Devs PLEASE remove gem cost of changing class (Will be fixed early 2019!)


Changed to Dragonguard yesterday to do some raids and today I tried to do pvp but all my teams need Titan and it’s still over 5 hours before I can change for free. No way I am paying 50 gems so I guess it’s time to turn the game off and play Forza instead.


Is this right?!? But I went through all the effort to learn her name and everything. This is almost as bad as the time @Jonathan quit the guild I was in and went to another guild and then started a new guild which I joined. I suppose if Virginia Applejack gets me a job it will be more similar. I kind of wish she went to work for Kelloggs, makers of AppleJacks cereal.


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that’s not a code problem. imho, it’s some “we don’t wanna do it for whatever reason… but we just don’t want to admit it” problem.

there is already the way to change class for 50 gems. so - it’s not like there are some hash related issues, weird data management or hacking-proof hardcoding - hence, there is no reason for not being able to use functionality that’s already there and just make a few interface adjustments and correction in requirements validation part (24h+), to make all requests proceed free-of-charge. if they are that bad with code - they could just save the number of gems before proceeding with totally unchanged logic, and if needed - restore the original amount after that.


I fully agree with you.
They should do it, unless if they don’t want to do it because the Publisher only cares about their shareholders.


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Oh we’re still here alright…

I’m just having difficulty adequately expressing myself on this issue due to the profanity involved.


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If you care enough… You could go old school and cut out the middle man (IP2).
Keep calling until a change happens (mom’s did it in nineties to great success).


Hmmm… should sign them up for robocalls…:slight_smile:


Perhaps a petition?:rofl:


I missed exactly what is going to happen but I did hear GEM COST IS BEING REMOVED early in 2019


For specifics, Classes will be able to be assigned to Teams much like a Banner would be.



Bye bye adobe air


Please update the title to include “fixed in 4.3ish”. :grin:


Fixed!!! :slight_smile:


this is sooooo awesome :heart::heart:


The are only two things that need to be changed:

  • The Cool-down: 1 hour instead of 24 hours for free.
  • Gem Cost should be 5 Gems instead of 50 if you changed your class in less than 1 hour.

Problem solved.

P.S.: Please, don’t break the game while modifying the files! :wink: