Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

You just forgot to mention there’s some info noted on portuguese language.
Great work, thanks!

Illithia, Pure Faction 500
no portions, kingdom level 10, hoard 100, equipped Anu + 2xNysha medals

Team: Ilithian Colossus + Hive Mind + Illithian Servitor + Hive Mind, Fell Banner (+2 yellow, + purple, - green)

It took me just 2 attempts (first time lost some troops in the second room).
In the boss room I started casting my Servitor only after all the magic was taken from the enemy.
First I took magic from Servitor and Colossus (casting my Hive Mind or Colossus whenever they are full), then from Mind Eater. From enemy’s Hive Mind at the end, but only because I managed to match all the yellow on board before the enemy most of the time (if the enemy’s Hive Mind was anywhere near to cast, I would have taken magic from it before Mind Eater).
After enemy was left magic-less, it was just a slow battle with matching skulls and casting Servitor.


Sorry, nothing new to say.
I did it again :grinning: with 100 true hoard this time.
Enjoy :upside_down_face:


Interesting variety of teams used to clear 500 potionless this time around. 2x Hive Mind can capitalize off its third trait better, but 2x Servitor would seem to be a safer setup (if magic gets stolen from the first Servitor, you have a backup).


It’s not just the third trait, but also its ability to steal the enemies’ magic, and and give it to your own troops.

Servitar is good at dealing damage, but his magic steal is too slow. With 2 of them, you gonna need either Hive Mind or Colossus to steal fast, and hope that both of your Servitar does not run out of magic.

With 2 Hive Minds, having your Servitar drained to zero magic is bad, but you still have your 2 Hive Minds for a small chance of magic recovery.

Whichever the strategies you pick, the most important thing is dealing with enemies’s magic, emptying them. Once you did it, the chance of winning is high.

If all your 4 troops got 0 magic, and they still have a lot, you’re quite doomed.


Congrats to all who have completed Illithia potionless. Well played.

A few of the things I’ve noticed in my 7 fail attempts:

 Those grey blocks really jam things up.  Hall of Guardians has them on the sides, and there are explosions to make them disappear.  How many times have I been left with only 1 move that is either green (worthless), red (at least ai doesn't get it), or sets up an ai skull bash?  Too many.  But the worst is when there's no move for the ai, so it flips the board in favor of itself.

 Rooms to avoid:  Dwarven Ale Vault.  Even with their magic at 0, some will be Enraged, Barriered, and Dwarven.  Sorry, I thought I had a 3rd thing there.  1st two are reasons enough.

 Any room where 2 or more troops are Stealthy.  I'm not sure why I thought stealing the Scurvy Sea Dog's magic would be enough.

 Any other room not having Sacrificial Priest.  Even then, expect him to target himself first, expect 1, possibly 2 troops to die by DM (Book) or Devour (Gluttony), and Ancient Horrors to spawn (Book, Dokkalfar, Medea).

I’ve made it to the final room, full team intact, 2 out of 7 times, so it will happen. I failed a lot more times in Crypt Keepers. The open Delve gives a lot more flexibility in paths to take.

I just need to remember which paths are dead ends. I will blaze a trail for others to follow. I am Chunky Mono. Surrender is not in my creed. For the Horde. :axe::rage::shield:


Illithia complete, potionless.

Hoard 100, bonus 50% (it’s doable without any bonus). Medals were 2 Nysha and an Anu, no medalled troops.

Last week’s event, I did take normal to 500 (first time I actually did that in any faction event). I needed the shards. I did not have enough shards to get enough troops to mythic due to doing them always without potions, so it was not until Tuesday’s event that I could Mythic the last 2 troops from accumulating shards → treasures etc.

However now I’m not too bad with shards. I only need to raise 1 more hoard, Sea of Sorrows.

Here’s last week’s ending in the faction event

Starting board today, 2nd attempt total.

Ending board

Went with Colossus, Servitor, 2 x Hive Mind. First go, banner held me up I think, swapped to Unicorn Banner for the Hives to steal magic first, and Colossus fill naturally without boost.

Took the Sea Dog room, to get the agile from winning, but it was much tougher than expected as 3 are stealthed, so no magic. I lost a Hive Mind at the end. I probably in some ways should not have done that room, but the agile would prove to help me dodge a couple of skull hits.

Final room, Colossus, Servitor, 1 Hive Mind. Drained them okay, was worried 1 less magic stealing troop would be fatal, but was okay. Couple of times, board shuffles gave AI skulls, even a double skull.

Killed their Colossus, drained them out of magic, lost my Colossus to the double skull shuffle near end, but Servitor had 350+ attack by then and I skulled down.

Definitely does not need a hoard boost and 2 Hive Minds help a touch with stats, your stats you steal help more anyway.

Banner really helped with 2 Hive Minds, it helped me fill and deny theirs. I wouldn’t use it if you went 2 x Servitor, which is the more appealing option really, but I thought 2 minds would be better than 1… :slight_smile:

Back to 3 left, but must admit to really struggling with the Warrens and Luna’s 3rd trait and being skulled down. I’m not sure I want to continue with it, and passed 200 Hoard now. I did at 155 get the damn thing to 1 Luna sub 100 health, but got nailed. Not done much better since tbrh.

I may try it without 3 Luna’s, I dunno. Maybe 2 Bunnies, 1 Lapina and 1 Luna. Quite annoying, I lost all 3 rounds yesterday to sky skulls killing 11 of the 12 troops, the other was Death mark first turn killed by sky skull to Wraith. So timeout is called I think for a while…

Lyrasza’s Lair, I have also struggled with, but not had a go at it for a while and past 180 hoard. I have now bumped Hoard to 210, so it will be to there I go next I think.

Then just SOS.

Oh and ignore the 50 minutes on the video, that included the previous delve run, going for a coffee and doing a couple of little jobs :slight_smile: I think the last room was less than 10 minutes, but can check.

One side note, the ending board, is the indication of delve issues - the amount of skulls from skyfall is utter madness.


I am impressed. I wanted that Agile as well, but those rogues just kept pounding my back line. I used Hive Mind on Sea Dog and hoped it would be enough.

That has been my experience as well thus far. Too many Skulls. I may buff my hoard just to survive one more skull hit.

Good luck with your remaining delves.


Good luck to you :grinning:

That room is reasonably easy for most delve teams, but I gambled as only one target is limiting.

My other choices were Ancient Golem with Dark Monolith at the back and Amira and co. With two blue troops and 3 enemies stealthed, not ideal either.

Ancient Golem’s random spellcast seems to target the same troop too often too.

Tbf to the Devs, the troops are interesting and with scaling magic are usable outside of delve.

They also work with Shahbanu. I used Servitor with it until 400 in the normal delve before moving to HKI. :grinning:


In this delve Ancient Golem and Dark Monolith rooms are quite harmless actually - after magic steal all they can do is mosquito bite.
I chose Golem/Archon Statue/Ancient Golem/Dark Monolith in my successful potionelss run (primarily because enemies getting Stone Heart serves of no benefit to them there being no brown troops on enemy team) and Dark Monolith/Dwarven Gate/Anubite Warrior/Ancient Golem in my first failed (lost in boss room) attempt.


No brown troops other than Colossus…:blush:

I avoid the Ancient Golem rooms with some other delve teams. I don’t know why I’d forget I can steal its magic when I’m stealing every other troops magic. I’ll look for them tomorrow. Thanks.

I cheated and used potions, but that is the team I used. When the enemies are submerged, blessed, and barriered, there’s almost no point in casting Luna for dmg. No dmg from submerge and barriers stay up, and without Cursed, blessed stays up…

At least with Lapina Knight, you get a guaranteed buff for your troops. Hopefully a better one than the potential two a 2nd Luna would have given.

The Bunnies carried me the most.

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I must’ve be temporarily colourblind obviously.


I’ve got recall bias nightmares from them things 1 shotting so many times. Early HOG runs with insufficient health to survive 1 cast, or Fang Moor and that thing laughing when it fired at same target all the time…

It was the one with Golem, Archon Statue , Ancient Golem and Dark Monolith and would have been easier no doubt.

Still for once agile actually agiled… no explosions on AI team at boss is a plus for Illithia too.

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Very valid point.

I know two recent encounters with boss room, Lapina cast submerge on all, Trickster exploded and refilled Lapina and it the cast reflect on all.

So you just sit there pondering. Still Bunny would suffer with reflect, so a Luna does help in that situation with its third trait taking down reflect, but isn’t very good if they submerge.

Tiring though how many times you match yellow and the board fills with skulls, and the falling random hits from skulls.

Agile is it seems not great at dodging sky falls! I have tried Lapina and 2 Luna’s but fared no better really.

I did once try 2 bunnies, but down at 122 hoard or so and got creamed at boss but it did get me to there.

Will have a go tomorrow :grinning:

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I changed as per suggested and it took 4 attempts. :stuck_out_tongue:

However before beating it, I had the worst AI luck.

Fell Nest room, killed all of them, finished with Dragon Egg and it summoned a L500 Baby Dragon on death, which changed to this guy. Brutal at 500, with splash damage, and then another summons to come after…

So I went from winning to this;

Anyway, did it first go today with the 2 Bunnies.

Trickster shifted the bottom bunny there.

No records with hoard or anything, this one went against me for a while.

Thanks for the Horde push, the change worked a charm! :slight_smile:

2 left!


You are most welcome. :smile:

I didn’t do any delves yesterday, but did manage to finish Illitihia 1st try today. I switched to the Unicorn Banner and did the Golem, Archon Statue, Ancient Golem and Dark Monolith room as suggested. Everything went as planned.

We did still have +3 Attack, +2 Magic, and +4 life/armor from GW week, and I didn’t want to risk losing in Boss Room, so I did use 5 Sacred Treasures to upgrade hoard for a mere 103k gold. (My Tank got down to 37 health at one point).

For the Boss fight, one thing I noticed is those 4 chains really add up quick. My Colussus had his Magic drained to zero right away, but my second Hive’s magic blossomed up to 138, and restored it for him.

I kept checking the enemy team’s magic every turn, just to double check, and anytime it would hit the 20s, I’d use it for boosts.

And after I killed the 1st two troops, I relaxed a bit and Boom! went the skyfall skulls. I thought i had it where if my 2nd hive cast, the enemy would have to make a match that set up me for skulls, but nope, it had a four match drop down, two troops die.

Yup, I recovered mentally, but still shaking physically, I pulled out the win. Thank you for and @Dust_Angel for the tips. (and @TheIdleOne as well).

Cedric, er, Orpheus Medal and two Seasonal. Best I got at the moment. My screen shots refuse to load. I hate technology.

Edit: got the shots…after skyfall skulls…

I found the will to win.


Nice one.

Illithia is a good faction imho. The troops are interesting and there’s less of the explosion madness that blights. Picking the route is also good, options are always cool. :grinning:

I think we can add Illithia to one of the factions that newer or faction delve shy players want to potentially be starting on, like Deep Hive and Amanithrax. :grinning:


You think so? Servitor I can see fitting the bill, hitting all enemies with a reasonable mana cost. But Hive Mind seems too random, particularly for non-scaling content, both with its spell and its trait.

And Colosus might be a good troop to drain magic from your pvp oponents.

I ran for Illitihia normal delve, Cunning/Shahbanu/Doomed Ram/Servitor until maybe 400/410. It worked great. Often I would two shot the entire AI team, and that’s without magic stealing of note, just scaling damage. I swapped to HKI to basically speed it up, just dropping him in for Servitor.

I could just have easily ran, Cunning/Ram/Hive Mind/Shahbanu and that’s with colour restriction making it harder. Hive Mind/Shabanu/Thrall - with 1 hero dealing damage and purple or yellow in colour, = Hive Mind steals magic once = win. What you need to do with Hive Mind’s random, is pair it with a troop that can scale it too.

Here we go at Explore 12.

Dervish hero is risky, but you only need to get to the point of casting Thrall really, which more often than not you match 3 purple early. To make life easier you could go with Titan, but I want the magic for Hive Mind - it’s 45 now here.

I’ve now removed 1 of the magic dealers here, the AI Droggo could be a problem if I have a load of attack, but, I just killed Visk with Skull hits and now I’m able to wrap up. I did match 25 4/5 matches, but that was literally three Shahbanu’s and a Thrall plus starting off with a few. I want Thrall to fill, so hero gets yellow. Thrall is expendable, all he needs do is cast once or twice, so you could put him in first slot, and maybe go with Doomed Ram for the all cleanse and stuff. I do with another team I use a lot.




I could do the same with Colossus, use that, maybe say Earth Fury, Thrall and Shahbanu. All it needs is a boost from Shahbanu, 1 magic steal and EF cast, and it’s demolition derby with it. :slight_smile:

All Colossus lacks is high attack, if it steals and heals, which it does, the attack on top makes it very solid. Ideally you don’t want the red from Earth Fury, but your attack boosting options all are not compatible with getting the best from Shahbanu. Maybe String of Teeth, although you could go Reflection of good for enrage and Shahbanu is easier to max her matches, just the brown a non colour feed.