Devs PLEASE remove gem cost of changing class (Will be fixed early 2019!)


I wouldn’t get too excited, no doubt something else will get nerfed or a new ‘feature’ will be added that requires more gems.


I fear that you might be correct about this. There should be no other changes just because of this.
Problem is that the only thing that they’re looking, is what to nerf, and not the other way around to have a balanced view, or at least, not enough.


My hope is that classes will be assignable to teams the way that weapons or troops are. But even if they just remove the gem cost, that would be fantastic – a much needed change!


That’s what @Alpheon basically said.


Thanks! I totally missed that.

Looking forward to seeing how that affects guild wars.


Thumbs up!


What, you think 114 “likes” is impressive? It’s not! It’s not even close


that is what you created an account for?


What a thing to wake up too. :coffee:


It would be SOOO great if they got rid of it, it really should be free, or maybe available to change 2 or 3 times a day…


They got rid of it, but…

Sadly, they took something away, as it was predicted.