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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

No brown troops other than Colossus…:blush:

I avoid the Ancient Golem rooms with some other delve teams. I don’t know why I’d forget I can steal its magic when I’m stealing every other troops magic. I’ll look for them tomorrow. Thanks.

I cheated and used potions, but that is the team I used. When the enemies are submerged, blessed, and barriered, there’s almost no point in casting Luna for dmg. No dmg from submerge and barriers stay up, and without Cursed, blessed stays up…

At least with Lapina Knight, you get a guaranteed buff for your troops. Hopefully a better one than the potential two a 2nd Luna would have given.

The Bunnies carried me the most.

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I must’ve be temporarily colourblind obviously.


I’ve got recall bias nightmares from them things 1 shotting so many times. Early HOG runs with insufficient health to survive 1 cast, or Fang Moor and that thing laughing when it fired at same target all the time…

It was the one with Golem, Archon Statue , Ancient Golem and Dark Monolith and would have been easier no doubt.

Still for once agile actually agiled… no explosions on AI team at boss is a plus for Illithia too.

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Very valid point.

I know two recent encounters with boss room, Lapina cast submerge on all, Trickster exploded and refilled Lapina and it the cast reflect on all.

So you just sit there pondering. Still Bunny would suffer with reflect, so a Luna does help in that situation with its third trait taking down reflect, but isn’t very good if they submerge.

Tiring though how many times you match yellow and the board fills with skulls, and the falling random hits from skulls.

Agile is it seems not great at dodging sky falls! I have tried Lapina and 2 Luna’s but fared no better really.

I did once try 2 bunnies, but down at 122 hoard or so and got creamed at boss but it did get me to there.

Will have a go tomorrow :grinning:

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I changed as per suggested and it took 4 attempts. :stuck_out_tongue:

However before beating it, I had the worst AI luck.

Fell Nest room, killed all of them, finished with Dragon Egg and it summoned a L500 Baby Dragon on death, which changed to this guy. Brutal at 500, with splash damage, and then another summons to come after…

So I went from winning to this;

Anyway, did it first go today with the 2 Bunnies.

Trickster shifted the bottom bunny there.

No records with hoard or anything, this one went against me for a while.

Thanks for the Horde push, the change worked a charm! :slight_smile:

2 left!


You are most welcome. :smile:

I didn’t do any delves yesterday, but did manage to finish Illitihia 1st try today. I switched to the Unicorn Banner and did the Golem, Archon Statue, Ancient Golem and Dark Monolith room as suggested. Everything went as planned.

We did still have +3 Attack, +2 Magic, and +4 life/armor from GW week, and I didn’t want to risk losing in Boss Room, so I did use 5 Sacred Treasures to upgrade hoard for a mere 103k gold. (My Tank got down to 37 health at one point).

For the Boss fight, one thing I noticed is those 4 chains really add up quick. My Colussus had his Magic drained to zero right away, but my second Hive’s magic blossomed up to 138, and restored it for him.

I kept checking the enemy team’s magic every turn, just to double check, and anytime it would hit the 20s, I’d use it for boosts.

And after I killed the 1st two troops, I relaxed a bit and Boom! went the skyfall skulls. I thought i had it where if my 2nd hive cast, the enemy would have to make a match that set up me for skulls, but nope, it had a four match drop down, two troops die.

Yup, I recovered mentally, but still shaking physically, I pulled out the win. Thank you for and @Dust_Angel for the tips. (and @TheIdleOne as well).

Cedric, er, Orpheus Medal and two Seasonal. Best I got at the moment. My screen shots refuse to load. I hate technology.

Edit: got the shots…after skyfall skulls…

I found the will to win.


Nice one.

Illithia is a good faction imho. The troops are interesting and there’s less of the explosion madness that blights. Picking the route is also good, options are always cool. :grinning:

I think we can add Illithia to one of the factions that newer or faction delve shy players want to potentially be starting on, like Deep Hive and Amanithrax. :grinning:


You think so? Servitor I can see fitting the bill, hitting all enemies with a reasonable mana cost. But Hive Mind seems too random, particularly for non-scaling content, both with its spell and its trait.

And Colosus might be a good troop to drain magic from your pvp oponents.

I ran for Illitihia normal delve, Cunning/Shahbanu/Doomed Ram/Servitor until maybe 400/410. It worked great. Often I would two shot the entire AI team, and that’s without magic stealing of note, just scaling damage. I swapped to HKI to basically speed it up, just dropping him in for Servitor.

I could just have easily ran, Cunning/Ram/Hive Mind/Shahbanu and that’s with colour restriction making it harder. Hive Mind/Shabanu/Thrall - with 1 hero dealing damage and purple or yellow in colour, = Hive Mind steals magic once = win. What you need to do with Hive Mind’s random, is pair it with a troop that can scale it too.

Here we go at Explore 12.

Dervish hero is risky, but you only need to get to the point of casting Thrall really, which more often than not you match 3 purple early. To make life easier you could go with Titan, but I want the magic for Hive Mind - it’s 45 now here.

I’ve now removed 1 of the magic dealers here, the AI Droggo could be a problem if I have a load of attack, but, I just killed Visk with Skull hits and now I’m able to wrap up. I did match 25 4/5 matches, but that was literally three Shahbanu’s and a Thrall plus starting off with a few. I want Thrall to fill, so hero gets yellow. Thrall is expendable, all he needs do is cast once or twice, so you could put him in first slot, and maybe go with Doomed Ram for the all cleanse and stuff. I do with another team I use a lot.




I could do the same with Colossus, use that, maybe say Earth Fury, Thrall and Shahbanu. All it needs is a boost from Shahbanu, 1 magic steal and EF cast, and it’s demolition derby with it. :slight_smile:

All Colossus lacks is high attack, if it steals and heals, which it does, the attack on top makes it very solid. Ideally you don’t want the red from Earth Fury, but your attack boosting options all are not compatible with getting the best from Shahbanu. Maybe String of Teeth, although you could go Reflection of good for enrage and Shahbanu is easier to max her matches, just the brown a non colour feed.


Thanks for the great breakdown.

I get that Hive Mind boosting magic once leads to a win (since that’s going right to Shahbanu), but did you hit any bad streaks with Hive Mind not boosting magic? I’m guessing such streaks ended up not being fatal, but I dunno. Maybe I’m underestimating the ability to completely disable a troop the way Hive Mind does.

Colossus I ruled out because the chance for Shahbanu to create brown - can she be consistent looping on colors that she doesn’t herself take? I could see some brown-centric teams being worth a try (with Ethereal Sentry providing your attack, for example). It seems like more work than it’s worth, but again, the magic steal is good.

Generally how I did the run, only did 1 full run with it, was fill both Shahbanu and Hive Mind before casting first Hive Mind to neutralise the main AI damage dealer and then cast Shahbanu.

Literally I would cast Shahbanu 4-5 times and then Gavel would kill. At that point most had high damage and in the image I showed Gavel got only 1 magic boost from Hive Mind, rest from Shahbanu.

It’s the same when using Shahbanu vs Life and Death, cast on Gavel or Finese, then fire Gavel.

Shahbanu is not that much of an issue with 1 rogue colour. My team of Finesse/Shahbanu/Gavel includes Mercy which has green. I can lose the turn sometimes but when using a yellow storm and lightning strike and casting on yellow, it’s possible (common) to cast 10 times in a row or more.

I’ve had 3.5K T3 pvp runs with that team.

Of course Mercy can also convert to yellow if you miss a beat. I might try Colossus and see how it goes.

I tried Servitor in T3 pvp and it was not easy. The abundance of dual empowereds vs anything that doesn’t use one at least is tough. It did fare well vs Life and Death tbf, but vs Tina/ZG or Queen B and co, not so.

I also tried Colossus with Wild Queen and that was better but slow. More of a defensive troop.

I may revisit Servitor but with Hive Mind and a supporting cast, but I think it’s more of an explore option than pvp right now.

The main issue is finding room for cleansing and starting fast. Not such an issue in explore 12 for the most part.


That makes sense, I would figure that speed is paramount with Shahbanu in pvp, you probably can’t afford to run troops that don’t help get her up and running quickly.

Good to know re: rogue colors. I remember you saying one is ok, but having two of an off-color like brown (e.g., on an Earth’s Fury/Colossus team) would be a lot worse I’d think.

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Apparently Bone Golem isn’t a requirement for this. Who would have thought…

I feel like such a badass right now.

Okay I should be less ambiguous about this …

You absolutely do need a Bone Golem. Trying to do this without a Bone Golem would be like trying to rock climb wearing boxing gloves and roller skates, only not as rewarding.

My initial team was Bone Golem, Necrocorn, Vanya, Vanya. Unicorn Banner (+2 purple +1 yellow -1 red).

Bone Golem is the wall, obviously. First room is fairly easy. The second room can be rapidly accelerated by getting Bone Golem to deathmark things. My second room was everyone’s least favorite room… Bulettes. Between incidental losses and being swapped, I eventually settled with Bone Golem Draugr Vanya Vanya.

Not much to say about the boss fight, I got very lucky with the 1hp. Proper mana denial would mean the opposing Vanya never cast at all. I did lose a number of troops to the 1000 attack Bone Golem they had out, whereas mine never really got started.

Oh! And I only have one Nysha Medal.


Potionless delving is, by far, the best aspect of this game. Also the worst. :slight_smile:


Finally did a pure faction run of The Warrens! I had been trying for a very long time with Hoard Level 199 and using different numbers of Luna. I had tried using Lapina Knight, 2x Luna, and Bunnicorn, then I tried 3x Luna and Bunnicorn, finally I tried 4x Luna. And when I say try I mean I tried 3 runs a day for multiple days with each team.

So today after using 4x Luna twice and failing, I narrowed down the problems…

  1. Anymore than 2 Lunas and the yellow matches are too unpredictable because of multiple explosions creating more falling gems, and specifically, more falling skulls.
  2. The less unique troops, the less bonuses:

  1. Lapina Knight has 25% skull damage reduction which is actually quite useful. And also she gives you a guaranteed beneficial status effect.

  2. I needed more stats overall, so I bumped the hoard level from 199 to 220.

I did stream it, but unfortunately I had my archiving turned off, so I don’t have the video. Here’s the team I used:

One of the enemy teams I fought against was Sheggra, and Trickster was essential for that, because it allowed me to flip him to the front and whittle him down.

I had all my troops going into the Boss room. I took out the enemy Luna first, then Lapina Knight. I too lost those troops, but that was after I killed theirs. Then I just skull matched them down.

Now I just have Mirrored Halls, Fang Moor, and Lyrasza’s Lair left for pure faction runs.


Must admit to scratching me head with Lyrazsa’s Lair…

You have a 1 in 3 chance of casting a spell that does damage with 1 troop of the 4 faction troops, Lyrasza.

So, your only method of winning is raising attack on your Dementicore’s and skulling down. You could argue that you have about a 1:100,000,000 chance of winning running anything else, which is generous imo :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have no other damage, how do you actually beat infernal armour?

Infernal armour crops up with Bone Naga and Wall of Bones.

Walll of Bones gains 125 armour boosted by undead allies and enemies, so usually gets about 140+armour if it casts. It starts with 900+ health. To hit it with skulls at 250 hoard with 50% bonus, you do 120-128 skull damage give or take medal choices.

So, with infernal amour reflecting 25% of skull damage, with 128 attack, it’s hitting me for 32 a go. As soon as that raises, it’s usually 72 attack stolen - 200 attack and 50 damage a go. It outheals one skull hit each time it casts.

So, it needs to be hit 8 times without it casting at all for enough to = take it to 0 from starting health. In that time, without any other damage, it will hit your troop for at least 240 and probably 320+ damage from your own hits. There is zero chance it won’t cast as it is 10 mana cost, and purple. Lyrasza has a purple and blue storm, so it’s going to fill AI a lot. It also has Grave Seer in the ranks an empowered green to purple converter…It also has Skeleros waiting to double skulls and blow up your team.

So, I can stop Skeleros by using Dementicores on it, with luck 1 in 2 casts will drain or silence it. I can slow down Grave Seer, but it usually self enchants itself (or Wall of Bones if you don’t hit it) and Wraith, I can possibly ignore to some degree. I can’t do anything about Wall of Bones, my only option is hoping Lyrasza will cast her spell 100% of the time and knock off 160 health, but of course Wall of Bones self heals that.

Yesterday I came up against it in the path to the boss. I looked at the first 2 choices, and it seemed the only option from what else was on offer - Golems which always take out the first troop.

Today it was the below

The room was Marilith/Scale Guard/Tai Pan/Bone Naga

It was one of the first rooms, created at the start of delves.

I can’t win this battle without stealing attack. I can’t use any other troop than I have because it is impossible.

Just spent 5 minutes avoiding skull hitting it, each Lyrasza cast was a board shuffle. I had to kill 3 troops to get here and my own skyfall skull killed me… as my 1 in 3 chance of spells with Dementicore raised my attack.

I can’t not raise attack because I can’t kill anything without it… I’'ve shut it down to 31 attack and silenced it, and just died by skyfall skulling it.

The problem is by avoiding 2 more rooms on the run to the boss, your options are limited because out of all of the available rooms, most are also impossible.


Yesterday i managed to do Amanithrax pure 500. Took me arround 2-3 weeks of trying (not much, especially that there were days where i didn’t do any delves).
First battles were easy -> no undead rooms or other troops immune to disease so few m4/m5 and Gobtruffles started lopping. Only the second to last battle- right before Boss Room, made me a bit worried, because it was Vampire Hive ( Vampire Lord Nosferatu Wight Lady Sapphira).
My Mushroom Man, cast few times and bumped his attack to the level where he was able to mostly 1hit every enemy + Gobtrulles managed to loop few times, so it wasn’t that bad, as undead fights usually are. Got to final room with full squad.

Final battle was a refreshing experience - usually it was enemies getting m4, enemy gobtruffle looping, random skull drops killing my team etc. This time none of that crap happened:
As my Mushroom Man got filled i managed to do few m4/5 and disease a bunch of enemy troops. That alone allowed my gobtruffles to make a short loop -> enough to fill Fungomancer.
After 1st looping was over enemy Gobtruffle was diseased and my Fungomancer transformed him into mushroom man. Next few matches and my Gobtruffle got filled again and started looping.
Near the end of 2nd loop i managed to kill enemy Mushroom Man. And as loop brake Fungomancer transformed enemy Fungomancer into Mushroom Man. At this point victory was almost secured: my full team vs enemy: Toadstool + 2 Mushroom Man. Toadstool cast led to some random skull skyfalls which killed my Mushroom guy :sad:, but he was soon avenged with Gobtruffles doing their 3rd and final loop with Fungomancer dealing the final blow.

Team used:
Mushroom Man
King Gobtruffle
King Gobtruffle

Dont’ remember banner used, but it was +2green +blue, or Amanithrax banner.

Hoard lvl 100 (with 50% bonus), and additional 25 (20life, 3attack,2magic) stats from Artifact.
So that makes a total bonus of 175 stats added to base team.


Mirrored Halls, surely?
Good point is there are two ways to go about it. First time I beat potionless with full faction team (Glass Golem/Doppelganger/Copycat/Mirror Queen) by cloning Gluttony and then just (luckily) devouring them - it was with just hoard 111 and no bonuses.
Second time I used Mirror Queen/Copycat/Mirror Queen/Copycat just replacing any troop I happened to lose with exact clone. Took around an hour of my time in total with hoard 111 and 25% bonus.


I’m actually working on Fang Moor with 199 Hoard Level. Mirrored Halls is at 100 and Lyrasza’s Lair is at 104. The reason I’m working on Fang Moor is that it has the most rooms to the boss (4 rooms), whereas Lyrasza’s Lair has 3 and Mirrored Halls only has 2. This is important for Delve Tuesdays, because if I want to simply throw gems at either of these last two delves and power through to 500, it’s far easier to do that with a short distance to the boss. Fang Moor would take much more time to get to 500.