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We need excactly you if you like to play in a friendly guild

Impure is on the search for players who like to be in a friendly guild with alot of voice chat and fun
we are most all play daily and try to get as much as we can from all the different modes
we are level 741 rank 84 and bracket five in guild wars. if you like to join please PM me here or on discord

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Hi, my wife wants to be in a guild that complete the basic tasks of the guild during the week.
She is not a high level player (350 now), but she got all her kingdoms maxed at level 10 and the dragon armor. She can acomplish your guild reqs.

Could you invite her, please?

Thanks for your attention

invite code :LUCI_1YMH

did your wife allready found a other guild? if not and she still wants to join she would have to wait in my other guild can you give me her discord tag so i can talk to her first
the problem is one hour before you posted i found one
i have a second guild for people who are waiting to join impure called riseofgow
sorry i saw that to late

update: we are allready full but would have a second guild called riseofgow as a kind of waiting guild