Invasion Weekend: Monster

Originally published at: Invasion Weekend: Monster – Gems of War

Returning Invasion Troop: Sharptooth Sharptooth has returned to lead Monsters during this weekend’s Invasion. You can get him from the Event shop during this event. New Weapon: Sharpfang This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge. Please note that the Emoji Set and Title collectibles that players can…

Why? OMG why? Why another man generator weapon with blue/green mana?
Don’t you know any other colors?!!


Lemme think. Blue… green… hm…


I am a fan of sharptooth. @Tibo I used a different weapon… :slight_smile:

It is not overpowered too so no need to request for a nerf :rofl:

Now, we have the same weapons as requested.


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Glad to see this note/acknowledgement, thank you

I still don’t know how you got away with planting this question in there, tbh :stuck_out_tongue::person_facepalming:


You will never run out of ideas if you do it this way. :grin:


Repeat old title

I obviously already own the title.

Shouldn’t the game at least tell me about it, instead of claiming it’s a new title I don’t own yet?

Other parts of the game that offer titles (and similar commodities you can’t have more than one of) seem to be more honest about duplicates.


Only one of them enchants hero, so only one is useful

I am not asking for a nerf, I am asking for diversity!
Filter: Spell effect: summon, Tex: explode
Tome of Spores doesn’t count.


The other interesting question if JoE was overpowered at 14 mana, why these weapons considered ok at 14 while doing the same thing + granting a positive status effect?
(I don’t really expect an answer :frowning: )

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I honestly became active here because of the nerfs. Now the weapons are not balanced because IP2 nerfed jar of eyes.