Difficulty changes

Why have you made the game harder? Isnt it a game for all or is just for hardcore fans? Not all is insult in a large guild…and just want to play alone but its much harder now!

While I appreciate the sentiment, you might need to provide a few specifics in order for people to give meaningful responses here.

  • What specifically is harder than it used to be? Victory in Guild Wars, Ranked PvP, Exploration? Acquisition of troops or keys? Finding a guild?
  • What specifically feels harder? Cascades and loops, spell power creep?
  • How long has it been since the game felt “fair?” Was there a patch that felt more fair than the current one, and why?

Its harder when I play ‘Explore’,many times I cant beat the first match. Im lvl 360 but I cant understand how so many ppl have these dragons,are they cheating to get them,I havent seen one and I play alot and I dont know how to get them either,everything is difficult I think…for some. I have a guild but its only me and my friend and he is inactive. Its a really good game but I think since the last patch it get harder on ps4. Who is the ‘Dungeon’ for,you must be pretty high in lvl to beat them?!

What difficulty are you doing explore on? Are your cards leveled and/or traited? Explore is strictly ai built teams, it’s not against player built teams, there’s no way for it to cheat. I believe it’s virtually impossible to cheat regardless. Explore is more difficult than challenges, i used to have trouble at lower levels. You get cards by opening chests with keys, either with gold, glory, or gems for event and gem chests, guild seals open guild chests. Aside from the free questline epics, that’s how you get troops. I’d try and join a more active but perhaps still casual guild. There’s plenty of people who are willing to help with team builds and you get a bunch of perks from your guild. Dungeons are also set by the ai. You have to be a certain level to unlock them and complete the drifting sands quest. They’re tough, just takes some strategy and knowing which troops to use to counter and they become an easy way to get free resources to craft better troops and different weapons and traitstones i for one get too lazy to farm for when i only need one or two to get an important troop traited.

There is a Difficulty setting for the game which works outside of Ranked PvP and Guild Wars. It it possible that got changed? If that got bumped by mistake (or on purpose and forgotten) it could have a dramatic impact.

Do check the game difficulty, but also give it a week. From what I understand this is how Explore teams are built:

  1. Teams from the quest line of the kingdom you are Exploring are randomly selected.
  2. A random troop from this week’s Event replaces one of them.

So this week, I’ve been Exploring in Whitehelm, and it’s a little more difficult than it was when I was in Ghulvania last week. The main reason is this week, the type of troop that is replacing others is from the “Monster” pool, so I’m seeing Emperor Khorvash when I normally wouldn’t. Crown of Anu is a ridiculously powerful skill and he activates fairly quickly, so sometimes the battle gets out of hand quickly. There are a lot of other monsters with tough skills, so this week Explore might be a little tricky.

What team are you using? Is it engineered to finish Explore quickly? Here are some cheap teams I was using around levels 300-400:

  • Ranger
  • Alchemist
  • Ranger
  • Ranger

Ranger does a lot of damage to every opponent. Alchemist helps fill it up. This isn’t super consistent, and the harder Explore teams will probably overwhelm it, but you don’t have to spend a lot to make this team work and you don’t really need any traits.

  • Princess Elspeth
  • Bombot
  • Bombot
  • (Hero with a brown weapon)

I want to say Elspeth is a quest reward, and this team has been a standard “fast killer” for a long time. If you fully trait her, she starts the match with full mana. Use her to sacrifice the hero. This often fills the Bombots. After they explode, there’s usually not much left to clean up.

  • Valkyrie
  • Rowanne
  • Siren
  • Siren

Once you trait Siren, she starts with full mana. If you’re careful, 2 Siren activations will usually fill up Valkyrie or Rowanne. Rowanne does HUGE damage to the other team, so focus on getting her filled. (This team works best if you’ve focused on maxing your kingdom levels, Rowanne’s damage is boosted by her armor.)

Until I got The Dragon Soul, that team with the Sirens was my go-to and rarely lost Explore matches on Warlord I difficulty! But that was with maxed kingdoms. If you haven’t done that yet, you really need to focus on it. All the armor/magic boosts are extremely important if you want to make teams that can win quickly.

Also, to help with frustration:

Never just say “the game is too hard”. If you are losing a lot, start writing down what teams are beating you. You’ll find out pretty fast they all have some troop(s) in common. Then you can ask, “How do I beat this team?” and that’s a question we can answer.


Thanks for all help,I will read all this now and maybe I’ll come back for more help!

Thanks again!

Arena difficulty is bad. Before I enter the arena I must choose 3 characters - White,Green and blue and my own char. Then I must meet at least 1 mythic char. What is meaning of that,to have that hard chars when you self have low lvl? Its often I cant win the first match and even the second when I play on normal. They have made it alot harder for us on low lvl!

There are no true mythic troops in the arena. However, when your hero reaches level 500 (i think that’s correct) it becomes mythic. So the mythic your facing is really just your opponent’s hero, means that they’re level 500 plus. Regardless of level, you have the option of any weapon in your arsenal, so it’s a semi level playing field. I hate the arena anymore. I don’t have dawnbringer yet so it’s not fun for me, i face enough of those in pvp. When you hit level 500, your hero will be mythic too. Many people are upset about db being on defense in arena, so hopefully the devs will do something about that soon. Until then, chose your most wicked weapon (runic blade, burning scythe, crypt keeper, war and peace, etc) and know that when you reach 500, 1000, your hero with ascend and you’ll get a small stat boost. I’d work on getting db too, but that’s just me.

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Ok thanks for support me! Anyway,its kind of frustration because these “mythics” is around lvl 1200 and me is soon lvl 400. But in the end of every match you can see the opponent and it looks like its real ppl they have involved. I run arena because I need souls…