change Zuul’s mana colors to not have Red in it as an alternative solution to the problem.

I really have a hard time believing that because some people didn’t understand the value of the Sunspear’s 3rd trait that it was changed entirely to something that ruins the core of what made that class useful to start with.

No it hasn’t lost it’s freeze and entangle start or fireblade…all amazing PVP tools…but without storm control, the class is now something I will use 90% less.

I’m sorry for the long winded and emotional reply, but this one seriously kills me.


No,no, no, i don’t want this change, this is uncalled for. We need diversity and relief in the classes proposed, not a copy paste with different colors.
This one was original, powerful, but not overpowered. This is a MISTAKE. clearly.
I ask you to listen to your community and revert it back. You did not understand the consequences of your decision. I have rarely seen such a unanimous reaction and there is a reason why.
And you decide to update right in the middle of GW. It has impact on defenses. The timing is really not the best either.


Last week, i did 1000/0 in PVP. And i did not use sunspear Zuul combo. There are teams much much powerful than this one :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a terrible change and judging from all of the zeros of people coming out of the woodwork in support of the change, I think we can safely say that if the intent was to satisfy the community, the change missed the mark by a large margin.


I can probably live with having much less variety of options being an end-game player, although even I used Sunspear’s storm to suppress the storm of some annoying GW defences for instance. but… it’s not the case for the majority of players.

Players who’ve barely started the game, including my alt, loved Sunspear. It was highly versatile as a class with weapons, unlike Umberwolf that only takes space, its storm was “obtainable” (some troops take ages to drop, literally) and stayed around long enough to be actually useful for the slow-paced teams (no gem mastery, no troops, no traits, low stats).

There are tons of teams that relied on that last trait, needed it to run somewhat smoothly and were advised in guides, streams and Discord servers. We’ll find other ways to kill things (and throw away from the ‘actually useful’ pile troops like Dragon Soul, Divinia and some others). But…

there would be a huge confusion to deal with cause new and casual players will be digging up or referencing the old guides, recommendations and teams, investing into something that wouldn’t work anymore.

that on top of many disappointed players who already spent their scarce resources to trait it and were working on mastering it at the cost of working on some other classes.

P.S. I have no Zuul. if it is about Zuul – I’m with Keylime – change its colours.


Made an account to say that I’m genuinely confused at this decision to change a very unique class.


Just dropping in to say that i don’t understand this change at all. The reasoning is very confusing and makes someone wonder about hidden agendas.
At the very least please consider consulting your community you are so proudly state that you served having made this change before altering the trait that made this class unique and offered more options to players. Do not let the fun factor dither and die out of your game…
What about starting a vote or communicating your intentions beforehand to get some feedback, even if that’s only open to beta testers?


This :point_up:.

I think this would have also helped a lot of those people who may have recently invested a lot into levelling up the class, etc.


worst change in a long time, seriously messed up a good combo and made a class nearly useless imho. boo, bad job devs


I say it is a very stupid change and the explanation is even more stupid.
Sunspears second and new third trait still available in the fire talent tree, so this rework didn’t brought more variety just nerfed the class into a useless one.
What about stormcaller it still has the storm ability so it isn’t just sunspear who had this trait, why not change the stormcaller as well?
All the talent trees should have a rework to offer talents on every level which paired with any other two talent trees make me think about what should I pick, currently most talent choices are simple since one is worth a ton more than others.
Sunspear was on my list, but now it just a waste of time, I am glad I stopped leveling it at 62.