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(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Nope, just forcing people to buy more power potions than they would otherwise to offset the AI’s ridiculous skull damage + “luck”.

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I might actually try a no legendary team and see how that goes. Basically the idea is to get lucky with the Lemures and hope it lowers the relevant stats of the most problematic troops as soon as possible (atk on the front troop, magic for the spellcaster types). Even the easier delves still rely on luck. Might as well try it here.

Deathmark and skulls will kill you if the battle goes on for too long.

Two of the four troops are immune to deathmark so it won’t be a complete wipe. That and you have your own deathmark caster. If luck is on your side (granted that is a big IF), you can eliminate two of the opposing team relatively quickly.

I don’t intend to do this no potions. One of the potions lets you heal a small amount of life per turn. If I can get the front troops atk to zero, that should take care of the skull problem. The legendary is a problem though.

Look on the bright side, folks: It’s highly unlikely that this is going to be one of those delves where you’re fighting hour-long battles just to clear it with a Faction team. It may be every bit as much an aggravation as a number of other delves – especially if you intend to eventually fight Faction 500 without potions – but at least it ought to be over quick.

And having done Stonestong Eyrie 500 (1 hour, 25 minutes for the boss room) and Mirrored Halls 500 (1 hour, 10 minutes for the boss room because Dwarven Gate) in the past week or so, combiend with previous experiences at Tinker Town 500 and Emperinazara 500? I’ll take my silver lining where I can find it, even if it’s surrounding a very large, very dark, very angry-looking cloud. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some new spoilers up today. We have a title for 5.5: “Heroic Gems Update” :slight_smile:

Here’s a few juicy bits:


  • Dooooooom! - Match 50 Uber Doomskulls Gems
  • They See Me Re-Rollin’ - Reroll a Campaign Task
  • Lycan Subscribe - Match 100 Lycanthropy Gems

Related to that: “Rerolling will give an easier task to complete, but you will receive no rewards. Would you like to Reroll?” (REROLL_THIS_TASK_LABEL)


  • This Skull is a more powerful Doomskull. It will deal 10 damage and explode a larger area on the board.
  • This Gem will cause a random Enemy to be inflicted with Lycanthropy, potentially transforming them into a Beast.
  • When matched, these Gems will create 7-11 Gems matching their potion color.
  • This Gem can be matched with any Mana Gem. It will multiply Mana gained from the Gem match. Multiple Wild Card gems add their multipliers together. It cannot cause a Mana Surge.

There’s also the title (Moon Flask Campaign), the entire lore for the next campaign and lots of troop spells. Spoiler alert: lycantrophy everywhere!


Not in Guild Wars, not in Guild Wars, not in Guild Wars :pray:


For the rerolling. If someone will buy the elite pass and reroll it, will he get enough points to get the myth?

Furthermore will this be included in the factions? I think it is hard enough to get to Level 500 and do the final run with pure factions. Do this really need to be included?


Good question, hope there will be some free rerolls for pass buyers?

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What exactly does this mean? What rewards are they referring to?

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There’s no indication that the new gems are specific to any game mode or not included in any specific game mode. I would assume they will be everywhere - there are troops that create lycantrophy gems for example, would you ban them from GW or delves? :thinking:

On re-rolling campaign task, it’s not clear exactly what it means. “but you will receive no rewards” can be interpreted as “you will not get the rewards for the task that is being replaced, but you will get the rewards for the new task if you complete it”. I think that’s what it means - just to spell out the difference between paying gems to complete the task vs paying gems to re-roll the task.

I think for final confirmation on either, we’ll have to wait for the patch preview or patch notes. Or maybe dev Q&A, but I don’t think they’ll cover everything from the patch there.

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Thanks for this suggestion. I was sitting here going, but if I re-roll a task and get no rewards, then I don’t get enough points to finish the campaign??!? At least your suggestion makes some sense.


If this update contains information for the next campaign, I expect the patch to drop the week of May 10. That gives them ~2 weeks to force the update on devices.

The next GW is the week before (May 3), so let’s see what adventure they choose…

Welp, it didn’t take very long for PQ3 gem-matching mechanics to start finding their way over to GoW.

Because this was exactly what players wanted to see coming from World Events.

I guess too many guilds are still successfully clearing all of the rewards weekly, so the difficulty is being ramped up again. Can’t wait for multiple uber-doomskull matches to skyfall in from a random AI matches to instakill player troops (plus the larger explosions should greatly assist in providing free mana refills for AI troops, let alone more doomskull/uber-doomskull matches falling in behind the first uber-doomskull match). :fearful:


Uber Doomskulls are going to be a real pain in Arena, given the low stats and the AI’s tendency to get lucky skull drops. NOT looking forward to that at all.


My hope is they revamp the board such that only the 7 base types of Gems fall, and Doomskulls, Uber Doomskulls, Lycanthropy Gems, etc. only appear in the event that a spell or trait triggers them to start appearing.


seems like a patch made to try and get players to quit so they will all try PQ3 and leave GoW…

No new events, no new areas to explore, but they did make changes to slow down players from killing things too quickly.

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Finally beta stuff is going public, woooo boy.

Nothing in there seems good at all. My god. Sign me right out. Can we still play in 5.4 once 5.5 hits?

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Maybe for a day or two at most, depending on your platform, as there is a transition window for the update to propagate to everyone upon release. After that, nope.

Even if you could still play in 5.4, Campaign 5 would completely not work at all in 5.4 and would surely crash the game. Heck, any opposing team in any game mode that uses Lycanthropy troops or Lycanthropy gems would probably crash the 5.4 client.