Devs, any way we could ever get a gnome event during the week?

Anyway we could ever get a gnome event during the week? I am typically incredibly busy during the weekends with work and friends and the like so I end up missing most of the special events. I was just wondering if every once in a while we could get a week-long gnome event. For example, allowing a gnome event to last for the full week around Christmas as a present to the community.

I realize that most avid players probably play more on the weekends, but I know that there are others like me who have more time to play during the week and I just feel like we always get the short end of the stick. “Battlecrashers” are nice and all, but actually being able to be fully part of a gnome event would be really nice.


I wouldn’t hate that, for sure. Just a week for everyone to go crazy on Krystara.

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I would like a gnome event during the weekdays too. Not everyone is off work during the weekend . Change things up a bit :grin:


+1, the more gnomes, the better! :smiley:

I think the devs will have a hard time getting that in though. They have to control how many free resources they give out and I fear if they wanted to do a week long vault event, they’d have to cancel 3-4 weekend vault events to compensate. But maybe they could make a vault event take place during the week instead of on the weekend once in a while? So a regular 3 day event, but Sun-Tue or Thu-Sat instead? Shouldn’t be on Wednesday, that’s day long pet rescue.

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You know, there’s Xmas comming. Maybe add small Santa cap on each gnome image and make a special 1-day gnome event on boxing day ?

Just an idea…

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There’s a vault event on Christmas weekend.