.dirty | Guild [RECRUITING]

Hello Guys. My name is Unferth and I’m the leader of the .dirty | Gaming Clan.

We have created a guild on this game, as well as the ones we have on many other games (CS:GO, LoL, WoW, POE, Diablo III, etc etc…)

We have a teamspeak where you can contact me almost at any time of the day.
( ts3.anatoly.net ) - Be sure to poke me once.

Teamspeak is not mandatory, but it would be nice, since the whole clan spends the entire day chatting between each other, playing games, having fun.

The only thing required from you is that you are:

  • An active player;
  • A team player;
  • A nice / polite player;

Girls would be appreciated, since we already have girls in the clan, and we are looking for some more teamspeak girl admins / any game girl guild vice-leaders.


8 slots avaiable are left to recruit.

Feel free to post your INVITE CODE if you are interested in joining us.