Dev Q & A (28th of April) 7 PM PDT

Ahoy, adventurers! Coming to a stream near you is our next Developer Q & A. Thank you for your patience while we organised it, unfortunately covid and several lockdowns made it difficult for us to assemble in the office, but the time has come!

For those of you that haven’t been to a Dev Q & A before, we have a few housekeeping practices to touch on.

  • The devs will discuss the following talking points:
  • What’s Coming in the 5.5 Update?

  • Why weren’t there a lot of new features in 5.4 Update?

  • What’s the current progress with the Guild Wars Scoring Issue?

  • Is there anything coming in the future that you can discuss yet?

  • Is there any area of the game you’d like to focus on in a future update?

  • What’s the rumour I’ve heard about new Kingdoms?

  • Will we see any more Kingdom Reworks?

  • What’s happening with the affixes on Doom weapons?

  • What’s going to happen when the Underworld fills up?

  • Will we get more Books of Deeds?

  • Can we see more Tower of Doom events?

  • Don’t you guys ever run out of ideas for troops?

After discussing each one, there will be an opportunity to viewers to ask follow up questions that are relevant to what was being discussed. Anything asked that is on another topic will be ignored during this time.

At the end of the stream there will be time for an open floor where viewers can ask the devs any questions they want. Please be aware that any questions that contain insulting language, are abusive in nature, or are inappropriate will not be asked to the developers. I will be reviewing the questions (the devs don’t read chat while the stream is active) and I will relay the questions for them to answer. Please treat us with the same respect and kindness that you want to be treated. I’m usually very lenient in streams, but I will be muting and banning more quickly in the Dev Q & A to keep things moving at a steady pace and so other viewers aren’t negatively effected by the behaviour of a few. Also, please be patient with me, as there are a lot of questions asked and I cannot remember all of them. If I miss your question it isn’t due to a personal slight, it is due to trying to parse as many questions possible within a short period of time. It’s a lot to stay on top of, so please be patient while I do my best to get through it all smoothly.


Do we get to know which devs, or is it a surprise? :smiley:

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They are working on Sirrians hologram as we speak. It’s probably going to be a game time decision.

Count on Nim at the very least. Now that PQ3 is out in early access at least. She has time for us mortals again.

They can try to minimize PQ3’s effect on GoW thus far. But it would be hard to imagine the lead Developers of the company not spending significant time on it.

And the fear that GoW players would jump to PQ3 was false. (at least for now.)
Yet the daily numbers have to be at the lowest they’ve been at in years in terms of players… So players left to go somewhere.

To me these are matters worth touching on in the Q&A but if it is just for fluff and feel goods then they probably won’t. Why talk about present issues
…(Besides legacy code that can’t be fixed) when we can talk about the future instead.

Hopefully we see this future. :crossed_fingers:

I have 2 questions, can someone PLEASE ask them for me during open question time? I can’t make it to the stream.

When are you going to fix the “create a gem” upgrade on Doomed Blade and Doomed Club weapons?

Why won’t the shrine notification disappear after I click on it like all other notifications do on the kingdom screen? It’s driving me nuts!


A pertinent question may be ‘how did they determine that Lycanthropy is a debuff when it cleanses and possibly strengthens a damaged troop’, followed by ‘could we have a way to give Orpheus Medals to our opponents so they have a better chance to cleanse this wonderful debuff’…

…all of the above of course in a language approved by the moderator.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


I won’t be able to make this stream (I can never make any streams due to the timezones). I wonder therefore if the following can be asked by someone please. It may be that this information comes out anyway.

  1. What plans are there to increase the opportunities to gain Tokens/Medals other than by monetisation/daily offers. Like when we had an increase in ingot availability after some time.
    If there are further kingdoms added, this will therefore most likely cause even more tokens/medals and souls to be required. At the current rate, 958 troops we require 57,480,000 souls and 420 Nysha Medals, irrespective of the 1000s of other medals. Are we not long overdue some releasing of the throttle on rarer tokens?

  2. Are there any plans to make Imperial Deeds more available, possibly in game modes like ToD as it is so rare?

  3. See Q1 but more specific. Are there any plans to increase the drop rate of rarer tokens in explore, or any plans to add additional explore levels which do that, in other words any ability to make extremely rare tokens a tiny bit more available. Removing clicks would even be a tiny boost. Nearly every player involved in the game would most likely appreciate some lessening of the throttle on tokens (from anecdotal comments across multiple platforms/discord etc).

That will do - Thanks :slight_smile:


The question needs to be asked again: will the medal UI be fixed in any way? Ideally applied on a team-by-team basis like literally everything else.


Not being able to do the campaign tasks in any order and the frustration it causes has finally ‘helped’ me leave the game, good luck gemmers!


You have the time and place to ask your questions, so please come along if you are interested!

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At 4 am on a weekday it’s rather tricky come along, no matter how much one might be interested. Any chance you could also allow questions to be submitted here, for those of us in less favorable time zones?

I’ll start off with a tricky one. Are there any plans to allow players to collect Tarot cards in a reasonable way? They only drop from vault battles, at around 1% chance. If the whole trump suit plus fool eventually get added that’s 3 x 22 = 66 drops (for those who buy the campaign pass) or 4 x 22 = 88 drops (for those who don’t buy the campaign pass) to complete our collection. No 4@mythic cutoff, so we are currently talking >10k vault keys, possibly several times that amount. Adding them to the soulforge legendary rotation would at least make it remotely feasible to obtain some extra copies.


Quickly chiming in to say I can attend this stream to transcribe it for forum members who cannot attend the livestream.


@Saltypatra Now an important question: I know you want as many as possible to buy the Campaign passes, I get that. But you see, there is a lot of players that have already supported you and still do so before the Campaign even started, that is just not into the mode itself, like not every players like the Arena or Guild Wars.

However now good players and supportive players have gotten a big penalty over the last months when you constantly (soon number 3) adding hard to get troops from the Campaign to the Vault. This is IMO not the healthy way to do things, and it do greatly damage your player base, also consisting of players that cares and supporting you. Players should not be punished like this for not wanting to play a single mode.

So my question would be: “Will any changes come when it comes to the Campaign troops that get added to the Vault, perhaps better drop rates, as this is a really frustrating thing for all of those players that loves your game, but just dont like Campaign mode, and we feel we getting unnecessarily punished for not liking the mode?”

Now to take an example, I have now used over 200 Vault keys without getting the Heart of Rage, and now another troop have been added as well, and in a months time another will be added. That is 3 troops alone, then at xmas time we have 6 more troops added, potentially. Your players do not deserve to go through this just because they don’t like one of the modes.

Also worth to mention - for most players - Vault Keys does not drop from trees. They are fairly scarce for most.


Looking forward to the Q&A! Glad to see a list of the some of the topics to be covered too. :partying_face:

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The format for the q and a is in the first post. I understand that the time may not suit everyone, so I apologise. If you want someone to ask a question for you that is more than acceptable.

I will not be taking any questions here for the Dev q and a. Please either come to it, or ask another forumer to do so in your stead.

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Wouldn’t it be easier to collate questions (and prepare answers) ahead of time rather than on-the-fly?

Just a suggestion, with the realization that there’s not time for every question anyway (and also probably not enough time to comb through the thread for them if you opened the floodgates to people’s paragraphs’ worth of inquiry).


I’ve added this in as a question unto itself. <3


I’d wondered in the past where a good place to post questions, when we think of them, that we’d like asked at a future Dev Q & A (not this one) would be. I wasn’t sure, though, and it would be great if there was a designated space.


Since old questions seem to be okay.

“Any changes planned for the gold cost of Basic or Epic Tasks?”


So DEVS are seeing the decline of the GAME or just the decline of their monthly INCOME? Nice to see a passing care…SALTY but no PEPPA

Are there any plans to make the standard stat bonus pets easier to target?

One possible solution being whoever triggers the pet gnome will trigger a pet that person still doesn’t have to level 20 yet. This would give incentive to be the person to trigger a gnome while also helping to focus on newer stat bonus pets.

As more and more pets get added to the game, each individual pet becomes increasingly harder to max.